Beta Labs: Nokia City Scene updated for N9

| August 15, 2012 | 22 Replies

Nokia Conversations posted up that there is an update for City Scene on the N9, over at Beta Labs. Having a look, the last update seems to have occurred two weeks ago. Anyway, the Beta Labs page lists the following changes:

  • Fixes the startup crash issues some users had with 2.0.4
  • Navigation supported, so you can see your route on panoramas
  • In selected cities, you will also get navigation directions based on store signs recognized from the environment (beginning with San Francisco and a few more will be added in coming days)
  • Navigate to any of these destinations:
    • business or service you’ve searched
    • destination on the map
    • friend’s check-in
    • place you have stored as your favorite
  • For a given navigation route, you can prefetch all the panoramas before starting the navigation. For example if you are connected to Wi-Fi when starting the navigation, you can reduce the amount of data traffic needed while actually walking the route.

There is also this accompanying video:


To get the update, visit the beta labs page

Source: Nokia Conversations


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  • Ruben

    I just wished they had more cities covered, like european cities.
    This is mainly for US.

    I want google street view on my N9! =)

    • zlutor

      Quite funny that Beta Labs develope sw supporting US cities fonly but N9 being not offcially sold in the USA…

      • Ibrahim

        agreed, very disappointed with this.

      • Viipottaja

        might be more about having the databases etc. ready, and them having done it once for the Lumias (which are more revelevant for the US) it was probably easy/ier to copy it over to the N9 version.

        • Viipottaja

          ah, my bad, confused it with the the City Lense. 🙂

      • Janne

        zlutor: Actually, N9 has been officially on sale in the U.S. since late spring. But I do get yout point, though.

        • Shane

          Since mid-May it has been available….
          And it’s not open slather availability in the retail channel, it was restricted to one 2nd-tier major retailer.
          Pricing started out horridly, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re no longer selling it.
          See here, comments are probably as informative as the article, which contains some inaccuracies:
          (removed link because spam filter is not allowing post)

  • Nysi

    You can view Helsinki in 3d (maybe other cities too?), but no information about buildings and such were added yet.

    “Quite funny that Beta Labs develope sw supporting US cities fonly but N9 being not offcially sold in the USA…”

    Well, the data navteq cars collect will be used in other apps than this. I’m sure they will make very soon an app for windows phone that uses same data.

    I’m just glad for this app as it’s the only location based N9 app that is not available for other platforms yet and they still improved it and they keep adding more cities to it.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Would love for PR1.3 to be released for N9 Australia country variant!

    • Shane

      For Christ’s sake you’ve been told dozen of times to flash it, & had the reasons/advantages explained countless times.
      It’s so damn easy it’s not funny, just freaking do it already…
      You have a very low variant code, thanks to not having the standard 005 region variant many Australians get, but rather a country variant.
      Flash to 005 or even 001 and you’ll never have to bitch constantly with every major update (like you have) again!

      • shallow ocean shoal


        Jesus Tapdancing Christ, cut the theatrics, I am not going to firmware flash my device with software Nokia reps refer to in their official forums as “illegal.” I don’t know what 005 or 001 means. Every time somebody like yourself suggests it over there, they edit the comment to say “we don’t support illegal software,” etc.

        Considering I ask what, once a week sometimes twice, about something that supposedly will be released, and Paul Grenfell posts and whines how he was wronged by new Symbians not being released in Australia approximately 1,000 times a week, I think you can deal.

        “Hi” to the nice Nokia people that are reading this and we look forward to the update!

        • Shane

          Shallow Ocean Shoal,

          You’re hanging out in the WROOOONG forum, the official forum, the real beating heart of Maemo 5/6 is & has always been,
          There’s zero issue with flashing from a legal/support standpoint, dont believe me start a thread at TMO & someone will go into to the detail as-to-why.
          The big scary warning you get in the Nokia forums are just that… BSW’s.
          So just do it already, really…..

        • shallow ocean shoal

          I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS! It’s Aug 17, practically 24 hours later…

          THANK YOU!!!!

          • Shane

            @shallow ocean shoal

            Eh? So did you post at TMO?
            I don’t have time to dig-up some of the informative threads there, but it has been covered MANY times.
            If you can’t find them then a post should garner some usrs that can recall all the detail, & explain why flashing’s a non-issue.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              The note was meant for the extremely smart and attractive person or people at Nokia who pushed out the update yesterday.

              • Shane

                @shallow ocean shoal

                Yes I know, see my subsequent post:

                I still maintain you should flash to a more generic fw image in order to get a lower PR_no/variant_code.
                Apart from getting updates far earlier there’s several other advantages, much which is outlined in the thread I linked to IIRC.

              • Shane

                Key point, if you haven’t held-off & instead have jumped straight into the OTA update, then a clean flash to a PR1.3 fw image w/a lower variant code is no longer an option sadly.
                There MAY be a way around it, but it’s only recommend for peeps that have painstakingly done their homework, & even then it’s not encouraged.

          • Shane

            TMO =

          • Shane

            Ah I know what you’re talking about, the update for 299’s finally come, I saw another 299 user post about it recently.
            I implore you not to apply it, you’re mad not flashing to PR_001, it’s extremely easy & there’s absolutely no legal/support issues to contend with!
            This guide outlines how to do it:

  • Oliver

    I would love to explore new places WHERE I LIVE, the only problem is that WHERE I LIVE is still not supported by Nokia City Scene, despite being a major european metropolis. Seriously, this is a very impressive and useful application but it really really needs more cities.

  • Sureshgeens

    I am in India hmmmmmmm….

    • Shane

      Pointless necro-post is pointless >.>