My Dream Nokia #62: 18MP Sleek Nokia PureView (MeeGo/WP?)

| August 15, 2012 | 15 Replies

Another very nice looking design from Edgar Mkrtchyan.  It’s a reimagination of #55. This was actually sent to us two weeks ago and I only came across it after searching the spam box for my internet bill.

Anyway, I’m really impressed by this design. It is very futuristic.

OS is not mentioned (previously #55 was a WP) but this one doesn’t seem to have any front buttons. This could be MeeGo or it could be WP with lights that only appear when you touch it.

I had a little time to re-imagine my perfect phone, and here are the reports I have made:
-to begin the design remains the same! these are the same curves against by the phone becomes thicker than before to include a larger battery (autonomy is a key point in my opinion)
appearance of audio-jack 3.5, and micro USB
-the biggest speakers
-of the biggest keys for volume-sliders and UNLOCKING
-the second-foncionalité the slider button is mute when it pushes the slider
-logo appears “NOKIA” on the front (with the correct font that I had not before 🙂
PureView-18 mpix sensor, 1080p recording, flash xenon + led flash
-the black magnesium lid, also available in cyan & white


my next concept will be on a mini tablet nokia windows 8 RTM will happen very soon
I have some problems with my G-mail account, I refer you my work with the new Outlook 🙂


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  • Joao Luis

    Nokia could take a tip or two from Edgar, this design is AWESOME

  • Sjoke

    This does indeed look very good. Would be the perfect new Batman model for next year.

    (Why next year? Because meego and WP won’t have support for pureview this year.)

    • There’ll be no Batman movie until the planned 2014 reboot. Maybe as a new Tony Stark gadget in next year’s Iron Man 3. Freaking hell, I want to see RDJ sport any Nokia device in his next superhero film. That will be all sorts of awesome!

      • Sonny

        like I said a Avengers Lumia 900 I would buy in an instant even if I dont like WP that much

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    there are 2 times the same picture, normally the 2nd was with a screenshot of a windows phone 8, with backlit buttons as you said, and actually it could be Meego, I did not think to this;)
    thank you anyway to publish this post, I really believed that he never go out on mydreamnokia lol

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks. Updated.

      Sorry for the delay, I did not realise gmail sent it to the spam box. I thought you just wanted to post some text updates to the last post.

  • twig

    I like, its a hot sports car look. Very nice Nokia logo on the back.


    very nice, curvy,

  • swain

    nice design. looks like a 808 at high level.

  • reptile

    I don’t like the weird material it seems to be made of.. it’s like rusted steel or something..

  • ggg

    look like ipod touch

  • poiman

    Not bad, but very fat.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      I prefer a larger battery

  • nabkawe

    I’d buy that …

  • migo

    It looks like a cross between an iPhone 3G and half of a photon torpedo.