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Over at EverythingN9, Andy has posted up a great article about his travels over the last month with his Nokia N9, and ideas he has had with regards to revamping Nokia marketing. The article doesn’t necessarily focus on the N9 itself, but more Nokia’s strengths, and their downfall when it comes to publicising those strengths. It is something we constantly talk about, when mentioning why Nokia isn’t in a great place right now.

Andy mentions how he was at a car rental, and a customer needed some directions. The employee wasn’t helpful at all, so Andy but in and let his Nokia save the day. He used offline maps to help this complete stranger find directions. Their reaction was along the lines of most of the general public these days; Nokia? But they only make bricks.

This again shows just how important it is for Nokia to make non-Nokia fans aware of the great things Nokia has to provide. We recently saw how Nokia has the desire to become THE “where” platform. To do this, besides having great services, they need public awareness. Here is where Andy’s article comes in to effect.

He discusses how Nokia has probably left it late, but it doesn’t mean it is the end. All adverts for Nokia devices recently have been sub-par, relying on the devices aesthetics to sell, and not showing off features. The same thing you read over and over every time a new ad is put out. Here are Andy’s ideas for ads that Nokia could put out, which would show off Nokia Services.

First idea:

Four friends on their way to a party, driving around in the middle of nowhere, (maybe at night to make it more of a desperate situation) and they are totally lost and panicky. They all ask each other questions such as, should they have turned by the gas station, or where is this intersection they should’ve seen by now, etc. One of them has an idea: our phones! We’ll use the maps app! Three of them pull out their phones, all seemingly black slab Androids, and they all complain that they’ve got no phone signal. Oh dear, all is lost, they’ll never get to that party now. But wait! Friend #4 pulls his phone out, it’s blue! Looks different, looks cool, and what is he doing? He doesn’t have any signal either but then..
“After 700 yards, turn right, and then – you will reach your destination.”
HUH?! How did you do that? You don’t have signal either, so how did it know?
What phone have you got?
The owner smiles and says, “I’ve got a Nokia.”
The car drives off in the right direction, blasting some hip and happening tunes 🙂
Text on the screen reads something like: Enjoy free trip routing and turn-by-turn navigation. Even when there’s no internet connection. Nokia. We’re still connecting people.

Second idea:

The year is around 2004, at some big sporting event like the Super Bowl or similar, and friends are taking photos of the players on the field with their phones. We see the resulting photos close-up and they’re just terrible, you can’t see anything worthwhile on the screens. But the friends don’t care, they’re enjoying the game and having a good time.
The year is 2012 and it’s a similar set up with friends at a big game. Friends are taking photos of the game with their black slabs and showing them off around to each other. The photos aren’t all that bad, but as soon as they pinch-zoom to get close to a particular player in the photo, it’s just a pixelated mess.
Friend with the Nokia 808 PureView takes a snap. His friends are gobsmacked when he zooms in on the screen to the player and the detail is ridiculous.
“Wow, that’s amazing. What phone have you got?”
The owner smiles and says, “I’ve got a Nokia.”
Text on the TV screen reads: PureView camera technology, created by Nokia, exclusively for Nokia. Nokia. We’re still connecting people.

Although they are very basic ideas, they still emphasize what Nokia has over the competition. This is what Nokia needs to be doing. Apple and Samsung release ads where they show the device and their great features. Nokia shows one or two things, has some cool effects and that’s it. Not making me get off the couch and buy the phone.

If you have a spare ten minutes, I suggest reading the full article by Andy.

Source: EverythingN9


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