Nokia’s Chris Weber (@CWeberatNokia) warns Samsung, confirms Next generation of Lumia coming soon

| August 16, 2012 | 96 Replies

Soon. Yay. Yet more confirmation that they’re coming soon. This doesn’t sound like just an announcement but availability as Samsung need not worry about new phones being announced but being on sale.

It will take a while of course for Lumia to get the same traction to actually be a threat, just as both Samsung and iPhone have steadily built up a following over the years were not an immediate threat to the giant Nokia.


There’s still plenty of room for everyone whilst the market grows.

@CWeberatNokia Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon.#nokia

Hopefully this indicates that these new Lumias are also really good and something to take note of.

Update: Noticed in the comments, lordstar mentions ‘Note’ as a possible product equivalent by Nokia to Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Lumia Phablet? Erm yes please. *throws next upgrade plans on lumia phablet*. ha. Maybe, but maybe not.

Thanks Adnan for the tip!




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  • weirdfisher

    dont think sammy really cares about it

  • peter

    “Samsung, take note that we will bankrupt ” he would say

  • Bloob

    Found this comment from interesting:

    ” kalval • 2 hours ago

    As unlikely as this sounds, yesterday we saw this:… then only a few hours later there was this, which has no logo but it looks like the same ruler and same background lighting – it would be quite a coicidence if these weren’t taken be the same person in the same factory:
    Personally I’d prefer a 4.3″ with 42MP, but if we get both I will be ecstatic.

    The ruler does infact look the same with the same.

    • Bloob

      – with the same white spot.



      tablets are not comming id , ok you wr right,, sorry

  • joyride

    Samsung must be quaking in their boots!!! Think, another buggy Nokia product made by compal missing features from two years ago. Oh no! Let’s close up shop and run for the hills!!!!!

    Better call in a Microsoft executive to run Samsung. They’re making too much money and something must be done.

    • napier

      Yeah, only Nokia would react like that. Perhaps Webber is mistaking Samsung for the pathetic cowards that Nokia are. Maybe he’s expecting Samsung’s CEO to write a letter to his staff saying that their platform is on fire!

  • EmmanuelM

    Ha ha I guess Samsung people had a good laught…

    Hey man have you seen a product called the Galaxy SIII and all the family of products under Android ? Ha ha

    Have you seen the latest Samsung and Android market share ? Ha ha

    • sunnyvale

      Yeah, Nokia is learning how to slip puns in their tweets.

  • tom

    Samsung 2011 revenue – US$ 247.5 billion, net income 18.3 billion
    Nokia 2011 revenue – Euro 38.65 billion, net income euro -1.164 billion

    It’s hilarious to say the least or he is insane.

    • Viipottaja

      Folks, you are over-reacting as usual. All he wanted to do was to in an indirect, FUN way confirm that Nokia is coming out with the a “phablet” soon. Also, of course Samsung will and should keep an eye on what competitors to its Note are out there. Third, not sure what the Galaxy Note sale numbers are, but they are obviously just a small part of Samsung’s overall sales and even the Galaxy lineup sales. Thus, a (hopefully) great competitor to the Note from Nokia might indeed be something Samsung ones to take note off. 🙂

      • EE


        It makes me sick seeing people rage every single time when Elop is mentioned or Nokia manages to generate some hype before a launch. “Fucking trojan!”, “Nokia doesn’t hold a candle to Samsung”, “Why bother trying”, “WP8 is so going to fail!”.

        You know what this is called? It’s loser’s attitude. It truly disgusts me to see it here on a constant basis. Changing attitude and looking the bright side of life really makes wonders to one’s everyday life.

        • viktor von d.

          i used to lauch at samsung a few years ago when they said they want to number one spot in global phone shipments and that they want to take nokias spot. well time passed and samsung is at no1 now. i’m not laughing anymore at them, but for the same reason i can’t lauch at nokia now. who knows what will happen with their new range of products in the next 2 years. they could regain the marketshare and spot

        • tom

          @EE Nokia does not have a chance as long as Elop is there. They need someone better, someone like Steve Jobs or Lou gerstner. May be You should check Elop’s performance in terms of financials or market share. He has been CEO long enough. When Elop became CEO, Nokia has about 30% smart phone market share, Samsung about 6% or so. Now they have reversed.

          @Viipottaja I wish Nokia will sell as many WP smart phones as Samsung phablets.

          No one wants Bing and IE. They are bad brands.

  • Bosh

    I think it’s a reference of design, because the current Apple vs Samsung trial.

    It’s like saying “Samsung take note, this is how a good designed phone looks like, next generation Lumia comming soon”.

  • twig

    Die Sammie, die!!!

  • Mario

    I don’t understand why a Marketing guy would give extra promotion to a competitor by directly mentioning it’s name.

    • Viipottaja

      I guess its sort of a form of comparison marketing (especially prevalent in the US where direct comparisons to competitor’s product is very common).

      In any case, the promotion effect seems to have worked for Nokia – just google “Nokia” and go to the news section and you’ll see the tweet is referenced all over (as is the Sep 5 NYC event with MS).

  • Rajiv

    maybe he was being sarcastic and actually meant that Samsung get ready to earn some more money, market and mind share more of our flop products are coming

    • Jari


    • gordonH

      + Billions to Samsung.

      All thanks to Nokia for pushing people towards the Android camp.

    • jiipee

      Or he had just found out that Sammy has WP8 phone with exactly the same specs as Nokia does and they should work together on differentiation on top of the 10 apps Nokia has more.

  • JGrove

    I’m amped to see what this Lumia “phonblet” will be like. I’m easy for a monster screen without android for my phone.

  • deep space bar

    LOL samsung doesn’t give a shit about WP they are keeping afloat very damn well with android since it’s generating more profit cause it’s an actual strong OS

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  • Matti

    Silly boring competion for number one OEM spot, while Apple, Google and Microsoft are the ones that actually matter, get the big profits and make new things happpen. Who cares who makes more soulless generic devices using other peoples technologies? Samsung and Nokia are both totally irrelevant. Losing both wouldn’t change even a thing. Another two manufacturers would just take their place and sell their share of Google/MIcrosoft products with razor thin OEM profit margins.


    • joyride

      I wouldn’t call Samsung irrelevant. Being the biggest OEM gives you pull. Not to mention they have not one, but TWO, operating systems of their own. Bada will likely pass WP in marketshare this quarter and Tizen remains a huge wild card.

      • jiipee

        And they happen to deliver a good deal of eg. chips and screens, which they have developed.

  • gordonH

    Just bought the s3 for my wife. That s3 is very impressive, Samsung has nailed it this time.
    Nokia keep messing and Samsung keeps improving, that’s the way consumers and investors see it.

    • Anders81

      My brother has S3 and I tried it and first impression was that it felt like really plastic pos. Built quality is no where near Nokia quality and I hope they keep it that way. That way maybe in two years Samsung will not be in the shape as it is now.

      • gordonH

        The user experience on that phone is really good. As for the poor plastic feeling, just put some cover on it to save your investment.
        All I’m saying is the pros outweigh the cons by a mile.

        • Anders81

          Forgive me for being stubborn but if you start to cut cost from foundation it will impact the whole house, in time…
          Most likely there are many pros for Android but for me being gm for a company can straightaway say that Google writes it self out from our company due to their terms. I believe that you know that whatever you upload to Gdrive Google has proprietary rights for that content. So don`t don`t blame Google if your private pictures get somewhere they shouldn`t.

  • HTC

    Stop being delusional nokia fanboys,y’all so annoying!!!

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  • Reonhato

    If it is going to be “Note” like, it must have Wacom to compete.