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I can’t find anything on Nokia Press releases at the moment but reports this has already taken place. Original text in Finnish.

The acquisition includes 125 employees from Nokia, as well as Qt technology-related intellectual property rights, Trademarks and aforementioned Qt-business people. So Digia has now acquired the rest of Qt (the rest being that  last year, Nokia sold the Qt licensing and services business to Digia). So much for that facts clarification post denying offloading of Qt.

08/09/2012 at 09:00 

DIGIA HAS SIGNED purchase agreement to acquire Qt software technology and
BUSINESS from Nokia 

Digia Plc (DIG1V) has signed a purchase agreement to acquire
Qt software technology and business from Nokia. On completion, Digia
will take over all of Qt technology-related activities, which
Nokia already has taken care of. These encompass product development,
commercial and open source licensing and service business.
The arrangement is to take place in the third quarter 2012
During normal trading päättämisehtojen after the operation. 

After the Digia bought Qt licensing business by Nokia in March
2011, the business has developed favorably and has significantly increased.
In order to improve its position in the Qt ecosystem, Digia is now planning to acquire
Qt size of the software and related technologies, still in the Nokia
operations. The deal includes the Qt technology-related intellectual property rights,
Trademarks and Qt-business people. Following this acquisition, Digia
plans to introduce Qt software development environment, including the popular
operating systems such as Android, iPhone and Windows 8 

The acquisition of up to 125 employees will transfer to the service of Digia. The majority
part of the workforce is in Oslo and Berlin. In addition to these workers is
USA, and Finland. Employees are transferred to local subsidiaries, Digia
service in Norway, Finland and the USA. In addition, Digia will establish a new
a subsidiary in Germany. 

The company expects a transaction to be neutral effect on earnings and a slightly positive
effect of Digia's 2012 revenue. In the coming years Digia estimates
Qt-business to grow profitably. This arrangement contributes significantly to
Digia's product-based business and supports the strategic objective of Digia
to grow internationally. 

Qt software technology used by more than 450 000 developers and thousands of major
more than 70 companies world-wide search in the development of innovative applications
kehitysteknologiana and user interfaces as an enabler. Commercially
Qt is licensed as a market leader in several segments, such as the automotive and
the pharmaceutical industry, advanced imaging and animation,
industrial automation, aerospace and defense industries. Digia estimates
Qt technology that will have a substantial role in building
world-class user experience and user interfaces for embedded
systems and consumer electronics. 

Digia is planning to increase its business by expanding the Qt support
more than one operating system that aims to build a leading platform independent
application development environment for embedded systems as well as the workstation and
Mobile operating systems. 

Helsinki, 9 August 2012

Digia Plc
Update: Siraj  has a link to an English press release:

Helsinki, Finland and Santa Clara, US – August 9th 2012, Digia, the software powerhouse listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange (DIG1V), today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Qtsoftware technologies and Qt business from Nokia. Following the acquisition Digia becomes responsible for all the Qt activities formerly carried out by Nokia. These include product development, as well as the commercial and open source licensing and service business. Following the acquisition, Digia plans to quickly enable Qt on Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms.

One of Digia’s key objectives with this acquisition is to improve its position within the Qt ecosystem by further strengthening Qt’s R&D capabilities and expanding its reach on many more platforms than ever before. Since Digia acquired the Qt Commercial licensing business from Nokia in March 2011, the operation has continued to be successful and has grown substantially. Digia forecasts the acquisition’s impact on its 2012 revenues to be positive. In the following years, Digia forecasts the Qt business to grow. As part of the transaction, a maximum of 125 Qt people from Nokia will transfer to Digia, mostly based in Oslo, Norway and Berlin, Germany. This business transaction will significantly strengthen Digia’s product business and supports Digia’s strategic objective to grow internationally.

Digia encourages all current ecosystem members to continue working on improving Qt with full confidence in Digia’s continued investment to make Qt the leading cross-platform development framework. Digia will work with ecosystem members to secure a successful release of Qt5 and is committed to continuing the Qt Project in order to maintain Qt’s availability under both open source and commercial licenses.

“We are looking forward to welcoming the Qt team to Digia. By adding this world class organization to our existing team we plan to build the next generation leading cross-platform development environment.” said Tommi Laitinen, SVP, International Products, Digia. “Now is a good time for everyone to revisit their perception of Qt. Digia’s targeted R&D investments will bring back focus on Qt’s desktop and embedded platform support, while widening the support for mobile operating systems.”

“Nokia is proud of the contributions we’ve made to Qt over the past four years. We are pleased that we’ve been able to work with Digia to secure continued development of Qt by the current core team,” said Sebastian Nyström, head of Nokia Strategy. “Digia’s plans to acquire Qt mean that it can continue as a successful open source project and also offer continuing employment for many people in the community.”

Qt has been used by over 450,000 developers and thousands of leading companies worldwide in over 70 industries to power the most innovative, mission-critical and renowned applications and UIs. Qt Commercial is a leader in a number key market segments including automotive, medical, advanced visualization & animation, industrial automation and aerospace & defense. In the future, Digia expects that Qt will have a key role bringing world-class user experience and user interfaces to embedded systems and consumer electronics.

More information will be available shortly on and which will be the main information-sharing sites for Qt.


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