Super cool new Nokia 808 PureView swagbag for filming up and coming UK band, Midnight Bonfires

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You guys loved the first Nokia 808 PureView swagbag. Check this one out.

If you can’t make it out, there’s a sweet looking camera bag, a Hama tripod, a retractable HDMI cable (I’ve not seen this accessory before from Nokia), portable charger, connector for tripod and the Nokia 808 PureView itself.

Who’s it from? What’s it for?

This is from the Nokia Connects peeps. They sent it over to Sam from Midnight Bonfires to film their music video which Nokia Connects will come down and film too. My housemate has been wanting to film a music video too for his side project, I might ask for the same some time :p.

The band has had to suffer “generic”/non-808 recording devices which will not capture enough light and more importantly, the sound. They should enjoy the large sensor from the 808 as well as Rich Recording which outdoes every competition’s built in microphone.


What it was supposed to sound like. Not 808 either.:

I’m not sure if they’ll be using PureView’s audio for the music video (normally it’s just video over a studio recording).

I’ll let Sam explain their project more below:

Hey Jay,

I’m Sam from a band called Midnight Bonfires, I’m @jet247 on twitter.
Just thought I’d let you know what we’re doing with Nokia’s help
shortly. Basically I asked the Nokia connects team if I could try out
an 808 PureView and shoot an entire music video with it and
surprisingly they loved the idea. We’re really hoping to show off what
the camera can do in quite a few different scenes and we’re going to
shoot most of it on Saturday 18th August in Birmingham.

I expected just to receive the phone off Nokia connects really, but
there coming down to film us, whilst we film the video which should be
good! They’ve also been extremely helpful with everything else
including sending some accessories. (including a DSLR PureView branded
bag that I never knew existed).

Just thought I’d tell you what we’re up to anyway and I’ll send you a
link to the video as soon as its finished and up. If you ever wanna
check out the band its and I’m
always here on email and twitter.





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