Windows Phone overtakes RIM in USA

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WMPU reports that Windows Phone is making some progress and has displaced RIM’s BlackBerry in USA, Italy, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Brazil has as much as 14.9% of all current sales, with pretty majority if not all of those being Nokia Lumia.

In US, WP is down 0.1% from this time last year, but what is surprising that it’s up 0.3% from June and 1% from July – a very strange growth given the expected slow down of the WP8 announcement/new devices from competition. Given the focus on the US, ironically it’s the only place WP is down from this time last year. Imagine how much worse if there was no input from Nokia. Perhaps the small positive input here affected other countries? I’m only saying that as that has generally been the trend that things popular in the US become popular elsewhere.

Update: Apologies for that 0.1% down. As Janne pointed out Windows included W7/Windows Mobile from last year.

Here you can see Windows 7 from June and July 2011. In June and July 2011, WP in US was 1.7%. I cannot find August 2011. Is it possible that it could be 3.4% on it’s own or as the two Windows OS additions suggests, a combination (Windows, 1.7+1.0 for June, 1.7+0.7 for July). If anyone can find August 2011 please do share.

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Update 2: I was comparing box locations and not name.


June 2011: 1.8% WP 0.8% WM – 2.6% Windows

July 2011: 2.1% WP 1.2% WM – 3.3% Windows

June 2012: 3% WP 0.6% WM – 3.6% Windows

July 2012 2.3% WP 0.6% WM 2.9% Windows

August 2012: W 3.3% – possibly 0.6% WM again? That would make 2.7% still above RIM. But it doesn’t say whether this number includes WM. It could be 3.3% WP + 0.6% WM but there’s nothing indicating that either other than WMPU’s article:

In USA RIM now only has 1.5% market share, while Windows Phones capturing 3.3% of the market.

That WP8-reduction trend however is seen in Australia. It’s up 1.6% from last year but down 0.1% from June/July.

Italy seems to be really enjoying Windows Phone. 3.2% up from lat year, 4.1% up from June, 2.9% up from July. Continued upward growth from June, July to August.

Germany is 0.7% up from last year, 1.6% up from June and 2.4% up from July. This shows a dip in July but sudden strange bounce back for August.

Brazil has the biggest change, 10.3% up from last year. I haven’t got data from the previous two months, but I never thought I’d see something as high as 14.9% at this point in time other than in Finland.

Source: WMPU

Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!

BTW here is Finland. Note again this is Statcounter and is not representative of sales (like the data above) but of marketshare of all current devices extrapolated via browser results.

Windows Phone sales do continue to grow in Finland but at a reduced rate, possibly due to WP8 announcement or competition from new devices. Growth is important but also the pace/rate of growth. One should worry if this slows down so much (especially compared to how the rest of the market is doing) to the point we might see a reverse and decline in share.


Kantar’s results do corroborate Statcounter’s results for growth in UK. As seen here, 4.3% of current new sales lands only 1.51% of all devices in use.



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