MNB Reader Generated: Can Nokia and WP turn the tables tomorrow?

| September 4, 2012 | 50 Replies

This article was sent in by Aabir Jawaid from Pakistan.  For 12 years since the age of 10 he’s been using Nokia phones. In this post, he sums up tomorrow’s make or break moment for Nokia.


Nokia and Microsoft are loading up for their best shot for tomorrow’s big day to re enter the market once again.

God forbid, if new Lumia phones do not appeal to consumers when they are unveiled tomorrow, it could mean the end for Nokia? Or Nokia has some back up still left if WP8 fails?

“This is very high stakes,” said Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley. “Nokia bet everything on Windows, and if this doesn’t succeed the next step might be having to do what’s best for shareholders, and that might include selling off key assets or selling the whole company.”

Nokia is rumored to launch two new Lumia phones on September 5, on the same day that phone maker Motorola, now owned by Google, also unveils a new product. Which shouldn’t be a worryfull situation for the Finns.


The launch of the two Lumias will go up against the iPhone, and is expected to feature a larger, brighter screen; a powerful camera on both sides; Qualcomm Inc dual-core chips; Skype calling; voice recognition; short-range radio technology for wireless payments and built-in maps for navigation.

But will Lumia will need something completely different to beat the iPhone and Android? Nokia is already teasing a lot, building enough hype for the consumers.

One thing Elop has in his ammunition bag is support from big US mobile service providers who want to see Windows become a strong smartphone platform.

Top U.S. wireless providers Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA have all said they will support Windows Phone 8, and AT&T Inc said it will sell Nokia phones based on the Microsoft software.

“Everybody’s liking what they see coming from Microsoft with the Windows 8 (mobile) platform from the user experience perspective and the integration perspective,” said Bill Versen, a Verizon Wireless executive who works with business customers on their smartphone strategies.

Leave in your comments if you think WP8 will turn the tables.


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  • Cod3rror


    Nokia is finished, tomorrow they’ll unveil their next failures after that Apple will announce the iPhone event and no one will remember Nokia, even Nokia, they’ll all tune in and watch Apple unveil the next masterpiece.

    • SLAYER

      The iPhone 4S S ?

      • twig

        Looks like Cod already forgot, Apple missed.

        • sunnyvale

          I find it really funny how everyone falls for cod3rror’s shenanigans, when he/she:

          1. Has been a long time MNB reader and commenter

          2. Is an old school Nokian, and has a small collection of Nokia phones.

          3. While limited for his/her behavior, had done credited tips like one or two times.

          4. Pretty much the rest of the time (when Nokia is quiet and there are no new products) he has been seen commenting on a normal way, without trolling.

          5. He loves to wander around here and has praised Jay and the others for their work on this blog.

          6. Yes, he likes to go around in different forums and other sites like GSMArena and Engadget for his trolling fun time.

          7. Most of his trolling is really obvious, which you can clearly see it is done to upset others.

          8. Sometimes, he has contributed with thoughtful comments and criticism, but the rest is just for fun.

          9. Lastly he probably “gets off” by looking some of you get angry, because he clearly knows there are some passionate and avid Nokians here. In the end, he’s just another Nokia fan that likes to make fun of other nokians.

          Solution? Well, see his comment, and carry on, nothing to see here. It’s just his way of having his giggles.

    • dzibo

      next masterpiece !? you must be joking…

      • Peter L

        He’s just a bitter moron.

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      u do realize your username has become synonym to troll right?

    • “…and no one will remember Nokia,”

      failure or not, i will remember nokia.. LOL!

      • Robin

        Yes, I also remember and also worldwide as the company that screwed itself

    • Cor72z

      I remember you from the M-R forum. Too bad you’re still a trolling kid. 🙂

    • Jill

      I think you are at the wrong place.

    • M

      Something tells me that its going to be called the new iPhone only. They’re trying to put it more in line with what they do with the MBP, MBA, and now the iPad. Though if they take a play out of Samsung’s playbook, it’ll probably be called the iPhone 4S XL 4G LTE.

      I wonder if there is only one Cod3rror or if he’s spawned little groupies who enjoy trolling too. It’s seems to have infested The Verge among other sites. Though at times lately, it has reasonable constructive criticism but I guess its hard to stay away from one’s roots for too long.

    • Masood

      The good times are coming back to nokia .I just hope microsoft & nokia release a phone called the Xphone.Only then normal public will look away from the Iphone.Lumia is a nice name but for a normal person but they wont know what it is only when you tell them.The Iphone is the best name for a mobile phone device.I know sum pple that thinks the iphone 3 is better than the samsung s3 lol. Apple have done a amazing job in brain washing ppl………….Still alot of work to do nokia,name a phone the Xphone then you will see it sells!

    • Deep Space Bar


    • wrong blog to be a apple fanboy dude…

  • just wait n see tomorrow.

  • pureviewfan

    no pureview better than the one in 808, no interest!!!

    wireless charging is shit
    ovi maps improvement is also shit
    the new leaked design is shit

    after that waiting for jolla phone and iphone5

    • twig

      iphone 5 camera shit.

      • Bloob

        jolla camera also shit ( not that I might not still get one )

    • & your comment is also shit??

    • PureView is great but Wireless charging isn’t shit. Have you tried it? It’s brilliant actually.

      Ovi maps? What’s that?

      Wait tomorrow to see what the launched phones look like.

      • Robin

        I think tomorrow nokia will be a firecracker sounded very strong but will not cause any damage .

      • Deep Space Bar

        dude wireless charging is a wasted of money….it doesn’t quick charge plus there is no dock…..Nokia failed

  • twig

    There is also another Nokia/Microsoft press meeting, as I recall, for collaboration later this month.

  • Jesse

    I think they will release a very compelling product for sure. Nokia needs a homerun in the market though, they need to sell a great product, not just make one.

  • manu

    nokia’s problem with the past few years was that they didnt have a proper smartphone which can stand up against competition.
    If they can deliver a good product tommarow,it wont turn any table but it will be start.
    But there are lot of problems nokia has to deal with on wake of death of symbian and wp7.x nokia’s low-midrange smartphone sales will be in question.another dumb strategy of using series 40 to compete against low end droids,also will be failure in no time,
    Any way i wish best of luck for nokia.

  • Francis

    Hopefully not announced tomorrow, available at least 4 months later !

  • Bloob

    A bit too much doom & gloom, black & white and general dramatization going on.

    Pretty sure Nokia needs to increase their Lumia sales by about 70% for smartphones to be profitable. I don’t think that is somehow too difficult for them, even if their offerings didn’t differ much from other WP phones. It is also unclear how Nokia profits for their maps, or how good or bad NSN is doing.

    • viktor von d.

      people seem to forget that nokia is still the 2nd largest phone manufacturer in the world,and the 3rd smartphone manufacturer. that it sits on a pile of patents that the industry needs,and that it has assets like design,build quality,camera tehnology, sw expertise and a whole other stuff. it’s not going to fail even if wp8 will prove a disaster and they will have another bad year. nokia is simply to big and too important to fall. if motorola didn’t fall all these years, if sony ericsson didn’t fall,if lg phones didn’t fall,neither is nokia

      • Deep Space Bar

        that doesn’t mean shit if they can’t get their ass together and compensate for all the symbian and Meego users they pissed off

  • KS

    Wow, this year could be the best year yet for mobile industry. So much innovation coming in and we are yet to see what apple, jolla, rim, etc. will bring to the table. Jolla might be the one stealing the show at the end. Just have a feeling it could.

  • Mike

    No. Nokia is in deep shit thanks to Windows Phone, even Windows Phone 8 won’t help. It’s sad.

    • Harangue

      Mha, yes sticking the course would have certainly brought them glory. /s

      Plain and simple, the ‘failure’ or lack of succes with WP is visible now. All other strategies Nokia could have taken can only be speculated upon. Speculating they would have been a succes is easy, however, looking at the market today and Nokia’s trackrecord of the past few years and what they had planned for the future I’m hardpressed to say they would have been more succesfull with another stategy.

      I’d like to see Nokia survive and succeed, and is it is now it will have to be with WP. If not, it will be a shame.

      • yasu

        Plain and simple, the ‘failure’ or lack of succes with WP is visible now. All other strategies Nokia could have taken can only be speculated upon.
        How about this as a strategy : try to sell Nokia’s phones instead of trying at all costs to prop up Elop’s mentor’s platform?

        I know, I know, it’s less sexi than pontificate about ecosystems.

  • Doffen

    The four US carriers is supporting the new phones is bound to mean that the customers are screwed. Not that this necessarily is a big drawback from the point of view of Nokia and MS.

  • Luisito

    Will Nokia die??? not, not in the near time.
    Will Nokia be # 1 again??? No, they won’t.
    Can Nokia be here for a long time??? Yes, they can build a bussines around Windows Phone 8 (The today SmartPhone is an end point terminal, and WP is good in that).

    One thing about S40, I was looking the pics where there were shown new Nokia handsets with a WPesque Homescreen, and suddenly I can see why Elop and pal Killed Meltemi (Which was according to the leaked info a 1 to 1 port of the SWIPE UI), Nokia is just trying to homogenized the whole UI aroudn WP… Because SWIPE can be a big treat to WP devices, just imagine IF people fall in love with the now dead Meltemi devices and start to requestin it on high end devices…

    • dss/coderror/

      yes it’s a conspiracy. of course,elop has got everybody fooled. he locked everyone in the basement and now runs the whole show. if only the rest of nokia board and staff would know what elopd did by himself to meltemi and how he is trying to kill everything that is centered on linux.i am sure they would stop him. but they can’t, cause they are held captive in dungeons by microsoft and blackmailed.
      we shall have our vengeance on nokia and on m$ for killing meltemi and meego and not wanting to use swipe ui

      • Luisito

        Not, It’s just the whole show is build around Windows Phone UI (Now called Moder UI, Metro is die)… So why launch and OS that will have a UI paradigm competing with another specially when the two are appealling… Everybody see my N9 fall in love, even the only Windows Lover I know…

        PD.: If you really don’t wanna see this kind of comments, you should go to another site, or like I do, when I see a name I skip it

  • dss/coderror/

    nokia sucks now. nokia is gonna fail. i won’t buy nokia anymore. all i am waiting for is jolla and the new iphone. last great phones by nokia were the n9 and the 808 pureview. you all know it but you beleieve that m$ schill janne who is paid directly by elop to lick his ass.
    i hate nokia for dropping meego and symbian. nokia has nothing for me now. just boring tiles and stupid colors. they are just another oem.
    but even if nokia has nothing for me anymore i will just sit here and troll this blog. and wine just as i did for the last year and a half. i will come here everyday, on every article posted and keep repeating the same shit, over and over. i know my opinions matter and that they will be listened by the guys in charge. in fact i know for sure that nokia will sack elop just because i am doing all this work on the internet. i am a true nokia fan. not like you posers. i don’t suport nokia entirely, but only the nokia that uses linux sistems and symbian. that is the true nokia.


    • yasu

      My first fan. I’m so moved, I’m almost in tears.

      • dss/coderror/

        screw you. the only persons that deserves to have fans in all things nokia related is tomi ahonen. he is a god. he sw all the bullshit and is gighting against it. screw elop and nokia. jola here i come

        • yasu


          screw you

          Quick tempered, are we?

    • manu

      thats cool.btw why dont you organise a protest rally to nokia hq,to sack elop that will be more effective than posting sh!t on this fanblog.

  • tired

    Giving up on potentially billions for potentially millions of users… Smart savvy business acumen elop. No doubt the sheep will coo and kaw about wp, but crunch time comes and most of the sheep wait in line for an iphoney. Sadly just another death spasm.

  • jcar302

    I really hope the verge rumors are not true, and this isn’t an 8mp pureview phone.

    If you are going to wow people in the US, the camera needs to sound great and work great.
    Some americans buy based on facts, some on perception.
    That’s why people are into dual cores, not that they really do much for the average user, but the perception is that bigger is better.

    So, this better be a 21mp camera or larger.
    If it is, i’ll gladly sell off my lumia 900 and upgrade, if it isn’t, what would be the point of upgrading?

    • klawwaryoshi

      well the only point of upgrading could be the new OS WP8, which has only little in common with windows phone 7. (at least from the inside)

      I think Nokia is going through a hard time now. I do not believe that they are going to WoW everybody tomorrow. And if the adoption of windows 8 is good, their plan could function and the adoption of windows phone would also rise. – but testing the final version of windows 8 (dreamspark), i really doubt the success of the next windows (to my opinion most users will stick to windows 7 (like in the vista-time)) – i really have doubts about nokia’s future.
      Don’t understand me wrong i have been always a big fan of nokia’s phone and used them all my life except my actual phone. And i really wish them to become successful and profitable again.

      BUT i don’t see windows phone to be successful…
      maybe i am wrong. i hope i am.

  • Rahms

    No offense to the person that wrote this post and excuse me if someone has already made this point, i’m too tired to read everyones comments.

    I think we’re missing the bigger picture here!

    People want APPS!!

    Thats the one and only thing that iPhone has over its competitors, regular people don’t care about the specs all that much really (maybe just a little for bragging rights). That’s who Nokia need to appeal to the regular people.

    All the tech folks will always appreciate Nokia’s innovations and technical breakthroughs be we don’t make up most of the consumer population. WP is a great alternative to iOS but thats not enough it needs the apps to go with it.

    I had a friend that bought the L800 even before ME! and I was ecstatic a friend of mine that had bought into Nokia, and he was loving it for awhile but a couple months down the line, I heard he sold his L800 for iPhone 4 (not 4S) just because he couldn’t get Instagram and didn’t have a versatile twitter client like Echofon. He sold his shiny new phone for a 2 year old iPhone, and you know what I don’t blame him as Nokia supporters we always have to compromise or pretend we don’t want or need the latest new app craze (temple run, words with friends, draw something etc etc).

    I try to explain to friends (those that care to listen) that its not the phone thats the problem, the phone is capable of supporting these apps, its the app developer not make it for the WP platform. Instagram is the new craze its a new social media platform and we don’t have an official app yet!! We have InstaCam but you can’t post pictures!! (Imagine me explaining that to my IPhone friends).

    MS need to make it appealing to make apps for WP immediately or fund app developers to have a WP division, because everyday we lack having the lastest apps is a day we lose people that really wanted something different but wanted certain apps.

    What does a Lumia handset have over a iPhone or S3 to the average person other than just being different? Nothing

    p.s PureView won’t cut it lol maybe if your could post PureView pics to Instagram we would be #Winning lol

    please excuse the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

    • Bloob

      WP8 opens up more possibilities for app developers ( like native code ), and code compatibility with WinRT/Win8. I’d expect the app market grow quite quickly starting November/December, it is already growing at a healthy pace.

  • todays success is not general.It is only for rich persons.No matter design of nokia wp phones but what and when it come to general peoples as android comes today with great technology. i think in 2014..

  • Aabir Jawaid

    I think Lumia 920 did a great job over all…..