MNB RG: Nokia Lumia Pink nail-polish soon in an American city near you

| August 2, 2012 | 24 Replies

Here’s Janne’s second post today for our MNB Reader generated entries; this time on a surprising Nokia branded nail polish. Gimmick? Yes? Fun? Maybe. It’s an interesting angle to pursue.

You know how everyone always jokes about Nokia making tyres or toilet paper? Well, they don’t do either anymore, tyres were spun off years ago and toilet paper is from Nokia’s history decades ago…


But now Nokia is making nail-polish. (Well, at least out-sourcing it from Duality Cosmetics.)

It is called the Nokia Lumia Pink, an exclusive available only at Nokia’s pop-up salons in Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles where Nicki Minaj’s stylist will be offering pink manipedis.

I assume they expect to promote and sell the pink AT&T Lumia 900 as well, or maybe they are just concerned about your looks.


Cheers again, Janne!



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  • Janne

    Thank you for posting, Jay.

    I consider this my most important contribution to MNB.

    • manu

      im sick of all these desperate promo which nokia giving for lunia.if they give a fraction of promo they are giving to lunia to the symbian belle devices it should have sold far better.
      @jay why dont you make janne an admin he is far knowledgeable than rest of you compained.

      • manu


      • Janne

        @jay why dont you make janne an admin

        Not to make this thread about me, just to cut Jay some slack, he offered me admin privileges a long time ago, but I have been reluctant myself so far. But I am glad that he does post most of my tips and snippets. So, I appreciate Jay and his overall blog service a lot.

        Back to lipstick! Sorry, nail-polish. And pigs? :)

        • skyfall

          Lol on one hand Nokia closing factories in Finland, Closing offices in many countries for cost cutting and most shockingly about to sell QT…….. and here we go as usual Nokia burning money on Lumia and this time lol wasting on pink nail polish “products” WTF!

      • Bfrenz

        Actually its Lumia mister.

      • Oliver

        Like Lumia or not, this is a good promo. Straight from the product, simple and on target. Plus sitting down to have their nails done is a perfect time for the target to play with the phone on the side. Well done.

      • DesR85

        Promote any Nokia phone like that ad? Of course I’d agree that any advertising is better than none, but I certainly will not be interested in that phone based on it (not to mention put off).

        Don’t know what the ladies think of this ad, though…

      • viktor von d.

        because there is no symbian belle in america. and because if they promote belle devices more than the lumia, they would send the message they are dropping wp, wich would mean all the blogs would start speculating, the same with analysts, this means low confidence in nokia strategy wich will lead to bad share prices. they are promoting the present and future strategy.
        the only places where it would make snese to promote belle is in the countries where lumia aren’t present and where symbian still dominates

        • manu

          ionly said a fraction of promo for symbian.and lumia is big flop in india and all,belle should have done well if given a little promotion.

  • Banderpop

    There could be a future in Nokia cosmetics, if Nokia could perhaps find a way to attach AMOLED displays to nails. It would go well with their vibrating tattoo line of business.

    Bet the PureView Red nail polish will be impossible to come by though.

    • Oliver

      Indeed. They should sell the polish online, for every Lumia color. If they exploite the fortunate situation of magenta and cyan being trend colors they should do it all the way – like back when the N8 was promoted as a fashion phone. More push, please.

      • Banderpop

        Speaking of which, looking at the photo again, I think the manicurist has mixed up Lumia Pink with N8 Pink. Oops.

    • Banderpop


      This has got me thinking quite a bit. Nail displays might not be for all, but it could be a good means of being able to see what’s under your finger tip when using a touch screen, if there’s a wireless link. They’d be good for notifications also.

      Of course, Nokia really need to make sure they have their own OS, like, say, Symbian or Maemo, to be able to drive stuff like this, rather than wait a couple of years for Microsft to add anything.

  • anil

    when lumia 900 to india release

    • Bfrenz

      Ask your operator anil

      • manu

        they should have shelved the plan to launch 900 in india.lumias are big flop and by the way phone should be purchased outright in india

        • Rajiv

          true that considering 800, there weren’t too many buyers when it’s launch price was revealed, now as the price of 800 is all time low there are few people buying it
          and also considering the price of 808 if nokia is still aware of their numbering scheme of the models( they tend to forget the things they say) 900 will sureshot be priced higher than 808 around $600 – $650 which is dealbreaker

          Well with a ‘still mediocre OS’ at their hands and their current reputation in the market where even retailers are saying don’t buy nokia they no longer have the free will to price the products according to their wish, the privelege they used to hold earlier

          • manu

            thanks to elop and his wp only strategy nokia lost its reputation in nobody even consider a nokia if they have a budget of over 5000rs.retailers are are discouraging prospective buyers of lumia coz many who purchased had returned their device dissatisfied.

  • invertol

    A gay phone for gay people……..

    • hellohelloigor

      That is just stupid, dumb@$$
      What does this ad have to do with being gay? It is aimed at women.

      F.Y.I. According to stereotypes, which you are obviously fond of, the interest of gay people would only the increase the sales of Lumia “first come the gays, then the girls, then the crowds”

      • hellohelloigor

        sorry, one extra “the”

    • viipottaja

      So you went to Chick Fil-A today?

    • Hypnopottamus

      Dumb comment from a dumb person.