Filmed with Nokia 808 PureView: Nokia Accessories Promo in Action at Sea

| August 10, 2012 | 10 Replies

Here’s a look at the Nokia 808 PureView accessories, with Markus Ahonen. This is shot with the Nokia 808 PureView too.

Sailboat action

Nokia boat


Nice wallpaper

HDMI Cable action

Great work by Markus Ahonen on presenting these products. These are some of the guys that know the products and can actually talk about them properly.



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  • stylinred

    I got an email from stating that the Nokia tripod mount will be In Stock on August 26th almost a month sooner than they expected

    • Madratz

      U don’t wanna buy that.. Trust me. There are better alternatives at ebay for a phone tripod mount.

      • Janne


      • stylinred

        yes i know id just like to keep it all nokia

      • javier

        Just got my HH-23 tripod mount this morning. I agree that it is not ideal, but I cannot compare to other alternatives. If you find it cheap I think it is ok.
        Pros: it is light; it has a metal thread; the springs feel robust; and it can acommodate devices that are wider thant the 808.
        Cons: The fit is not very solid (there’s a little gap between the tripod body and the back of the phone); the “jaws” that hold the phone are made of a plastic that is a bit too hard so I feared they could scratch the phone (but it didn’t happen); and the jaws are just wide enough to make the lock key inaccessible.

        I’ll try to do some low light tests this evening with a gorilla pod to see how it does as a trekking companion.

        • javier

          Correction: the tripod mount does hold the 808 securily, but it just does not feel tight. I guess I was expecting the mount to be tailored to the 808 dimensions and shape.

    • stylinred

      Oh looks like Amazon spoke too soon my HH-23 was just shipped out to me

  • Janne

    Great stuff, thanks!

    808 rules. 🙂

  • jr

    Blame Elop /s

  • twig

    Those boats are a lot of fun. The Nokia holder is on my list to buy. I always go by mad rats recs, well maybe not yet in my entire life