Confirmed! Lumia 920 has Rich Recording! + Rant

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Rich-Recording is an amazing piece of software/Hardware that was introduced alongside the 808’s Pureview imaging, yet it’s sadly overlooked most of the time in favor of the Perfect Pixel. According to slashgear the Lumia 920 Does indeed carry the triple microphones that with a bit of magic form the Nokia guys make the amazing sound capture possible, however for some reason nokia decided not to mention this in the keynote or on their spec sheets.

Those “High Amplitude Audio Capture” microphones can record a significantly broader range of frequencies than standard microphones: up to 140 dB in fact, whereas traditional phone microphones top out at 110 dB

“To cope with high sound pressure levels, Nokia has developed together with microphone suppliers a new microphone concept (High Amplitude Audio Capture) that can capture high sound pressure levels with perceptually no distortion to the audio. It is capable of recording up to 140 dB and higher Sound Pressure Levels, while that commonly used digital microphones can only reach 120 dBSPL without heavy distortion. As high amplitude audio levels are tolerated, there is no need to limit the frequency response. Hence full audio bandwidth to match to human hearing capabilities can be provided when capturing with HAAC microphones” Nokia



Once again I wonder what on earth was going through Nokia mind when they decided NOT to mention this, not even in passing! It’s not that hard try it: “Oh BTW our amazing new phone can record up to 140 Decibels, that’s the sound of a jet engine during take0ff.. just thought you should know”.

Why are they not advertising the hell out of this? But then again that might be too much to ask from the people who mentioned Pureview in the device release and didn’t bother explaining the technology till after 20 agonizing minutes of listening to resizable tiles.

While we’re on the subject it’s rumored that Apple is releasing a music streaming service alongside it’s iPhone 5; if they do people will flock to it as if nothing else exists, especially not Nokia Music (at this point Pandora radio gets more news coverage); but then again I can’t blame them seeing how Nokia don’t ever bother announcing this stuff (in the keynote they cut off mid sentence while talking about the New Nokia music release!!). Knowing apple they’ll come out guns blazing calling “iStream” a new revolution in the music industry never seen before, and will spend millions advertising it while Nokia sits back and watches its stock value tank.

In all honesty the amount of innovation in a single device by Nokia (any device) could be spread out into 10 generations of iPhones, making each iteration look like a godsend; yet Nokia fail at selling a single device carrying all these amazing technologies since they don’t know how to market it. Let’s look at what the Lumia 920 Alone carries:

  • PureView technology/OIS (True they advertised this a bit, but they botched that horribly trying to pull a Samsung)
  • Rich Recording- We’re Just finding out that this is in it..
  • PureMotion HD+ – A higher resolution alone warranted a new version of the iPhone from apple (which still sold in record breaking numbers)
  • Front Facing 720p Camera & 1080p Rear camera- They didn’t even bother mentioning this
  • Wireless Charging- since hardly anyone remembers the Pre or the touchpad anymore Nokia can paly it as a “first” kind of thing; they’ve started strong with but they need to carry through
  • Nokia Music-  An amazing service that actually lets you download songs for free, why is it that no-one knows what this is?
  • Nokia maps- iOS 6 = iOS 5 – Google Maps + Apple Maps; how is it that Nokia can’t get enough coverage for their Maps when they kick every other service’s butt? At the very least I was hoping for a demo of the new default Nokia maps on WP replacing bing; instead we got 2 minutes of drivel about the awesome CNN tile
  • Curved Glass (not a first but if you play it right it makes a difference)- get a catchy tagline, something that explains how much easier it is to use a curved screen, how it flows; call it “the perfect compliment to the fastest, Brightest screen out there”! Do Anything!

There were a couple more but my mind is blocked right now.. anyways look how much any other company would advertise ANY of the above features, and look at what Nokia are doing… seriosuly get it together, I don’t want to have to defend Nokia; it should speak for itself.



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