Do some Nokia Lumia 800s have NFC?

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Do some Nokia Lumia 800s have NFC? Looking at the specifications from Nokia, no, not officially.

It wouldn’t be the first time Nokia doesn’t mention easter eggs in their phones. NFC for instance has already been hidden before in the Nokia C7. But tear-downs of the 800 have indicated that it’s simply not there.

Well, it might be in some Nokia Lumia 800s.

In this video, it suggests that NFC can be turned on in conjunction with turning on the WiFi, thus connecting to the play 360. NFC or near field communication, allows NFC devices to contact each other and establish a brief exchange of data; in this instance to pair/connect via bluetooth. Most of the time, this will involve a precise tap.

It would be awesome if original lumias did have NFC like the Lumia 610 NFC and future WP8 devices . Whilst adoption is not quite widespread yet, this is certainly something I’ve found that impresses my friends when they see it in action, and something Nokia should pioneer (and advertise, though we know that will be a massive fail there). It seems to be a geeky feature but it actually helps the average joes out there (no more hassle of bluetooth pairing).



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Cheers AkhilRaj and Prashant for the tip.


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