Samsung WP8 Devices Leaked; Any Threat to Nokia? + Message to SamDung From General the Destroyer

| August 20, 2012 | 82 Replies

With the upcoming launch of WP8 OEMs other than Nokia have renewed their interest in the platform, promising better more powerful devices. Earlier today Samsungs WP8 lineup was leaked showing off two devices, one obviously aimed at the high end and the other carrying some lighter specs.

It’s interesting to see the continued use of the current WP7.5 screen resolution on a 3rd gen WP device, especially when it costs 450 Euros. Speculation is that the GT-I8750 will carry a shape similar to the Galaxy S3, which honestly is nothing exciting. I really hope whatever Nokia has in store will blow this out of the water (shouldn’t be too difficult right?); currently I have my hopes set on the flagship (Phi) to be 4.7″-5.3″ (Phablet) with a minimum of 12-18MP camera that could support any form Pureview, with a 720P screen of course (with CBD and some sort of Oleophpbic coating for all those nasty fingerprints).

Honestly if the above Samsung specs are all that WP8 would bring I wouldn’t even bother getting a new phone, the only feature that would make a difference is the expandable memory. Currently Dual core isn’t needed considering how smooth WP7.5 is; although HD screens are ultra tempting.

On a side note here’s our favorite Nokia “Extremist” letting Sam”dung” know what’s up (Caution video is definitely NSFW)


*BTW- does anyone know how I can fix the image at the top of the post? I used with magic marker to remove the background on the Nokia Logo but when I save the full image (with the bulls) the grey checkerboard is filled with white again instead of becoming transparent, any ideas?

Figured out what I was doing wrong; even after removing the background I was selecting the logo as a whole (Cntrl + A) rather than using the magic wand to select each letter, thanks guys 😀



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