Nokia City Lens updated for Windows Phone but still in beta

| August 14, 2012 | Reply

City Lens from Nokia helps in locating the various places like restaurants, hotels, ATM, etc tag, share, save your location in a visual way, in short we can say it as visual exploration/navigation.

Nokia had recently updated its Augmented reality app to version 1.1 but it still lives with beta tag.

Change log from Nokia:

We have been listening to you on BetaLabs and the top two reported issues were missing nearby Points of Interest and the compass calibration. Our latest release now delivers more destinations close to where you are, an improved compass calibration that takes less time and provides visual indicators, and the ability to view the Point of Interest detail in landscape or portrait views for better flexibility. We appreciate your input and will continue to make changes to Nokia City Lens based on your feedback.


I heard a news that the symbian version of Nokia City lens is not working on Nokia 808, it would be better if they could give little happiness to their consumers who have spent 700 dollars for it.

Betlabs Nokia

cheers hari.


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