Second Nokia WP8 Front Frame Leaked

| August 16, 2012 | 114 Replies

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Earlier this week we saw the first physical evidence of the upcoming range of WP8, in the form of a leaked front screen/Bezzel. Today comes a second different frame that’s been leaked out of the factory, this one carries the branding on it which is customary for all Nokia prototypes. Also note the fact that the Nokia Branding is on the Right side of the screen rather than centered, possibly pointing to a carrier branding on the complementary side- as is with the Lumia 900 on At&t?


The screen measures 4″ according to the source, making it slightly smaller than the previous leak we saw (4.3″). It’s speculated that neither this device nor the previous leak are the successors to the current Lumia design, that spot is apparently taken by the yet to be seen “Nokia Phi”. I find the large amount of bezzel at the bottom of the screen quite disturbing, hopefully it matches/compliments the overall device design and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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  • torcida

    1. looks crappy like sgs3
    2. frame to big!

  • torcida
    • Viipottaja

      There is/was a prototype of one,yes (I know this for a fact). Whether they bring it out to market is a whole different question.

  • twig

    theVerge just took another dump on Apple and Android OS and tablets in FAVOR of Windows 8. Great article. This is WallStreet fears,as they are stacked in Apple stock.

    • Luisito

      No time to celecrate, not yet, still Nokia have to wait to see how will response the big public to Windows Phone. If an OS could be succesfull for what media says, them Web OS should be alive an kinking everyones ass

      • deep space bar

        and meego

  • Ayush

    fool peplz..!! At first see the full nd finalized design…then start tweeting…

  • Grendell

    Too early to say if its going to look good. Wait til its mounted, guys. I really thought that the MS Nokia partnership was going to play on the strengths of each but right now it doesnt seem so. BT file transfer, HDMI out, FM trans, Pureview, xenon flash, USB OTG, Nokia Rich Recording and operator based app store billing have yet to grace the lumia range. So far only CBD, nokia build quality, nokia industrial design has transitioned to date. Here’s hoping that nokia can finally put these all in future lumia phones. Im getting tired of waiting for them to hit it out of the park.

    • lordstar


    • toermel

      Sometimes I’m really wondering how some Nokia fans are using their precious smartphones? (Don’t get me wrong… I’m really wondering without any cynicism)
      FM transmitter is almost useless for me. In Germany the FM frequencies are so densly used that I simply cannot use it while driving. I would need to change the frequency two times per song. I prefer the good old line out (with way superior quality).
      HDMI out is a great feature, I thought, but then I found myself not using it at all (especially because I need to have the adapter within reach).
      The same with USB OTG… in order to use it I would need to take the adapter cable with me all the time, which doesn’t come in handy to me.
      Ok, BT file-transfer might come in handy but I cannot remember when I’ve transfered more than a vCard.
      Xenon flash’s are really nice but even Nokia doesn’t use them very often in all of their phones except the top class camera-phones.
      RichRecording wasn’t even available when the last Lumia was released and nobody yet knows what the new ones will bring.

      However, I admit that some of the features are really vital to some customers and that they can make use of it, but I can hardly believe that they are really so much more important than for example a good browsing experience (no, Opera isn’t much better either).

      And for “getting tired of waiting” I just can say that I had to wait many many months for the N95 or the N8 after they had been announced. Then I waited for the software updates to come and fix the most obvious quirks. This is the kind of waiting, I’m tired of and it was caused by old Nokia.

      • I personally use most of the mentioned features from ur post almost daily..

      • Grendell

        Nokia’s phones are usually strong on value packed features catering to a non-cloud smartphone experience. This was their niche and definitely helped them sell strongly in emerging markets where the infrastructure for data services is still being or yet to be developed. MS is trying to out Apple Apple itself. Apple (and therefore MS) being/concentrating on a cloud-centric smartphone experience. I really don’t see why Nokia hasn’t pushed more/harder for both experiences to be present in their phones. This is a key differentiator (as well with other MS OEMs) and one which plays to the traditional strengths/expertise of Nokia. It’ll also help them sell well in such emerging markets where the cloud centric devices are not able to show off their strengths due to lack of infra structure support.

        MS shines in its interface with the digital world (fast fluid updates,connectivity etc.). Nokia shines in its interface with the real world (audio, video, transmission capabilities, and sharing thereof etc.) Why not have both paradigms in a true world phone that not only caters to the markets each paradigm is intended to address, but can also allow you to differentiate from competitors and deploy in virtually all markets at the high end price point.

        Where’s the downside?

      • Jody / buzzonme

        i believe you dont know what your talking about

        • Grendell

          Perhaps. But then again I’m just a long term Nokia customer and potential Lumia customer trying to find out all I can before investing. Just that I’m an absolute and unimpeachable expert at what I want.

      • knowfirst

        ya i too personally dont feel like using some specials from samsung like smart stay- who will actually sleeps while reading ebook while holding phone in the hands, lol, its designed for humans, no it designed for mentally disabled humans, and many more, dont have time to say bye

    • stevebarker66Steve Barker

      I think you’re looking at this from the wrong perspective, Grendell:

      At last I have a Nokia phone (Lumia 900 as my main device) that has great build quality, a really good camera (not an 808, admittedly) a really powerful flash (I take survey photos inside pitch-black lofts) and the excellent Nokia Drive fully-offline SatNav all wrapped up as a package that is fast, stable and enjoyable to use.

      I have no crashes, no out-of-memory warnings and no stutter or lag…

      My Lumia multitasks quite efficiently where I need it to in neary all situations: I can be listening to music whilst browsing the web and be downloading a podcast or app in the background. I do look forward to when Drive can give voice guidance from the background, though.

      I can download a wide range of (in the main) higher-quality apps far more easily than I can even now from the Nokia Store, and those apps offer efficient updates with great frequency.

      I enjoy what is generally acclaimed to be the best mobile email experience in the world and a first-class synchronisation across a wide range of email providers.

      I have a far better notification system than I ever had before, and can use Voice interactions to receive and send messages safely and accurately when driving.

      Lumia devices have excelent desktop synchronisation through Zune (with the obvious exception of getting Videos or films onto the device, which a pain in the…)

      Furthermore, Lumias benefit from the best cloud storage and synchronisation service currently available; all my photos are automatically backed up in a lower-res format within seconds so all my memories are preserved if I manage to loose my device on the way home.

      And when I get home all my full-res pictures and videos are automatically backed up over WiFi without me having to do anything other than plug my device into its charger – how easy is that? Those full-res images are then autatically uploaded onto Skydrive so I can share or access them from anywhere.

      My Skydrive syncs with my Box account, which in turn syncs with my Android devices – again all fully automatically. Soon I’ll be able to do it directly via MS’s own app heading to the Play Store very soon.

      All too often we see people here complaining about Lumia devices being feature-poor compared to Symbian, but I think the reverse is true. For the few truly unique Symbian USP’s (such as FM transmitters) there are work-arounds and alternatives.

      The only real exception being file management, which is limited due to the app-silo nature of Windows Phone.

      So I think we ARE seeing the best of Microsoft and Nokia’s alliance 🙂

      • Grendell

        No complaints, I agree that Windows Phone is feature rich and definitely would want them in the next phone I will be getting. Unfortunately I am not in a position (due to my location and availability of support structures) to make the most of these features hence the need and appreciation for these “workarounds”.
        Given my location as well, not all my friends are as fortunate as myself to be able to afford such technology, BT (for example) still allows me to interface with their older or lower spec Nokia’s. The Cloud, alas is not a reliable option for me (aside from my personal stand on privacy) at this time.

      • Viipottaja

        EXCELLENT summary of the good points of WP7.5 (and before anyone jumps, there are weaknesses too), many of which will be further improved with WP8. I will bookmark your comment for future unauthorized use. 😛

      • Just Visiting

        @stevebarker66…If I weren’t already going to purchase a WP device, I would certainly either consider, or definitely purchase a WP device after reading your use case. Based on my needs, and wants, WP encompasses it all.

        Your summary is great, and especially impressive given that it seems that you use other technologies (OSes) as well.

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Could be the Phi

  • prashant

    I thought it’s a transparent lumia.

  • HTC

    Copying Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC Touch Diamond i see,how original….

    • ‘Copying’ 808 and C6, I’d say

      • Zymesh

        proto B looks more like iPhone to me. maybe Apple will sue Nokia now together with Samsung lol

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  • Janne

    While I share the concern about the bottom bezel, I’m expecting it to actually look a lot better in real life – just like Lumia 800 does, which also shares a large bottom bezel. It is also more than possible that the bottom bezel is reserved for an operator logo, which will make the design more balanced (even if one abhors such logos).

    I’m guessing the screen+buttons is actually centered, so that extra bezel up and down are somewhat the same when considering the button bar a part of the screen. When you see it all in action and lit up, it looks a lot less off, because the lighted capacitive buttons look like a part of the screen. This also allows for the curve of the screen, so that the buttons aren’t curved.

    However, I personally think that Lumia 900 struck a good compromise in the bezel/screen combination (and I don’t prefer curved screens because I feel they are impractical), so I’m hoping Nokia has a Lumia 910 or something (like that proto A perhaps) with a straight screen and less bezel for people with preferences like myself.

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  • unfortunately, the boy who takes this photo loses his job. I want to give him a MD-11 for sympathy

    • Viipottaja

      well, not sure there is any need for sympathy. he should lose his job – he knew the risk, and that if gets caught, he would be bearing the consequences.

      • he just graduated from college several months ago, and he didn’t know and sign up any NDA. I asked him before the leak and he said it should be ok.

  • anon

    That grid isn’t merely coincidence. By my calculations we’re looking at a massive 5.5 inch (phone-tablet) screen. Very interesting.