Video: Twisty camera Concept Nokia 809 (MDN#63), camera barrel movement.

| August 18, 2012 | 14 Replies

Many of you guys really enjoyed #63 of MyDream Nokia yesterday with Edgar’s twisting camera, honouring the past twisty barelled cameras of the N90/3250.


The design movies on from both N90/3250 in that only a portion of the width of the device twists, as opposed to the whole end swivelling. Some were interested in seeing that movement in action. Here’s a video to show that.

This is where Edgar creates his design. He’s moving the camera barrels in position. note that the two connecting sections are curved so can slide easily past each other. Hopefully this will not be too lose and so will remain and any angle, plus the camera is instantly activated the moment you tilt it.


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  • i d

    using pureview for front cam is realy creative thought but it cant be practical for video calling it will need to adjest for it and xenon flash sould also move , what about triple flash (one xenon and dual led) may be jolla should make it with carl zeiss optics 18mp phone

    • ThatPureViewGuy

      Only Nokia could use Carl Zeiss. Other phone companies aren’t allowed.

  • lmiked

    hum… So… If the camera is in the twisty part mechanism, why is the upper part of the phone thicker than the lower part??!
    Nice concept though… With this design, the phone can have a big sensor and analog zoom and still be thin/same thickness all over the body unliike N8 and 808. Nokia should totally adopt this!!!

    • The thicker part is the twisty part where the camera is.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    Today i went to the market and almost bought Lumia 800 but then i thought that Lumias going outdated in a month so.

  • Soroush

    It will be good if it turn 360 so on the other side will be the camera protection

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      I’ve already thought, the problem that the glass must be the goal in cylindrical part which can enfluencer on the photo taken with a glass gorilla glass it could anything;) especially the glass is slightly depressed this prevents any contact outside
      (translated by google translation)

  • Good project, but unrealistic.
    As putting 2 top end cameras, each for $20 is cheaper than to build a phone with such mechanism.

    Also, a lot of people prefer to just have 2 cameras instead of a mechanism like this one.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      I understand what you mean, but the nokia 3250 not cost expensive to manufacture, so I do not see why it couterai more expensive here in this concept, the mechanism is simple in real

      • Edgar Mkrtchyan

        I understand what you mean, but the nokia 3250 not cost expensive to manufacture, so I do not see why it cost more here in this concept, the mechanism is simple in real

      • Well, first of all, when manufacturing such design, it’s much more prone to failure. Just because it’s mechanical. Also, it would require labour to put it together. Whereas on “normal” design, most of the work is done by the machine.

        Less work done by humans = less prone to failure.

        And I’m not even saying about use after manufacturing. A lot of manufacturers use capacitive buttons instead of “normal” buttons because it’s much less prone to failure when using it. You don’t have to worry about the mechanism getting stuck, anything like that.

        Hence why almost everyone choses to limit the number of physical buttons, mechanisms, etc.

  • Jack87

    Fantastic.. But I would add the back kickstand and dual led flash near the Xenon. The kickstand in that concept is very important ’cause allow you to make video conferences or video call without keep the smartphone in your hands. Also you can view films, video, photos presentation. 😉

  • pouria

    by system windows phone 8 it will be my phone or pocket pc or
    QUI like sony ericsson P990i

    not symbian

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