Video and Pics: Preparing for Nokia World with Omni Beanbags from Sumo Lounge (filmed Nokia 808 PureView)

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Name that Nokia.

Last year at Nokia World 2011, they had giant bean bags near the entrance for people to sit, lay down and chillax on. I really enjoyed lounging around with Iain, Ed and Danny whilst we blogged about the days event. With Nokia World happening tomorrow and the Nokia bloggers gathering not happening, I thought I’d recreate it with some bean bags :).


I’ve got a bean bag at my house already but this particular one we’re looking at today is from Sumo Lounge and it’s called the Omni. You can find that here:


We’ve taken some pictures and recorded a video using the Nokia 808 PureView. It’s all in automatic PureView mode with mainly natural light coming from the window (with some sun/clouds outside). Another bonus of PureView mode is that the pics can actually fit here. :p. The 38mp shots can only fit in Flickr.

Tons of filling.

I chose white as it matched my desk, but perhaps a different choice would have been better as it might stain. Also with the white, the beads are really visible. The material looks and feels strong despite it making sounds like its ripping when you sit on it. To be fair, we were recommended the red one. And red seems to be the new colour for Nokia this season.

It’s situations like these I wish the 808 had an external flash with a swivel head. Much like speedlights on a DSLR. Not so much to provide light but to modify the direction and colour by bouncing off walls and such. All of the direct flash we took today were a bit too harsh for what we wanted (though perfect for nights out. Hopefully we can see this with the 808 when Uni starts).

These giant bean bags are pretty awesome. You can use them as chairs, sofa, beds etc. They mould around you, either your bum or your back or your front as you lay on them and support you. I’ve found it pretty useful for my dodgy back. This particular one from Omni is packed with way more bean bags than an alternative I picked up myself. I love these bean bags for reading or blogging whilst lying down as I can passively shove the beanbags towards my back and  angle my knees where my knees can hold the book or my laptop. The beans then fill up to the side and spontaneously mould as arm supports.


I like that they can also be used as a spare bed i

Being lightweight they’re easy enough to carry up and down stairs. A chair/sofa bed of this size IS definitely a pain to get up the stairs.

One of the poses we saw on the adverts for the bean bag was straddling it like a horse. Lol.

The rest of the family enjoys relaxing on it too (60D photo)

It’ll sit opposite my desk (these are the old desks I painted myself). Sorry for the mess. Two people can sit on it when on its side.

Here’s our set up for the video. That’s the tripod mount included in our swagbag. Lights were on for the video but it was really dim and mostly useless. The reason this photo looks bright because my 60D bounced its flash off the ceiling – again, another reason to want bounce flash/remote flash options for future Nokias.

We wanted to take some pics outside but the grass is still wet. Oh, this bean bag is also good for propping you up if you’re lying on your bed.

I’m gonna be keyboard on the ready bubbling with excitement on the SumoLounge Omni beanbag tomorrow as I’m tuned into

The more I’m using the 808, the more I’m getting frustrated with the camera controls. They’re improved over previous generations but still, some things take more taps than necessary. e.g. Switching something to macro. Sometimes it takes a few taps, sometimes it’s inconsistent and can be done more easily with long press.

Cropped 808 from MS Paint


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