Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone – calls ATIV a ‘warm up act’ for the main event Lumia WP8 next week. New camera phone?

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Did you guys know that Samsung had unveilled another iPhone looking device in the shape of a new Windows Phone, and the first Windows Phone 8 officially launched (though Nokia’s was the first WP8 to be seen – proto). [BTW, no not because it is simply a rectangle with rounded corners. But because of the dimensions, the proportions, the materials, the trim, button layout etc. It’s like the SG Ace for goodness sake).

I thought it felt a little bit like a slap in the face – that Nokia wasn’t first. Having said that, there wasn’t and isn’t much hoohah or excitement about it. A lot have been expressing surprise for one even being launched.

Nokia seem to be taking it well and are using it to welcome Samsung BACK to Windows Phone, an OS they might treat with more respect now that Apple is gunning for iDroidcopymachines (have you seen HTC’s iMac clone?)

Doug Dawson at Nokia tweeted the above picture:

#Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone! Look for #Lumia next week in NYC!

Don’t worry. Nokia knows what they have to do and a more assertive tweet from Doug previous to that one attempts to reassure another worried ‘Nokia fan’ by calling Samsung’s WP8 a warm up act.

Something else that’s interesting. Maggie can’t go to the event next week as she’s getting married. Doug offers her a camera phone if she needs one. Is this the 808 he’s referring to? But he has a sly wink that to me represents wanting to let a big secret out? Or I may be just overly hoping :p.

…Eldar approves :p

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  1. Tech says:

    Hmm can’t wait for the next Lumia
    yeah samsung ATIV-S maybe looks elegant with brushed metal on back cover but it’s still like iPhone wanna be sorry to say
    Fortunately Microsoft and Apple has Cross License Patent so Apple’ll not sue

    • Nrde says:

      “Fortunately Microsoft and Apple has Cross License Patent so Apple’ll not sue”

      Why? Does WP actually mean the phone is safe from patent court?

      I really much doubt Apple-MS cross licensing is universal. Meaning it can’t be expanded to design of the hardware for example.

      • migo says:

        Yep, MS has a cross-licensing agreement with Apple, and if you pay for a WP license you buy into that cross-licensing agreement.

        The only thing that might be an issue is trade dress, but it’s hearkening back more towards the 3G(S) look from the back rather than the 4(S) look.

  2. Law says:

    I have to admit, I’m an s2 user, I will gladly go back to Nokia if they beat all my expectations. Also I’m pretty impressed with the Ativ s, Samsung finally has a camera button on it lol. I also think it looks much better than the s3 galaxy. Can’t wait for sept 5, if Nokia r saying its a warm up!, then they must have a quad core preview w8 device up their sleeve!?

  3. pureviewfan says:

    hardware spec war for 2012 nokia?

  4. Webby says:

    I don’t think it looks anything like an iPhone. Other than the rounded corners but they hardly count.

    It’s HUGE for a start. Also made out of cheap feeling plastic (if previous phone plastics are anything to go by), it’s thinner (and Apple hardly have a monopoly over thin phones) only the volume buttons (different design) and home button are in the same place right? Oh and the headphone jack.

    As for Pureview, PLZ B TRU! I was all set to wait till march for my new phone but may not have to now. Still, it’s likely to be some sort of Pureview lite if anything.

    • migo says:

      Sure it does, rounded corners, rectangle, symmetrical design both horizontally and vertically, otherwise non-descript. Of course that’s such a bloody obvious design that there’s no way Apple should be allowed to get any sort of trade dress protection of it, but they do, so….

  5. dss says:

    I expect off the shelf components (including the camera), so there is no way it can be any better than the Samsung spec wise, slightly better design(relative), couple of apps.. that’s about it.

    • n8thegreat says:

      LOL just like the 808 is “off the shelf” right … right? … WRONG.

      Nokia can EASILY have custom camera hardware components on upcoming devices, just like the 808 has custom-designed components no other competitors have access to.

  6. Pegasus says:

    Nokia MUST OFFER NOTHING LESS. But the Best. Hardware you are KING.

  7. stephen ahonen says:

    Nokia is in danger :

    - samsung ATIV is dangerous opponent to lumias, samsung has better expertise in semiconductor & display, nokia has edge in camera & maps, the fight between them will be heavy, IMO nokia & samsung will share 30-35 % each of WP8 marketshare

    - I don’t know about WP8 hardware minimum spec, no official information, but it supposed to be high (a.k.a. high price), by abandoning symbian, nokia let android rules low-mid end market (android ICS can run on 320×480 display res, with 800 MHz processor, see xperia miro)

    • dss says:

      Nah.. its all good, its better for the “eco” system! Even if Samsung sells more phones than Nokia, you will see the CEO come out and congratulate them.. because the “eco” system is all there is.

    • Bloob says:

      - As far as I know, minimum specs (CPU&GPU -wise) are actually lower for WP8.

    • n8thegreat says:

      Are you an Android/Google/Samsung troll? Because you sure sound like one.

      Asha, the future of the S40 platform, will smoke Android at the extreme low end. The Asha 305 is available for only 50 Euro, less in some places. Android simply cannot compete at such a low price level. It’s just not possible.

      On and yes Android ICS can run on the hardware you mentioned … and by “run” in reality it means a slow, laggy experience where not all apps will work. Nokia’s Asha 305 and 311 actually are not as laggy as expected, and Nokia has huge expertise in bandwidth-efficient browsers and map apps. Android browsing and map apps are very data hungry in comparison, which on low end phones that only have 10-14 mbps 3G speeds, it takes ages to load things.

      On the Asha phones Nokia is using Opera Mini-style compression to make pages load fast, and Nokia map apps are the best in the business. The map apps work well even on the low end Ashas that don’t have GPS.

      Apple is moving away from relying on Samsung as a major component manufacturer. Also some Taiwanese and Japanese electronic companies are joining together to fight Samsung’s dominance in the display and semiconductor manufacturing market, and Apple is helping some of those companies, as those companies are now set to be suppliers for upcoming Apple products. Toshiba and Hynix are expanding memory production as Apple will source more memory from them, and Sharp is massively expanding their screen manufacturing capabilities, as Sharp is said to be the major supplier for iPhone 5 screens.

      Samsung’s resources are spread too thin. Android, WP, and their stupid Tizen. Samsung’s resources are also spread thin as they make a million silly variants of each model, and they flood the market with huge volumes of their cheap phones. Nokia in comparison is only focusing now on S40 and WP. Nokia is not making a million variants of each model; Nokia is making a balance of different models/useful variants and is providing quality devices for the market, whether low end or high end.

      I don’t know why I even replied to this, as there is no point arguing with trolls.

    • Weirdfisher says:

      1. Samsung can’t use their own Exynos CPU for windows phone but only snapdragons. So there won’t be much differences

      2. IMO in the same ecosystem, people tend to choose Nokia

      3. Yes mid-low end is the weakest part for Nokia’s current strategy

      • Bloob says:

        Some time ago Nokia they offered 610 for 150€ in Germany, while the 311 was close to 120€, so there isn’t that big of a gap there ( although no idea if that 150€ is sustainable ).

    • vidar says:

      Nokias Clear black displays makes for one of the best screens if the resolution is right ;)

  8. Tech says:

    i think the lumia series will sell more than samsung Ativ-s, no matter if it’s has alumunium or glasses cover
    the people in this world are already got brand minded thats WP = Lumia
    Lumia = WP
    now Lumia adds in every where lol
    samsung’ll still focus on Android Market on this years cuz they got much profit from it

  9. gordonH says:

    Samsung are the wise guys here. They made money focusing on the Android OS till a proper WP8 was ready. Everyone knew that WP7 was WinCE based and a wrong OS to focus on.

  10. Sanprime says:

    I think we are all in for a surprise on 5th. . . Just like a surprise we had from nokia at mwc. Cant wait. . .

  11. Bloob says:

    The Ativ looks like a very solid contender ( although I do wonder about connectivity, seeing how even Nokia had problems with aluminium and antennas ). After this hyping up, I hope Nokia can pull through.

  12. JD! says:

    Nokia will announce “Elop is fired”…

    Now thats a surprising news!!!

  13. Chris says:

    I LOVE the bravado that’s been flying around the mobile space these past few days. It’s going to be a great Q3/Q4!

    As for Sammie “stealing Nokia’s thunder”, I think Nokia can still “beat” the Ativ line-up with camera technology and yes, design that won’t be the material for a lawsuit. Sammie’s announcement is somehow lacking oomph in my opinion, and to be honest I almost completely missed the Note II unveiling. Apple’s victory over Sammie might have taken some wind out of the sails of product announcements.

    Oh well, I can’t wait to see these gentlemen duke it out (Apple excluded from category “gentlemen”)!

  14. FranGlen says:

    i don’t get the obsession about android… i remember the time were we all judged the hype iPhone users.. so we bought a android device…

    but lets be honest… i just kicked my android into the desert.. and bought a lumia 710 for 100 quid… fast, stable .. just brilliant at this price tag… what do i get for 100 quid on android? some laggy, underpowered thing.. eg san francisco 2 from orange.. sure i can root it.. get cyanogenmod 9 on it… overclock it to 1 ghz .. but really? so damn slow… battery draining.. unstable.. and so on…

    no, nokia just hits the cake .. and bet early enough on the right horse with microsoft.

    i am not worried about samsung, lg and htc.. because, the only thing they do to fix problems.. is to throw a new device on the market..

  15. steelicon says:

    Samsung officials also revealed that the company planned to more closely partner with Microsoft to reduce its dependence on Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices.

    Microsoft’s got a new #1 to replace the old #1.

  16. Aaron says:

    Dont Worry Peeps! i felt bad that Nokia wasnt 1st…at first. but then again, you have to save the BEST for Last!!!!!!

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