Jolla fan concept phone design?

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This would normally have gone to My Dream Nokia, but it’s not a Nokia so we’ll stick it in concepts.

Not sure what the format of the site is, but look what it says on the top corner. Is that their moniker for fakes?

The device seems to have a button on the left, camera plopped at the top in the middle and a curving MeeGo grid.

Cheers Kuvaton for the tip.


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  • Janne

    I like the curvature, a nice fan concept.

    Of course I hope Jolla itself will bring us more than a new variation of the app-grid.

    • jiipee

      I dont mind app grid, it beats an app list format hands down. What I liked in one interview was, that they hinted a custmozable home screen. I’d be happy with Swipe UIs feed home screen style with option to pick apps/widgets.

      The most important thing missing here is physical keyboard. It does not need to be part of the phone, but could be using bluetooth & attachable like a screen cover.

      • Nathan

        Yeah I really hope they implement something similar to what’s been done with the surface tablets.
        Something that doubles as an easily removable screen case/cover, & highly portable BT qwerty.
        That would be sheer nerd-gasm for me personally…

  • arvi

    old symbian status bar on top?

    • Reonhato

      Nostalgic. With all the same status bars on all my androids and my (not in use) iphone. This old symbian bars look refreshing to me.

  • Paul Grenfell

    I like it. I think its vert nice,,What does 44M/12%/72% at top rhs mean?
    Some sort of Battery indicator?

    • sunnyvale

      Possibly CPU and memory usage percentage. The 22M must be amount of memory used by the system.

  • ggg

    having old synbian top bar is a bad idea, and too wide and long at the bottom part of the phone, hey no swipe, just like another phone,

    i wonder how jolla can get rid of using phone without opening and closing app.

  • ggg

    i want to see meego tablet ui on jolla phone.

  • kunwar

    is jolla allowed to use the nokia iconography i.e. the squircles?

    • Paul Grenfell

      Its only concept..the ui could be vastly different ..but the hardware design looks nice..

    • lordstar

      I was thinking ghe same thing, i find those squircles actually more attractive than squares.

      • Paul Grenfell

        Anything looks better than Tiles..

        • lordstar

          tell microsoft that lol!

        • krustylicious

          The funny thing is upto symbian^3 the ui was in fact tiles (but dfferent to metro ui (opps i mean bedrock ui) yet nokia goes nearly full circle and brings them back in wp.

          • reptile

            They weren’t exactly tiles.. they were free-form icons. They could be any shape.. Most devs just chose a plain square because they weren’t creative enough…

  • outdated os

    looks like an ish!7. Sorry.

  • Sjoke

    The UI is terrible.. old symbian top bar is so unpratical.

    But it’s a good thing this concept is not about the UI and is meant to showcase only the hardware design, at least I hope so.

    But even then they could have made the design a lot slimmer. At the moment it looks so bulky and old. Please make the design flatter and the left and right side straight flat sides which makes it easier to grip the phone with your fingers so it won’t slip and fall.

  • Fz

    “Not sure what the format of the site is, but look what it says on the top corner. Is that their moniker for fakes?” ๐Ÿ™‚

    From bshit section : “This page contains the images administrator hasn’t approved to be added to the collection.” Reasons they mention are that it’s not funny, or it’s a duplicate. Otherwise it seems to be like a slightly moderated imageboard / image sharing site.

  • Xandu

    I understand that this might only be a concept, which really stands out as they said…but if this is it and if this is how they gonna stand out, then they can go to hell and Meego too…no time for such jokes…

  • albo

    It realy sucks that nintendo for kids and its belly-bottom hole.

  • poiman

    What a complete mess! Everything looks horrible!
    And I still don’t understand why are you still posting news of Jolla. Jolla is not Nokia and as far as I know this is still MyNokiaBlog, not MyJollaBlog.

    • Luisito

      If you just wanna Windows Phone info, you must go to Windows Power User Central, It’s an all Nokia related things blog, and the guys behind Jolla used to be Nokians, so it’s right to post things about Jolla, even more important, for some people (like me) that are long Nokia users it’s important to keep tracking info about Jolla to have a comparative parameter to see if the road Nokia has chosed is the right one…

      • poiman

        They used to be Nokians, they aren’t anymore!!

        If some former Nokia employees leave the company and start working for Samsung, would you start posting news about Samsung?

        So, if you want news about Jolla, just make a blog about Jolla. I care for Nokia, not for its competitors.

        • albo

          My phone N9 still name Nokia and most of it is part of nokia coperation and the software, so if you ane not the owner of N9 then shot the f*ckUP and go to where you belong!

          • poiman

            Of course I don’t have a N9, why would I buy a phone that is already dead by its launch date?
            But I have a N8 (bought 2 years ago) and I plan to buy a Nokia WP8. YES, ALL NOKIAS, NOT JOLLAS!!
            If you want Jollas, create a MyJollaBlog and go there, which is where you belong!

            • xxx

              you are sick, and we are the cure ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Poiman, Nokia is not all Microsoft. It used to be a greater & larger company than just licking Microsoft’s @$$.

          The Nokia of Elop is not Nokia but Microsoft.

          We’re fans of Nokia for a long time and we’ve known Nokia and grown with a Nokia. So dont teach us whats Nokia and whats not. The current Nokia is just a label/Mask covering Microsoft. We are looking for the true Nokia – something that you trolls will never understand.

          • poiman

            The old Nokia is over, because it was a fail. Look at all the cr*p they have done over the last 5 years! They were leaders but they didn’t understand that the mobile world was about to change, they didn’t evolve, they kept doing what they felt comfortable doing and not what consumers wanted/needed. No company can survive like that.

            So if you preffer a company that can’t adapt to the new rules of the market, that’s your problem. Nokia had to change because by ifself it wouldn’t be able to compete with companies like Apple or Google (which are a lot bigger). If you aren’t happy with this go cry to your bedroom, because the old Nokia can’t comeback.

            • Stop trolling! Nokia is not doing so great now either. Infact with Elop on board Nokia is doing worse. MS has got Nokia onto a completely burnt platform.

              We cant bear your MS cries here, you can find a better place on ELOPs shoulders or Ballmers back. Go troll there.

              • poiman

                Trolling is what people with your mentality have been doing at Nokia for the past 5 years! Look at what the kind of company strategies that people like you support did to Nokia!

                Of course now things aren’t going great either, but when a company is in such a bad situation like Nokia is right now, how can you expect to be successful in the short run?

                I mean, what did the previous administration left that could be used to create short run success? The answer is NOTHING. All they left was crap like Symbian and MeeGo… things that have been developed in the worst ways possible over the last few years and if you wanted to make them competitive now you would need millions of Euros and many years of development! And Nokia doesn’t have that money or time! They had to join a complete ecosystem that wouldn’t require that insane ammount of time and money to be ready to run along with their products.

                • You are soooo dumb. Do you know how powerful Qt is? Do you know Meego? THe power its capable of? YOur Trojan has killed em all and replaced it wth the good for nothing windows phone…. Meego was praised by the whole world – the trojan himself accepted that the N9 is getting sold out. Even today the N9 is getting sold well. You Microsoft trolls should shut up and look at the facts.

                  The previous management did not know how to handle these powerful tools – there is no denying that. The current mgmt under the trojan has killed em all. We are against this unfair treatment. By proper use of all these, Nokia would have never come to this position of begging its business rivals -microsoft.

                  Qt is not just used at Nokia. Qt is being used by several companies. Skype and Google Earth are famous examples. Companies like Philips, Sharp also use Qt.

                  If you dont know, be quiet. Stop trolling.

    • Diibadaaba

      Jolla is more nokia than that ridiculous Microsh%#ยค#%t terrorist organization puppet in helm

      • poiman

        Firstly, you are just being ridiculous.

        Secondly, Nokia is Nokia, Jolla is Jolla. I don’t care about Jolla or their work, specially when I’m in MyNokiaBlog, not MyJollaBlog.

        • xxx

          Current Nokia isn’t the old Nokia because this company doesn’t want to make Nokia products. None of Lumias has been made by Nokia. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PCB, internal design has been bought from another company, for example Compal. Today Jolla is an old Nokia, and Elop’s Nokia is a part of Ms.

      • JGsmartypants

        that was idiotic to the point of being offensive.

    • Nathan

      Jay has explained this countless times, here’s just one e.g. for you:
      Why continually raise this like a screaming toddler???
      Get used to Jolla stories being posted occasionally, dont be a child, learn to live with it.
      In the coming mths MS/WP related stories will be posted even more than they are now, to the point that almost everything posted @MNB is MS/WP related.
      So you can relax….
      Towards the end of the year MS/WP related stories will have dropped in frequency again, whereupon you’ll see a higher instance of Jolla related stories (comparability speaking), but still lower than WP/MS related stories ofc.
      Tis the normal “ebb & flow” of things, just ignore the Jolla articles if they upset you.

  • Rafael Vinicius

    Well.. I no like the options battery and signal operator. The icons are perfect but the smarthphone ugly.. Well go w8 for november ๐Ÿ™‚

  • :(

    looks like old symbian!

  • Patata

    “This would normally have gone to My Dream Nokia, but itโ€™s not a Nokia so weโ€™ll stick it in concepts.”

    Why not? Didn’t you post the MS surface phone concept as mydreamnokia too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jay Montano

      That was a mistake on my part calling it Nokia Surface Phone as the designer had previously been making Nokia concepts. This has a Jolla logo on it.

      If you’d rather as per requests, we can just avoid Jolla all together.

      • Xandu

        dont u dare to do that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jolla is more Nokia than what Nokia is right now…but this phone is real mess…looks like a successor from Jupiter to Nokia 7610

      • mee-gone

        Yup, just avoid all together, or start myjollablog if required so that some nokia hating trolls will shift there.

  • hosny santos

    that`s ok ,Jolla is a great hope for nokia costumers ,and he is ok, in this site and necessary, for us, congratulations Jay

  • benjimola

    this thing sucks… jolla is going to fail like the N9

    • Nathan

      sigh, still behaving like a child I see, grow-up already.

  • Tech

    Honestly the UI looks more better than Modern UI on wp (X,X)

  • reptile

    I kinda get the impression that if you were to slide your finger from left to right the columns of icons would move in a giant circle which would be kinda different and neat..

  • fernando

    I don’t think the wheel needs to be re-invented. That phone is in my opinion a disappointment, no need to try to be soooo unique. A simple design shape will do and keep in mind not everyone is right or left handed.