My Dream Nokia #65: 7610 esque WP8 Nokia Lumia concept

| August 28, 2012 | 31 Replies


This is My Dream Nokia #65, by Edgar Mkrtchyan of course. At first glance it looks like a cross between Lumia and iPhone, what with the coloured tops on a rectangular phone with rounded corners. But this is an illusion at this angle.

Looking below, you can see the face is not symmetrical.  It’s a reverse Nokia 7610, pointy (ish) at one diagonal corner and curvy at the other.

The specs are mentioned in this post. 4.5″ AMOLED XWVGA, Dual Core 1.6GHz, 12mp, 2500mAh battery.


But looking at the side photos, for some reason it looks scalloped/warped – tapering to one side. The next picture explains why.

That’s because the thicker part houses the camera with xenon. It’s a very interesting take to the camera bulge.


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  • Glenn

    Had to say it but does anyone else think the shape looks like an iphone? Its the first thing i see looking at it

    • albo

      Probably it’s god idea for you to visit psyciatrist…

      • torcida

        +1 🙂

      • Ritesh

        +$ 1.05 Billion 😛

      • he/she has to visit an eye doctor to check if still he/she has a 20/20 vision..

        • sant

          It is called Iphonumenia.

          Every thing seems like iphone and only iphone seems to these people.

          Consultant Eye Specialist

    • Vikas Patidar

      If you think it looks like a rectangular slab.

    • It looks more like the Nokia 7610

  • Zephyr

    Wow, This is awesome. I’d love to have one, Nokia should take this design into consideration

  • Zephyr

    Common’ dude its a unique asymmetrical design with varying thickness, how can you say that it looks like iphone? But there will be no wonder if apple claims for its patent if this phone is made by nokia….:P

  • DKM

    Very interesting concept especially dealing with the camera bulge.

  • Aliqudsi

    Love the camera placement.

  • mawire

    Wow this is beautiful.

  • Chris

    I don’t think this design looks particularly good, but the way it curves up to the camera hump is nice. It impressed me in how it seems to be designed for use in landscape mode, or in other words for a lot of media consumption and typing.

    Could make for a decent Lumia “teenie version”!

  • albo

    it’s like childish leego toys!

  • I really really really like this. Unique and smart.


    it’s different for sure, some smart design ideas, but i don’t like it,

  • lemme ask u, jst 1 question bro. What’s d brand your mobile phone? ? . . . .i want to know

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      I already had nokia n70, n81 8GB, now I have Nokia N8, but I’m gonna leave it at the end of the year for WP8 (Nokia also)

  • sandy

    no one puts camera on leftside

  • Grendell

    It’s and attractive good design. And might actually be a better alternative to the camera hump.

  • Ritesh

    he really had a nice way to hide the camera bulge.. will definitely help by increasing the battery capacity

  • twig

    I like how it fits in the hand with the thicker part towards the space by thumb and the curved part matching your holding fingers.

  • Tech

    beautiful and sexy absoulutely
    Nokia please make it 😀

  • DarkStar

    Beautiful design, but having the hump on one side lie that would mean it’s only ergonomic when held in the left hand, not much good for those of us who hold their mobiles in their right hand!

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      indeed it is the only drawback, it would take 2 versions of phones, for left and right-handed 🙂

  • Sonny

    Just one question. Has nokia ever used one of these my dream nokia’s? Or have they actually commented on anyone’s dream nokia?

    Would be cool if nokia actually looked at these designs and actually got in touch with some of the people who make these great designs

  • poiman


  • mushfiq

    this is stunning, i want one , rit now……..

  • Sun_seeker

    This is absolutely brilliant. I love it. Yellow one looks bad ass. Nokia Fabula design language is not only way to go.