Nokia Re- Takes Central Park Photoshoot, Lumia 920 Blows Competitors (and Friends) Away!

| September 7, 2012 | 150 Replies

With all the ridiculous controversy about whether or not Nokia faked the photoshoot and videos, Nokia very kindly offered the Verge an exclusive change to reshoot the photos we saw and compare them against the rest. The results truly prove how amazing the 920 is, not only did it blow the iPhone 4s, GS3, HTC One X out of the water but it also very clearly bested even the king of phones; the 808.

Lumia 900: (no surprises that it captured almost absolutely Nothing)

Nokia 808 Pureview: (Flash was not delpoyed; Xenon flash it lights up whatever’s close to you and darkens up the rest)

Lumia 920: (Simply amazing!- look at the background details)

-True the 920 didn’t manage to capture much details when it came to the girls face, but we never expected perfect quality, just amazing night-time photos (and it delivers)!

Head over to the verge to see the rest of the competitors and how badly they failed.

Thanks for the tip APrasad

Edit– For any one who keeps claiming that even this is staged, or rigged against the 808; here’s a short explanation, the 808 can take pictures at night; but Flash can only be used for taking a picture of a single object, you can’t rely on it to light up the landscape, and increasing the ISO means increasing the shutter time (sorry got my camera basics confused) which makes it difficult to hold the camera steady (the whole point of OIS after all)- and you end up with a blurry mess. Here’s a picture I took with the 808, no flash but with the ISO at 200, Total exposure time = 2.7Sec (try keeping your hand steady for that long)



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