Concept, Leak, Fake? Nokia Lumia WP8 with Quadcore?

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I wouldn’t put too much into this. I got a tweet from Antero saying:

@jaymontano Have you seen this? Any thoughts?

That leads to the image below on what looks like a very interesting, blocky looking almost Bang and Olufsen like phone.

The tweet is said very matter-of-factly, with no other tweets mentioning anything related to this or mobile. Like a spammer account. But what would they be doing with this picture? Perhaps it’s already in the public domain for a while but I’ve not seen it before.

Here is the first photo of the newest @nokia#WP8 smartphone with quad processor and HD screen.

A little closer.

What’s that at the top?

I’m not quite sure about this having quadcore. It’s nice but it’s very unlike Nokia.

Cheers Antero for the tip!

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  1. PRASHANT says:

    A pic of fcc so clear.

  2. micu says:

    It’s finger-scanner..

    • migo says:

      If they’ve got the bootloader tightly locked that you can’t get at anything without the fingerprint, that would be solid security. Would be something I’d expect from RIM.

  3. lmiked says:

    to me it looks kinda fake… The screen is not even CBD.

    • Poosana says:

      What if it is real? If the scale is true this is about 10mm thin with 4.3″ screen. It may be a really nice and classy looking business phone.

  4. dr.arun says:

    2 months ago i read a rumor somewhere that latest lumia is so much ractangle that it can stand on its side justifies that statement.

  5. efekt says:

    I say fake :)

  6. KF says:

    not good, it looks thick. hope it’s fake

    • Muerte says:

      Well, if you look at the scale grid, it implies that the phone is not that thick (if it exists in the first place).

      It is not even half of the 15 mm grid. I don’t think that is too thick. Galaxy SIII is 8.6 mm.

  7. stipe1906 says:

    It is fake . Zoom at the Nokia logo . You can see the black lines around the logo . You can’t have it on a real device .

  8. Sonny says:

    Dont know if some of you remembered last time before the 808 release there was a pic showing a n9/800 cover but with a huge camera opening.

    Can nokia actually make a n9 body with a 808 cam at the back? I mean they had some time to figure something out

    Anyway I would still buy a Nokia WP8 device with the same 808 body and 41mp camera

  9. poiman says:

    Fake but should be real!

  10. torcida says:

    whatever = ugly!!!!!!!

  11. dss says:

    Its a good render, but its not real.

    Now what if someone actually saw the device, and made this based on what they saw ?

  12. rustyknight17 says:

    Not to mention there`s no indication of WP in the pic . Maybe the Asha 509 or the 805 or 901 Belle perhaps ?

  13. StefanP says:

    It’s not beautiful and not Nokia-like. But it might be very functional and certainly has a distinctive appearance. Looks like having big stereo speakers, which is good for music and hands-free phone calls as well. Soap like rounded shapes feel nice in the hand, but can slip easily as well. So I think a more bold squarish form might be easier to handle, to find the buttons and allows speakers at the side.
    It might be a fake, but I wouldn’t reject it straight away before knowing more, if it would be real.

  14. K says:

    I want the Nokia flagship device like this

    design lumia 900 alike or bit modification like curved screen, bigger screen 4.7inch.

    A replaceable battery will be good.
    Quad core,
    2GB ram
    expandable memory

  15. migo says:

    I like the speakers on the side. That reminds me of the N95.

  16. shashi_N8/N9 says:

    hi, i like this design, not look like iphone,samsung or other phones.that call nokia design. on the top maybe finger scan for security purpose.admit the changes, why all want the phone with curve design, any problem with fine square phone.

  17. Vatsal says:

    Its a finger print scanner at the top, thats what i think. !!! :)

  18. Sreeni Ra says:


  19. Joseph says:

    One word ~ argly.

  20. Joseph says:

    One word ~ agly.

  21. Sefriol says:

    Tbh, it looks quite neat. Not a lot empty space at the top nor on the sides.
    But the photo itself seems not to be real. It looks like good photoshop picture if you look at the screen and the materials. They are too “clean” and “perfect”.

  22. burak says:

    looks like b&o

  23. Binarii says:

    New photos and some additional specifications here:

  24. Marvin says:

    Just dreaming

    Sensor arrangement seems a bit familiar?

    Could sport something like this…!

    Just dreaming…

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