Accessories: Proporta Pocket Power Emergency Charger – hides in wallet for low battery power emergencies

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I’ve been a long fan of the folks at Proporta. Being a tech geek requires my gadgets to be juiced up and whilst it’s great to have a spare battery if you can, normally that limits what can be charged. i.e. only where that battery is compatible. I have so many old spare batteries I can’t use any more.

Light turns on temporarily when first charging. It turns off afterwards possibly to save battery. The larger battery packs keep it on, even using it as a charge indicator. When the pack itself is being charged, the individual 3 lights act as an indicator of charging progress and fills blue when done.

I still have my proporta chargers. They’re great for travelling, or bringing with me to Uni knowing I’ll be away from a charger all day and may be using the phone heavily (filming/tethering etc). I remember I went to London with a friend and did not have a pocket charger to go with my Nokia N900. Every 2 hours I had to play the ‘find the plug’ game in order to continue taking snaps/videos. Quite recently since the N8, I’ve had to deal with sealed batteries so bringing spare batteries was never even an option. Another reason I prefer these over spare batteries is that the phone needs to be turned off. Portable chargers are great to keep the phone running. e.g. phone call, recording video etc.

With the Proporta chargers, just pop in the cable and begin charging away. I don’t leave the big 3400mAh batteries in my pocket as they’re a touch too large. Sometimes if I’ve left my bag somewhere, I kick myself for not having the emergency charger. I do however have a mini one but even that sometimes gets forgotten (or worse, I’ve got it but I don’t have the cable).


Perfect for emergencies is Proporta’s new credit card sized, super thin Pocket Emergency Charger. The official name of the product is so unecessarily long though, “TurboCharger Pocket Power Emergency Charger & External Battery Pack”/

It packs only 680mAh of juice. Certainly no where near enough to charge your phones to full or keep them alive on a very busy day. But that’s not what this is for. Go stick with the larger chargers for that. This is for those emergencies when you just needed to make one final phone call or respond to that mail or share a picture of something awesome but your battery just died.

It comes with a short MicroUSB cable to charge it up. You must have plenty of MicroUSB cables/chargers so it’s very easy to charge. The emergency charger itself comes with it’s own built in cable and it looks to be quite durable (an issue I had with those retractable proporta cables is that they broke, rendering your charger useless, though tip – you can use Nokia MicroUSB cables on them now. Older ones didn’t work).

Once charged, just leave it in your pocket and forget about it. Until of course, you’re in an emergency situation and needing some power. No additional cables needed.

This is only £12.95. Not bad for what I consider ‘life savers’ in the geek world.



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