Is the Lumia Phi Packing a 21MP Pureview Lite?

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The folks over at WPCentral have been doing some research into the “Things are about to change video” Nokia posted last night, as alot of you pointed out in the comments the video is 21 seconds long, it could be nothing but when digging for clues nothing is a coincidence.

So take a look at the details of the video, it’s 21 seconds long, plays in 720p, and doesn’t look to be shot with a professional camera. On the other hand the video is a tad bit blurry (out of focus), but you can tell that the person filming is also riding a bicycle meaning this camera has some crazy video stabilization. WPCentral also points out that the video is surprisingly clear for someone who’s filming towards the sun (usually objects back-lit by the sun appear black or at the very least darker than usual). This all might sound a little crazy but don’t forget what Nokia teased the week of the 808’s launch:

The oversampling zoom

And how can we forget the PureView teaser:

The second piece of evidence that supports the 21MP theory is in the name itself, Phi is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, and is related to something called “the Golden Ratio” which apparently is somehow related (don’t as how, I didn’t understand a word of that wikipedia page).

And of course there’s this tweet from the official Nokia Twitter telling us to keep our eyes open for a Pureview in the coming weeks:

Also on an un-pureview note, it would seem Nokia all but confirmed a Yellow Lumia coming (not just from the leaked Arrow) but from adding a Yellow PlayUP speaker to the official line-up wher-as the predecessor only had 3 colors. If we can follow that line of logic we could expect the Lumia Phi and the Arrow to Launch in 4 colors. Also expect NFC Communication 100% in the upcoming devices, as the PlayTo are NFC enabled as well. However I was surprised that Nokia announced these and didn’t wait 5 more days to add it to the Nokia world announcement, kinda weird huh?

Nokia and JBL's PlayUp NFCequipped Bluetooth speaker wants to pair up with your Lumia

Well the evidence seems to be adding up, and I desperately want this to be true so I may be ignoring some facts (like how the 808s teaser was only 22 seconds long and not 41) but hey let us have our fun! So what do you guys think?



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