Nokia taking up 59% of global WP sales + Rambling expectations of Nokia Lumia WP8

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Another piece, also coincidentally from TheNextWeb who reports how key Nokia is for WP with 59% of global WP sales as well as me rambling about the next Nokia WP8.

Well, let’s put some friendly context into the first part.

As awesome as that sounds, the market still is quite small for Windows Phone. It would be the bare minimum expectation that Nokia and its full force take the lead, given the minimal effort from the opposing camps.

It’s quite surprising really, because as ruthless as Samsung could be, they could snuff out any possibly competition before it becomes one by attacking WP at least half as strongly as they do with Android. But they’re more of a ‘see what’s popular and copy’ kind of thing – minimal risk, big gains – and right now, WP is still very much a big risk with only a potential of a big gain.

TheNextWeb points out that for Windows Phones, Nokia is more prominent than Microsoft. In fact, we heard a story a while ago showing Lumia was a more popular term than Windows Phone itself. No one searches for the OS, but the phones that give them prominence. Microsoft shouldn’t care really – it’s getting more of their OS to more people. Looking at Statcounter data, they see movement from 22% in January to 59% global sales last month, with things actually picking up in growth best in July.

Just yesterday however,  we heard about Samsung’s 4.8″ Super HD Amoled display with dual krait 1.5GHz. Can Nokia compete with that? Well, Nokia’s been competing with HTC WP phones of technically higher specs and winning because of some fantastic design, build and Nokia related WP services. We may some how have lost the edge slightly due to Nokia Maps being shared across the platform but we could also view that as a strength of the Nokia brand. We are also yet to hear the full specs of Nokia’s WP8 regarding location department. Design and build wise, I think/hope we can trust Nokia’s designers to deliver yet again another clean, beautiful, striking, elegant design that bears the Nokia reputation for being a tank.

US again will be one of the key fighting grounds with Nokia keen to get some firm foundations. HTC still seems to be one upping Nokia here but HTC, Samsung and others have dropped from 54%, 36% and 10% to 36, 32% and 10% respectively since Nokia’s arrival. With no presence prior in the US, Nokia are making some small steps in the right direction.

But small steps aren’t good enough and we are looking at possibly one of the final make or break points for Nokia with WP8 handsets. They could deliver some key things the market and blogosphere has been wishing for:

PureView on Lumia

  • PureView. That’s an instant win in many people’s eyes. It’s unfortunate that the majority of reviews tended to look down on the Symbian counterpart of the Nokia 808 PureView but great that they also voice looking forward to seeing PureView on the 808.
  • Expectations: As far as we know the earliest this could possibly arrive is Spring – one year on after the 808’s announcement.
  • Why? Well, we’ve heard Damian and co mentioning that it would have taken another year if they had waited to put PureView on WP. Plus, we were told consumers would be climbing over themselves to get Nokia’s WP8 with people forgetting Nokia’s troubles by spring.
  •  Could it arrive by September? It would be insanely awesome if it could, but it seems unlikely. Some have hoped that recent tweets from Stephen Elop praising PureView technology and PureView replacing his DSLR might suggest that Elop is using Lumia PureViews (because the same doubters would not believe Elop to use a Symbian phone).
  • I wouldn’t mind not having PureView but give me some Nokia Nseries grade camera quality (N8/N86)

Large Screen – almost phablet or phablet even

  • There will always be people who think 4″ screens are already big enough, and are content with 3.5″.  Lumia itself is working on a minimum of 3.7″. But there is an undeniable acceptance of phones with ever larger displays (and other gadgets with huge displays – the tablets).
  • 4.7″, 4.8″ and surprisingly 5.4″ are gaining traction. Constantly having the web in your (large) pocket may be driving this demand and for me, that’s better on a larger display. Better for videos, better for pictures, better for games perhaps.

High resolution:

  • HD displays please. 800×480 is the bare minimum for 2010. With that said, there are many content with 360p nHD displays. But it is the norm to now expect at least 720p in your phone. Can you see the difference? Perhaps, perhaps not. On a larger screen, perhaps yes. It also depends on how good your eyes are and if the screen is pentile.

Moooar power

  • Despite WP8 being capable of up to 64 cores, we probably won’t be jumping into Quadcore any time soon with WP8. Well not Nokia’s WP8.
  • However, does Nokia need to go multicore? Yes and No.
  • No if they can achieve the same performance, and no if nothing is taking advantage of the multicore set up.
  • But yes for the sake of future proofing, yes for being easier to market and attract consumers who are still on the mindset that more numbers is better.
  • I’d like a bigger battery too or at least more optimisation.
Fantastic jaw dropping design
  • People want phones that look good and won’t break if you look at them wrong. Nokia’s got a great reputation for beautiful phones and thanks to the resurgence of Nokia fans pumping out invincible Nokia memes (and Nokia capitalising on that with their viral 900 hammer) people are getting the idea once again that the new Nokias are also pretty durable.
Be on time.
  • I don’t think I need to explain the importance of no delays, no lateness, no 6 month waits, eh?
Will this be enough? Anything else missed out? Probably I’ve missed out quite a few things, yes.
Everything from February 11, 2011 has been leading to this point. Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 coming together to bring Metro (or what ever it is now called) and the Windows experience further.
Nokia may not yet play such a critical role for tablets (ASUS/Surface may be top dog for that for now) but they are certainly critical and have been critical in ensuring WP survives long enough for the next iteration of the phone and PC OS to mature to new market expectations. I hope Nokia is rewarded for taking such a massive bet and placing so much trust and effort into Microsoft. It would be a shame to see someone else reap the fruits of Nokia’s toils. And that is why Nokia must be relentless.
Samsung and HTC bring improved WP8 devices (possibly to help chip tiny dents away from Android) but WP8’s overall success is by no means guaranteed and that means Lumia success is not guaranteed, which is a big no no for Nokia. As much as the naysayers would like to cheer, it’s not yet game over for Nokia and there are still a few cards to play for their comeback.
We might never see Nokia reach the same levels of success as before all the competition had become so strong, but there is still plenty of room left for a market with a successful Nokia in it. Nokia can come back to being the company that produces products that many, many millions love and adore, capturing many new Nokia fans with the feeling of awesomeness that current Nokia fans must have experienced one time or another.
15 days left to see if Nokia can deliver.

Source: TheNextWeb



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  • manu

    do or die nokia.fight and survive else die.
    Two things nokia can challenge the competition is on camera dept and design,play along these two.adapt to new trends,deliver right products at right time at right price with right features

    • Venus Raj

      And they terribly need effective advertising chuvaness.

      • iluvn

        Venus Raj! What?! from major major to Chuvaness. lol

    • shyne

      I still fear that this will be another WP7.5 mango like story !!!

      Looked like something BIG is coming but ….. there was nothing sadly

      WP8 still hv the same UI that people hates and the features like dual-core , SD card BT File tranfer are just catch up ….+ Iphone 4G LTE is coming with IOS6 and new Ipad Mini from $199-249 will take allthe lime light !!! fear

      • Those are some good and valid concerns.

        WP7.5 seemed big but Nokia did not truly capitalise on it as much as they could have. e.g. 900 in November, not May. Plus there was no simultaneous global availability, just dribs and drabs.

        WP8 has allowed Nokia at least more freedom in the hardware department. I don’t think it should be counted as a negative that it finally picks up on SD card or BT file transfer. A new iPhone is always scary and should never be underestimated. Smaller iPads too will most definitely eat into Android tab sales as well as potential W8 tab sales.

        W8 could be a big force for change if Microsoft executes it well. You can’t categorically speak for all people that it is the UI that people hates. Some dislike, some like. The relationship to sales is not purely based on UI.

      • Keith too

        Actually people generally love the Windows Phone UI and it makes converts out of most who give it a serious try and WP8 is looking to be another evolutionary step as well.

    • mee-gone

      Not many people care for design and camera which is evident from the spectacular failure of HTC one X when it went to fight SGS3, But better
      OS matters, better brand matters, develop a nokia android phone with nexus branding and enjoy the massive marketshare.

      • Pökö

        you-gone. Now.

      • Jeff

        One X did poorly because it was held back from sales for a few mths thanks to an injunction, it would’ve done much better compared to SGSIII if that hadn’t happened, nice of you to conveniently ignore that fact.

        • Annethe

      • Weirdfisher

        Nokia should join android as exclusive partner, instead of joining windows phone

        Most people like android as software, and nokia as the ultimate hardware. Of course im just bullshitting and these can never happen

  • TG

    I am so excited and so scared at the same time. Being a loyal Nokia user (lover, fan, slave, martyr) for more than a decade, I could only wish for Nokia’s success. But just like a loyal lover, even if I have already seen, felt, and heard hurtful things about Nokia, I chose to stick around. I’ll be with you through it all, Nokia. *waterworks*

    • viktor von d.

      i like you, we think around the same lines.

      what i would really want is for samsung and htc to give up wp and have it be exclusive to nokia. then they could have more control over it and make nokia unique, not just another oem.

      i really do hope for dual core, because even if wp7 did good on single core, this is a whole new architecture. it may need the aditional core. plus it’s about futureproofing, have third party apps load quicker, and maybe more powerfull games like they bragged about at the wp summit. games that are ported from xbox to wp.
      also a gaming device from them would be cool along with the imaging device. and removable battery for one of the high end devices

      i really hope we won’t be tied up to zune on the desktop, i can’t wait for sd cards.i’m a happy camper. if they play their hand right i may finally replace my 6120classic as a daily driver

  • nn

    I think it’s obvious other OEMs, and especially Samsung, aren’t putting much effort into WP phones. And why they should? After all they can just wait and watch how Nokia bleeds heaps of money on the WP marketing. In the unlikely case that Nokia succeeds in the creation of the ecosystem for MS, only then they will come in full force and kill weakened Nokia overnight.

  • Annethe

  • @AndyHagon

    Thanks, Jay. Great piece. The USA is certainly a fickle lady when it comes to consumer demand, but as I’ve said time and time again, Nokia can not expect great results by not promoting their assets. To me, the US consumer is one who is heavily influenced by TV ads, bus-stop posters, and sponsorships. This is what they need to fix to have people *want* the next Nokia. Samsung and HTC are all over the telly here, so it’s no surprise that’s all I see out on the streets (well, and iPhones flippin everywhere!) :-/

    • viktor von d.

      i keep seeing in europe galaxy s3 ads non stop for 2 months aprox. they are evrywhere,in malls, on tvs, on the radio. it’s galaxy overload. their advertising budget must be huge if they can aford for these campaigns across continents, on heavy rotation on tv, and for 2 months straight

      • viktor von d.

        one last thing:
        they need to launch more devices during a year across all price points and with different features. also make them available in all countries or markets around the same time and on all the carriers. some years ago you nokia has symbian phones in most markets, different models on all carriers. now they only have 4 phones, but each country has a differetn phone, or only 2 of them, and only on one or 2 carriers, instead on all of them.
        if you manage to spread your portofolio everywhere sales number will pick up again. i hope they will finish the restructuring of their factories soon and start producing in large quantities again. also make deals with carriers, and do it fast

  • Fred

    Correct me if i’m wrong but: Is it “Nokia taking up 59% of global WP sales” or “Nokia taking up 59% of global WP handsets”?

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  • FLOP

    Nokia Lumia series just like Bionic album by Legend Tina,FLOP!!!

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  • sandeep

    what will happen to nokia when microsoft release its own phone ,lol