Predictive Locations: Nokia’s Where platform knows not only where you are, but where you’ll be.

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Anticipation technology – things that will predict what you’re going to do, before you’re going to do it, and intuitively behaves in a way that makes your life just that little bit easier.

Forbes and Business Insider talk about Nokia’s algorithms that aims to know not simply where you are, but where you will be. We’ve already seen a bit of this in action in Nokia Drive 3, where Nokia Drive anticipates when you’re going to set off for your commute and pro-actively initiates a set of instructions for your upcoming journey.

Eventually it could become a very intuitive P.A. that just knows all about you, where you go, what you need to do etc by learning from past behaviour.

Currently, after some learning from a volunteer, Nokia’s algorithms could predict accurately where GPS coordinates would be within 20 square metres. The original article mentions crime fighting – which of course reminds a bit about Minority Report (two mentions this week) with pre-cogs predicting criminal behaviour.

This could also be used to target ads. i.e. knowing precisely when you go on lunch breaks and giving you offers, or when you go shopping and showing you subsequent deals. It could even be used for some good. If it knows you travel by certain food shops quite too often, it might begin showing you the gym or reminders to have a hospital check.

Information can be gathered using GPS or cell tower information.

Cheers Jill for the tip.

I’m a big fan of intuitively anticipating apps. Things like Nokia situations and Nokia bots that would know when to switch profiles, activate certain settings based on time/location.


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