Nokia 808 PureView Accessories – eye patch cover and tripod mount (via Amazon UK, US, Germany)

| July 22, 2012 | 26 Replies

Dave² has spotted some Nokia 808 Accessories over on Amazon US (I had a quick glance at UK and Germany ones too).

I believe both are must have accessories for the 808. The cover that also acts as a lens cap to prevent smudges (check out Janne’s cover here: and the tripod mount so you can hold your 808 and attach it to your choice of tripod.

Shipment dates varies from 2-3 days to 1-4 months.

Eye patch cover:

Amazon US (Black)

Amazon US (Red)

Amazon UK (Red)


Amazon Germany (Black)

Amazon Germany (Red)

Tripod Mount

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon US

Cheers Dave² for the tip



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  • shallow ocean shoal

    Sep 5 release date as of now… feels like a really long time from now. Weird.

  • Al Reynolds

    (I hope this doesn’t break any posting rules – feel free to delete the post if it does)

    I have a spare tripod mount (I ordered two from Germany as the shipping was no more). You can get it brand new for under £12 delivered on eBay UK at

  • swain

    I received the same cover(CC-3046) free with my 808 pureview. They were giving it for free to everyone who pre-ordered the 808.

    After using it for over a month, I must say, it’s a must have accessory.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Jealous. Given the amazon release date of sep 5, I’m afraid that mine will already be beat to shit by then… or at least will shortly be replaced by some sort of lumia pureview model…

      • swain

        September seems very long wait. Unless you are very much interested for this device, wait for October(WP8 release). We may see some new Lumias during that month.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Haha, I already got it! Symbian is pretty bad, I hate to say the phone as smartphone (besides camera) is almost unusable because it has weird bugs with not refreshing email (gmail).

          My N9 is my daily phone, with some regret I will be setting it aside as soon as nokia’s first WP8 hits my mailbox.

          • swain

            in last couple of years symbian has improved a lot. But yes, there are still few bugs which exists since ancient time(the time of n97, x6 etc).

          • Paul Grenfell

            No problems with mine.. You got the settings right?

          • Dave

            Gmail works absolutely perfect on mine (way better than it did on the N8).

            And regardless of that, just having one thing not working on yours doesn’t mean that the whole thing is almost unusable.

      • swain

        sep 5 !!! you are from ?

        • shallow ocean shoal

, I had it pre-ordered when it simply said “out of stock,” and they emailed the specific sep 5th date when the status changed to “1 – 4 months”

  • Deaconclgi

    The tripod mount ships from Amazon US in 1-4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!! I probably still won’t have a PureView by then………

    • NeilNeil Mallett

      Express delivery for a Nokia product. 😉

      • twig

        I think instead of USP they are shipping by kayak.

        • twig

          Sorry UPS, its the heat.

  • nabkawe

    I own the batch eye cover and it’s really good , though couldn’t get a white one for my white 808 it’s still good looking and very very VERY sturdy.

  • Jari

    Where is My 808, they are not available in Nokia country..(here in Finland) FK Eflop 😉

  • Jari

    People are waiting for 808´s and no-one are selling them here in Finland… maybe we should buy M$ S**t Lumia phones..??? Never ever! Dead end with M$ phones:-( Jolla is the next one.. Will I have my 808??? Wakwe up, I am in Finland.. should have the phone here already!!!!!!!

    • >rA

      well, i have also noticed that. i see nowhere advertisement of nokia 808. Instead there are still advertisement for Lumia 800. i dont understand why? Next thing i dont understand is why 599€? Its the same as SG III. Who would buy symbian instead of android for same price tag?

      • twig

        I hear the Sammie 3 is ready, ready bad. At least with the 808 you get an incredible camera, with the Sammie you get loads and loads of android malware crashes. Bing “android malware” its scary.

  • twig

    Black patch cover available NOW at Type in Nokia and first page.

    • Dave²

      Well at least they don’t have the September shipping estimate 😛
      I was hoping for a red case to make up for not being able to find a red 808.

  • JGrove303

    Galaxy S III photos, video and audio recording is worse than the OneX, behind iPhone4S, which is behind N8, which is the queen to the King, 808 Pure View.

    Fastest disposable smartphone or best media capture phone? Different strokes for different folks.

  • stylinred

    The UK one is sold on the marketplace from Germany FYI its not sold from

    • stylinred

      from amazon that is (forget the .com)

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