My Dream Nokia #65: Luxury Louis Vuitton Nokia Lumia WP8 Concept #Gold

| August 21, 2012 | 27 Replies

The name Edgar Mkrtchyan is becoming synonymous for MDN now with several dream Nokia concepts under his belt. What’s great of course is that Edgar’s quite open to reader suggestions, so for those who might not have the skills to make such concepts, you could see your imagination come alive.

Specs wise, I’d be happy with it. Price wise, haha, I’ll wait until I’m a doctor.

The design looks great to me. Not the usual rectangle with rounded corners, more curved lines.


I am excited that you post my last work (the device with a qwerty keyboard is still not finished until I started another project)
Louis Vuitton Nokia Edition
This will be a first! A very luxury device with windows phone 8.
We are in a world where luxury is everywhere, that’s why I thought Louis Vuitton + NOKIA, and the two go together very well I think. This reconciliation can bring new customers, but also mean that Windows Phone NOKIA + on other devices is something high-end and quality OS that is the case, the other advantage is for louis vuitton, this could give them a new market with Nokia more they can sell throughout the world. There are probably other advantages and disadvantages can be the same that I have not thought of, so if you want you can add.
Characteristics are shown on one picture.
(translated with google translation, so it is possible that there are mistakes)



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  • WOW,
    1.7 GHz
    3.2 MPx front camera
    2200 mAh

    and surronded by GOLD

    nice design 🙂

  • Jadi gue harus ‘woow’ gitu?


  • Jadi gue harus bilang ‘woow’ gitu?


  • poiman


  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    in 15 minutes there will be an update with a headset bleutooth gold;)

  • twig

    o.k. this is the ONE!! LOVE THE LINES!! LOVE THE MIX OF GOLD!! THIS IS THE AWARD WINNER!! 10million sold in one hour.

    • twig


      • twig

        Does a BMW come as an accessory?

        • Edgar Mkrtchyan

          headphones covered in gold

    • Waqas Ahmad Khan

      + 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      I want this………… NOKIA PLEASE 🙂

  • dontom

    Edgar – really impressive stuff! Keep up the good work and hopefully Nokia will hire you! A few years back I liked Eldar M – but now it’s Edgar M… 😉

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    how to do a small photo to load instead of the avatar, which is displayed on the right side every time you comments, and thank you for the comments: p

  • JGrove303

    This is one hell of a concept design! Friggin’ awesome. It definitely looks like one of their bags! Seriously Edgar, present this to both Nokia and LV. They’d likely go for it. And it would sell a lot of units.

    As we’ve all seen, even the poor will by LV to look rich.

  • dss

    You won’t see a xenon flash on a win NT phone for quite some time ..

  • deep space bar

    fuck branding it with that extra crap…..WTF is Louis vuitton…anyways…..shit is a waste of money


      it is, but “hollywood” types would buy it.

  • viktor von d.

    hell no

  • DesR85

    Reminds me of the Prada branding on on line of LG phones. LG Prada if I recall. Pretty expensive phone, even though some reviewers pointed out its cheap construction, but I have yet to see one in the wild.

    Don’t know how well this type of phone will do, but I doubt it will sell well.


    damn that looks sexy,
    it’s not my taste but i’m sure it will be a hit with the wealthy brand name buyers,

  • open_douche

    Looks nice but I think that the back cover looks a bit… Chavish.

  • migo

    Kinda pointless after spinning off Vertu. On the other hand, a design like that is better than the incredibly kitshy designs Vertu was known for.

  • Ritesh

    This design and colour chosen are awesome

  • Huuhaa


    Great design.

  • arslan

    Wow I want to buy this….lv this design

  • Olban

    Really cool!

  • West

    What kind of software makes phones design like that?

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    solidworks 2011 or 2012, but there are many others like Catia v5 or 3DStudio