Video: CNet US on Nokia 808 PureView – only for Symbian diehards with $700

| August 9, 2012 | 17 Replies

For some reason, I thought I already posted this but it seems it was another female CNet presenter dying to talk about the Nokia 808 PureView.

They ask why would anyone want to spend $700 on this phone? The big seller is of course the camera. Incorrectly off the bat, we are told it can take up to 41mp shots.  es and we’re told at 5mp we can use the ‘fancy zooming’. Well, no it’s not just about fancy zooming. It’s about pixel binning/over sampling to utilise extra pixels to create super pixels i.e. performance. Not fancy gimmicks.

It is acknowledged that the pictures are amazing and it is a unique phone. In fact, in the video description it says the stunning camera demands notice.

Symbian will apparently take some time to relearn coming from other OSes, though fortunately that apparently wasn’t too hard. Unless you’re a Symbian diehard with 700USD, they recommend against this.

Again, let’s enjoy the idiots on youtube comments who fail to understand what PureView is about. What’s worse is that they’re the TOP comments which means there are plenty of other idiots agreeing with them. Idiots.

I have a camera, I have a DSLR. They are so inconvenient for taking photos in situations other than those I have pre-prepared for. But there are so many moments when you’re not prepared. Even so there are situations where DSLRs and pocket cams are just an extra bother. Why not just have your phone and super camera in one device?

OK, I get that some might have qualms with Symbian and might find it unusable for them. But to dismiss the high resolution purely for being high resolution in the 808 warrants a massive stamp on their forehead saying IDIOT.



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