How to Type in Arabic on WP7.5/Mango

| August 23, 2012 | 10 Replies

One of the downfalls of Windows Phone, and a factor that has affected Nokias complete marketing strategy is the lack of Arabic (and multiple other languages) support on WP. To put into prescriptive how idiotic of a mistake this according to Wikipedias last count (I’m sure the numbers are much larger now) the number of native Arabic speakers in the world was 280,000,000 Yes 280 million. The lack of Arabic support was a major setback to the Lumia launch plans and to Nokia’s comeback, as it wasn’t until sometime last month the Lebanon was the first to see the launch of the Lumia line-up (sans Arabic).


The method of Arabic input mentioned below is far from ideal, but it works; and that’s what matters. For people who hardly type in Arabic (such as your truly) this is a more than adequate solution, but to others who rely on Arabic for everything from Email to texts to Web browsing this can become a bit tiresome.

*Note: there is also a Vietnamese keyboard available to download through the Nokia collection.

Get the app here:

Or scan the QR code below:



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  • M

    I believe you meant perspective instead of prescriptive.

  • M

    Don’t use it much but it became very noticeable on the eid trying to send back texts but with no Arabic support.

  • vikas patidar

    This is good anyway you can type atleast. Hope to see some more apps about other missing languages.

    As per Wikipedia in 2001 there were 42.2 million native Hindi speakers. And India is one of the Nokia’s one of the key market where they are also promoting their Lumia family. But proved disaster because and lack of native language support is one of the key missing feature.

    • Nathan

      I think you mean about 400mil speakers, not about 40mil.

  • viktor von d.

    hey guys can you please post this. it’s a very detailed analysis on everything nokia. pattents, location, lawsuits, competition

  • Victor

    I’m using Abjad Keyboard since I bought my HTC HD7 and it’s just fine and does the work perfectly. give it a try!

  • nice way to write

  • nabkawe

    Nokia had no super phones except Lumias and Lumias weren’t in Arabic So Nokia was a no show in Arab countries for a year now … let’s Hope wp8 remedies that .

  • n-user

    I don’t really understand why is it so hard just to put other languages (Me-Thai) into WP? I don’t see this problem in Android or even my previous Bada phone. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can hold my current WP device until this September 5th.

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