MNB RG: 808 PureView becomes an unexpected hit, Nokia scrambling to build more

| August 2, 2012 | 123 Replies

I was about to write up the story on the 808 also not being made fast enough to meet demand, but 808 user and Nokia fan,

Janne is already on the case:

Nokia’s communications manager Tapani Kaskinen tells the interest has surprised Nokia, who was not building enough of the phone – the problem was the allocated capacity not meeting the realized market demand, not a component shortage. He says Nokia made estimates of the demand and delivered to countries based on that, but the demand was much higher than expected. He says Nokia is now fixing the capacity issue.


Several Finnish operators were interviewed and saying they would have sold more than they were able to acquire from Nokia, saying that it would have been a hit on the lists as well had there been better availability.

On the other hand, retailer Gigantti reports that after intial demand, the 808 PureView has seen a lot of returns from unsatisfied customers and Gigantti has removed the product from their pages. Whether this was because of size, Symbian or disappointment with the camera, that was not specified.

Original article in Finnish here:–kysynta-yllatti/201234658/66

Cheers Janne!


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  • pop

    nokia is just wait for a best platform, or they wait for acquisition by bigger OEMS

  • Beelzebozo

    Nokia “underestimates” the demand for 808 and at the same time massively overestimates the demand for Lumias. The most ridiculous (idiotic) thing is that Elop intents to sell the outdated WP7 devices after WP8 comes to market. He will gladly push to the market devices that nobody wants but wouldn’t deliver enough 808s (And let’s be honest, it’s because 808 has a Symbian rather than WP. If 808 had WP in it, there would be loads and loads of them everywhere.), a truly innovative product that has gotten praise and awards, that a lot of people desperately wanted now in the summer, for their vacations, for the Olympics and for other summer happenings.

    But this doesn’t surprise me one bit. He did a similar thing with N9. Not meeting the demand. He is not there to make money for Nokia and sell people what they want. (And both 808 and N9 have/had good profit margins. Better than Lumias’.) Instead he is there to help Microsoft get in to the mobile market, and if (when) Nokia goes down while doing that, so be it. Elop is more than willing to sacrifice Nokia on behalf of MS, like he already sacrificed MeeGo, Meltemi, Symbian and Qt on behalf of WP. Elop is by far the worst CEO in the world. Together with his master, Ballmer, they are the leading top two in “The Worst CEOs in the World” list.

    • Luisito

      It’s just a lie, He say that they will be selling new WP7 devices even when WP8 are out to try to push up the solds of currents devices… because unless they will sell those devices under $ 100 and shutting downs S40 those WP7 devices will be getting dust on the shelves

  • toermel

    Who said that WP7 doesn’t support a DSP? Just because Nokia didn’t write any driver for it doesn’t mean that the CE Kernel isn’t able to handle it. For example the DSP could act like a camera to the OS.
    People are talking here as if they are experts in structures of different OS’ but I guess nobody is. Just repeating the old myths doesn’t make them true.

    To symbian and its effectiveness… In the end, it doesn’t matter if the battery is smaller, the cpu slower and so on. If my N8 reacts slow and the battery won’t last longer, why shouldn’t I compare it to a phone with higher specs and bigger battery when it performs better and lasts similar long?

    • toermel

      d’oh …how I love Opera Mini on the N8. You want to reply to something, click reply, type your rant, submit and find your submission at the bottom of the page out of context :/

    • Luisito

      Windows CE Kernel don’t support any form of DSP… as far as I remenber…

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  • gordonH

    Imagine the sales figures if the 808 came with a better processor and a better screen resolution. Or better yet if Nokia gave us pureview with Meego.

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