Rumor: Surface RT to Be Priced at $199

| August 14, 2012 | 39 Replies

There’s no doubt that the Microsoft Surface is one heck of a tablet, it has got all it needs to succeed, great design (the likes of what we’ve grown accustomed to from Nokia), intuitive features and that little something different; however for a while now the big question has been pricing. According to Microsoft the point of the Surface is to serve as a “guideline/roll-model” for other OEMs to follow in its footsteps, one would assume that they don’t plan on taking the whole tablet industry head on if this is truly their intent; however Engadget reports that the Surface RT(carrying the lighter version of W8) might sell for as low as $199!!!


Honestly that’s crazy low, matching the price of the flat-lining Kindle Fire and the newly launched Nexus 7 is a brave move, especially when the device your pricing so low is premium quality and build (and the only 10″ of the trio). Personally I’m hoping this is true, because even though I just bought an iPad, I would jump at a $200 Surface tablet, as a Nokia fan I’m hoping that this is a whole bunch of lies, since honestly I can’t see Nokia (or any other OEM) competing against this device with this design at this price point. Let’s be honest smart pricing has never been Nokia’s strong suite, but let’s hope they get things right with the upcoming WP8 devices.

So do you guys think this rumors true? And more importantly would you buy one if it were?

Fun fact: the RT should be able to play HD videos for 8 hours, or run in standby (while connected to WiFi for notifications) for up to 17 days!

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  • NokiaFan

    This is big competition to Nokia tablet. If they come up with one

  • Bloob

    That would seriously piss of other OEMs, so I don’t think MS will do it. I expect it to be priced closer to 500$.

    • Just Visiting

      Oems might be pissed, but I’m not sure why given that the Surface will only be sold in Microsoft stores (brick and mortar/online) and perhaps only in the U.S.; it’s not like it is going to get a lot of exposure given the limited distribution channel. Even Steve Ballmer indicated that they will only sell a few million.

      Asus, Lenovo, et al, will have wider distribution channels and will sell more of their devices, even if they are priced higher.

      Still, I’m anxious to see the pricing. $500 is reasonable, but anything lower, obviously, would be even better 🙂

      • jiipee

        If there is demand, I dont see MS keeping it only in their stores.

      • stevebarker66


        AFAIK Nexus 7 still not available on the High Street here in the UK. I had to wait four days to get mine through Carphone Warehouse.

        Although the Galaxy Tab 7 has come down in price to match the Nexus, but other tablets seem to be holding their own.

        The Nexus 7 is a great device, but it is basic and creaks a bit around the bezel. If you pick up an iPad you can feel where some of the extra money has gone.

        Most of the appeal of the Nexus 7 is in Jellybean and its form-factor, both of which will be available on higher-spec devices real soon.

        I think we’ll see the same with Surface; It will help get Windows 8 out there, but other devices from other Mfrs will soon offer far more, albeit at a higher price point.

        Devices like Surface and Nexus 7 are simultaneously a challenge to and a rallying call to the market. They are saying “look, this is what we can do – now you go do better”

        Nexus 7 sales are clearly being controlled and I’d expect the same of Surface.

        Much ask love using the Nexus 7 I’d sell it today to get a Surface if I had to, and I’d sell that to get a Nokia Windows 8 (or maybe even Windows Phone 8…) tablet if the specs and build quality were right.

  • ZiiimZooon

    Well.. If it only costs $199, I would surely buy one! :p

  • viktor von d.

    they are cutting the price just like sony did at first with the ps3 and google with the nexus 7. they are trying to bring awarness to the os and gain new users.the second generation if it will come it will definetely be more expensive. and this low price i think it’s only for the u.s. i doubt it will be sold this cheap in the rest of the world. plus it will probably have a small memory, the cover won’t be included and all kind of this things in that price point.
    i read somewhere that it would be possible to build tablets even with wp8. there was some rumour a few months ago that nokia wants a competitor to the galaxy note so they could release a 5 inch or 6 inch phablet with wp8 and decide later if they will launch a w8 tablet. so far ms didn’t anounced nokia in the list of partners that launch winrt tablets this year

    • jiipee

      That would fit well with the interview of Ollila some months ago about hybrid devices

  • Jay Montano

    It does make it more attractive. For Nokia’s sake, I am not happy with this price. It might temporarily boost W8, but then MS might go one step further and try to make their own phones. I prefer MS to be mutually dependent on their OEMS. At least until Nokia’s healthy enough again.

    At 199USD, it’s still more expensive than my upcoming 0USD iPad in Sept :p yay for supposed learning tools.

    • Bosh

      Well, as Elop said, if the W8 RT/WP8 ecosystem grows it’s better for everyone in the W8/WP8 family, specially now that Nokia has all its eggs in WP8 basket.

      • noki

        And you actually think Elop knows what he is talking about???

        Having said that I don’t believe Microsoft would do such a pathetic mistake, It would alienate all OEMS seriously pissing the PC area, plus putting Microsoft in a “ell cheapo” area away from a possible “I’m the new mac” thing they might be going for….

        • viipottaja

          And you actually think it is NOT good for Nokia if the W8/WP8 ecosystem grows?

          • jiipee

            It is not good to shrink the OEM base and possibly grow the unit sales. In the end the total unit sales might not even grow, but MS’s share of sales and profits would increase.

      • nn

        It would be better for MS, owner of the ecosystem, it would be better for the other manufacturer, but for Nokia it would be disaster precisely because they have no way out of WP. It just shows how perverted Elop’s logic is.

        Btw, waiting when MS finally unveils their own smartphone, hope Elop will be still around to make a cheering comment.

        • jiipee

          If the Surface is a success, there is no doubt that MS will launch their own smartphone as well.

    • outdated os

      It is obvious that Nokia would be reduced as OEM.

      Microsoft just signed a ceasefire pact on patent lawsuit with Apple, where the former promises not to copy the latter.

      Nokia will make sure of that.

      • Dave

        They didn’t “just sign” shit, Apple and MS have had that agreement for freaking ages, and it is not one-sided, both sides respect each others patents and have rights to use them except for plain copying.

        Also kudos theregister whores showing your bias with “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”, very fucking clever fanboys.

  • qromodynmc

    I still think that tablets are unnecessary.. Not phone,Not real pc,Why should I buy,Just for big screen,Unnecessary :S

    • noki

      I have 3 right now (development proposes mostly), and mostly agree, they are glorified infight entertainment systems for me, I check some sites but not much more than that…

  • larrryg968

    I dont mean to be a grammar nazi but the first paragraph is one sentence. One sentence. Anyone wants to guess how many lines sentences r in the second paragraph?


    Please stop writing run-on sentences. Use a period. Just make short sentences

    Anyway, i dont even think that price is possible without taking huge losses.

    • Aliqudsi

      Sorry, I guess periods are addictive, also I always associate short sentences with bullet points rather than an idea. I shall focus on that. 😀

  • Luisito

    MMM… 199… MMM… MS going on their own???… MS-Nok parnertwhat???…

    This become true then OEMs will be really pissed off, and someone will be screw, guess who will be???

  • twig

    I don’t think we will see a Nokia tablet computer. I believe Nokia has known all along Surface was coming and that’s why we see keyboards that match the Nokia colors. Nokia may come out with new devices,but I hope for education or gaming specific devices. Who knows, they may broaden into auto,home or work devices that also work with your smartphone.

    I’ll take a few Surface at that price.

  • *****

    the OEMs are going to be DEAD after this announcement.
    I mean, Microsoft can sell this EXTREMELY cheap, because they take a 30% cut from app sales, and they don’t have to pay for a Windows License (I mean, sure Microsoft “pays” the license, but it pays itself anyways.)

    Not a single OEM can even hope to match that. Not even Android OEMs (They still need to pay MS and other companies for use of their intellectual property, and than pay Google to use the Google applications)

  • arts

    tom warren said he expects it to be 399 instead of 199 thou.

    • Adnan

      He’s right. $199 is way too low for a 10′ tablet. Nexus 7 has a lower quality 7′ screen, worse design and build quality, runs android and Google still has to sell it at a loss. Google and amazon can recover the losses through content sales but not MS. No way MS can afford to sell it at $199 even if you ignore the effect this is going to have on OEM’s

  • Doesn’t anyone care about the consumer? A $199 Surface would be an excellent purchase, even if it’s only the 8gb model. Let the OEM’s concentrate on the Intel version.
    And how is this even related to Nokia? A PHONE company! They are currently streamlining operations, not heard anything about them expanding into tablet markets.

  • joker

    You bought an ishit, and you tell everyone about it. WTF!

  • Tech

    $199? Unbelieveble :O
    it’s same with Nexus 7inch thats only has 8GB, 1GB Ram and No Rear camera?
    if this happen i bet all of OEM’ll stop to make Windows8 RT or windows 8 tablet. They will leave Microsoft alone to make and sell their windows8RT and windows8 pro
    If surface has succes, microsoft will make their own phone and Nokia will die so hardly and sadly
    and finally Google and their ally has laugh because Nokia doesn’t choose Android


    crazy if true, this would upset all it’s oem partners, nokia included,
    i can’t see it happening, ms knows they can’t supply the world market in tablets, this is a mistake,

  • awesomeness

    SHUT UP!!! Take my money now!!!!!!!!

  • BellGo

    Not going to happen. Before there was a rumor that this would cost 1000$.. now 199$? Yeah… no. For what it offers I can claim that it is impossible for this device to cost anywhere near this low. It is a miracle that the Nexus 7 is as cheap as it is, and this offers a lot more spec wise, so really this is simply a false rumor. (I am 99% sure anyway)

    • Dave

      Of course it’s a false rumor (yay for accountability Engadget, you whores), but 1000$ is the other end of the BS scale.

  • JD!

    Well Nokia is dead… What do you expect MS to do?

    MS is doing right thing!

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