Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone – calls ATIV a ‘warm up act’ for the main event Lumia WP8 next week. New camera phone?

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Did you guys know that Samsung had unveilled another iPhone looking device in the shape of a new Windows Phone, and the first Windows Phone 8 officially launched (though Nokia’s was the first WP8 to be seen – proto). [BTW, no not because it is simply a rectangle with rounded corners. But because of the dimensions, the proportions, the materials, the trim, button layout etc. It’s like the SG Ace for goodness sake).

I thought it felt a little bit like a slap in the face – that Nokia wasn’t first. Having said that, there wasn’t and isn’t much hoohah or excitement about it. A lot have been expressing surprise for one even being launched.

Nokia seem to be taking it well and are using it to welcome Samsung BACK to Windows Phone, an OS they might treat with more respect now that Apple is gunning for iDroidcopymachines (have you seen HTC’s iMac clone?)

Doug Dawson at Nokia tweeted the above picture:

#Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone! Look for #Lumia next week in NYC!

Don’t worry. Nokia knows what they have to do and a more assertive tweet from Doug previous to that one attempts to reassure another worried ‘Nokia fan’ by calling Samsung’s WP8 a warm up act.

Something else that’s interesting. Maggie can’t go to the event next week as she’s getting married. Doug offers her a camera phone if she needs one. Is this the 808 he’s referring to? But he has a sly wink that to me represents wanting to let a big secret out? Or I may be just overly hoping :p.

…Eldar approves :p


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