Firefox updated to 15.0 and Home Screen Settings updated to 2.0 on N9?

| September 5, 2012 | 23 Replies

Raj shares some news that FireFox for the Nokia N9 has been updated to v15. Sounds about right given FireFox desktop was updated to v15 not too long ago and N9’s version is always soon after that.

Also, I’m not sure what this is but the homescreen has been updated to v2.0?

Have your received any updates?


Cheers Raj for the tip

Edit: Michael: Just putting my two cents in here guys. Home Screen Settings was updated to v2.0. I’ve shown you guys this app a few times. You will most likely get an error trying to update, as the developer has made the app now Paid. It is definitely worth supporting his great efforts, if not for the app, for the fact that he worked on the N9.

The update brings everything I mentioned from 1.6, but also 3D backgrounds. It is a really nice update!


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  • Jaydee

    Homescreen app.

    • Yes I got both updates. Homescreen Settings is an app that helps you customize your home screen on N9. It has now the options for changing the operator name of your device, added background animated wallpaper such as starfiled and 3D objects. It’s a great update. I tried to update firefox but it’s giving me errors though. I belive it’s because of slow connection in school wifi.

  • i got both updates available, but i receive error on HomeScreen update…

    • Mariusmssj

      Because you have to pay for it now

  • Fireslow

    Doesn’t really matter that FF is now on v15… fact is it’s still dog slow…

  • Ville

    Last week I asked from Gigantti megastore`s ( phone dealer, where are all the N9`s? He said that if Nokia would still want to sell them, they would sell like bread!! Then he said customers have been asking about Jolla phone(s) more than others combined!

    • jiipee

      Also a friend of mine who works for Gigantti said the same

  • Any one else suffering from the problem of skype contacts not showing up – I can’t seem to find a solution for it.

    • Rezza

      I’m not using Skype but on one Czech forum, people says it’s caused by the latest Skype on desktop. I can’t confirm it but it solved the problem for them.

  • Ergonpandilus

    Homescreen 2.0 is now commercial. ๐Ÿ™

  • Can’t see much difference on Firefox, except BBC iPlayer didn’t work. Said I needed to update flash player.
    And, still laggy.

  • Anthony

    Homescreen settings v2.0 is great with cool new features, its worth every cent.
    Firefox would be great, but on my N9 its slow like a 100 year old turtle.
    Still prefer stock browser on N9.

  • Tiago Silva

    The backgrounds on Home Screen Settings were too busy for my taste until Starfield on version 2.0. I used them mainly to show my friends “look at what the N9 can do!” and then turned them off, but now Starfield is always on.

    Reminds me of Windows 3.1!

    • The starfield is definitely amazing. Now I am finally using a background.

  • MO

    Home Screen update is failed, is it paid now?

  • albo

    I’m using older firefox v12 instead, the new update is pain slow ang lagy.
    The homescreen says it’s update ready and free, when i try to update error…need to pay, but still does not update even willing to bay it!

    • Shane

      The latest beta/aurora Fennec builds are waaaay better than v12.
      Having said that, I can’t wait for Snowshoe & Oleg’s native equivalent.

  • albo

    Oh why o why…delphine browser should be ported to meego or maxthon they are fast and compact desktop browser quality!

    • Shane

      Desktop browser != mobile browser.
      Plus they’re horrendous on the desktop.

  • Anthony

    if you update from free to paid version from homescreen settings, uninstall your current version first. Installation works better then.
    But in general store is very buggy these days, whenever there is an update shown it never works at first try.
    maybe this is only on N9 and they will force us to get a lumia phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Tiago Silva

      The disappearance of support for the N9 reflects on issues like these.

      • Shane

        Nokia Store issues have very little to do with the drop-off of N9 support, NS is just a dog, sadly.