Exclusive: Leaked Images of RM-581 “Columbus” Harmattan Prototype – N8-esque from 2009

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I was just sent this in, and the email is already dead. So the info is limited. What we have is a Protoype, supposedly from 2009, that ran Maemo6, more commonly known as MeeGo-Harmattan. Remember the post I wrote about the various prototypes in production? Well this is the Prototype I was told styled off N8, however, if this was from 2009, I believe the N8 was styled off this!

It is interesting to note the device branding shows the intention on making this a landscape oriented device. I don’t want to dwell on the fact that if Harmattan was on devices in 2009, the game may be different. I will point out, that from what I had seen of Harmattan concepts before N9 release, the UI and UX was quite different.

You can clearly see the NSeries branding, so this may have been the original N8. Looking at the camera lens beneath the “og”, it says AF 12MP. It is safe to assume it had the same Camera Module as the N8. 12MP in 2009! It was crazy in 2010, and if it were on the market a whole year earlier, I don’t think the mobile industry would be the same as today. Plus, it ran Harmattan! A bloody advanced mobile OS today (even without Swipe), let alone back then. I could easily go on about that for hours, but I wont.

Continuing with the earlier idea of landscape use, you can see there is an interesting take on a kickstand, that seems to integrate, at least in my opinion, very well with the design on the phone. Keep in mind, the N900 launched in 2009, so it isn’t too hard to see the influence, whether the N900 influenced this, or was influenced by, is anyone’s guess. Also, is it just me, or does that FFC sensor look big?

The last two images I have are of the device’s side. Above you can see the sim card slot. For some reason, the bottom housing on the device has been removed. It is more intriguing to me, as it it makes you ask why? What was special? In the image below, you can see the other side profile. It shows off the volume rocker, dedicated camera key, and the top looks like a power/lock button of some kind.

So there you have it, first pictures of the RM-581 Columbus. The reason it was cancelled, according to my email, was that Harmattan was finished yet.

What do you guys think?



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