What the Hell Nokia! Kicking Out Symbian Developers?

| July 21, 2012 | 279 Replies

It’s quite possible I’m jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story right now, but so far this is sounding pretty crazy; my twitter feed is abuzz lamenting the loss of probably Symbians greatest developer “@janole” the creator of Gravity- the best twitter client ever.  Apparently Nokia have “kicked him out of their dev program” for as far as I could gather since he’s not planning on developing for WP.

I would love to see a gravity for WP but not at the price of losing the greatest Symbian app ever, as most of you know I strongly believe in the WP strategy, but this is DEFINITELY not the way to go through with it. It’s quite possible there’s more to the story we don’t know but at the current time this is reeking of insanity. Not cool Nokia, not cool…


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