Apple Event Let-Down A Win for Nokia?

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*Note: below are some random ramblings about Apple’s event along with some attempts at justifying this post…you have been warned.

First off let me make one thing very clear, even if the new iPhone/iPhone 5 was a piece of aluminum foil with a sim door and an apple logo on the back it would still sell in record breaking amounts, pair up that device which is admittedly a bit more than tin foil alongside Apples amazing marketing team and you know that no matter what type of reviews it gets it will still sell in millions on the first day of availability.

In case you guys missed it (or just didn’t really care) the new iPhone has a 4 inch display (not even HD/720P resolution yet they insist on calling it Retina) and is admittedly pretty thin (7.6MM); Apple claim it’s the thinnest phone ever, which is a blatant lie since the new Motorola droid is 7.1MM but whatever. Besides that the iPhone is pretty much the same as all others, yet Apple continue to call it  “All new” and crammed with innovation; yet ironically they said:

The most exciting thing about the new iPhone is PANORAMA!

What? Hello where have you guys been since 2008? If the best feature your new iPhone offers is a built in panorama maker then you have serious issues. When it comes to the camera nothing new has been added (same old 8Mp sensor) except using “Sapphire Crystal” in the  lens; presumably to avoid scratches? Regardless following the twitter and news feeds of people I know who are amongst some of the biggest SENSIBLE Apple fans (where they admire the actual technology, but don’t blindly worship the logo) there has been a great deal of disappointment regarding the latest iPhone. In a world of amazing displays why isn’t the display 720p at the very least? Considering how Apple were the first to WOW us with their amazing “retina” screens on the iPhone 4 why didn’t they bother carrying through? Lack of NFC seems to have been a huge issue as it reached the top ten trending worldwide on Twitter during the event (#6):

Apple also announced a migration to a new connector dock, from the customary 30 Pin to a new 8 pin connector (called Lightning); which means that there’s one less “string” tying consumers down to their iphones. The point is Apple have left a hole in the hearts of TRUE geeks, who appreciate actual creativity and technology; more than shiny billboards and flashy ads; making this THE PERFECT moment for Nokia to make its comeback. Every single aspect where the new iPhone fails the Lumia series (specifically the 920) shines:

  • NFC: Check
  • Amazing Screen: Check (Apple had the audacity to call their screen the most advanced screen ever, Have they heard of PureMotion HD+ and super sensitive touch???!! Probably not cause of Nokias lame marketing…)
  • New “fresh” design: Check Check
  • Wide Range of Accessories (interchangeable with OTHER devices): Check
  • Amazing Camera: Check (Note: in the interest of being fair the iPhone 4S had a pretty amazing camera; and I’m sure the 5 is better; but it’s no pureview)
  • Wireless Charging
  • Free Music (instead Apple revamped their iTunes to make it easier to take your money)

All in all Nokia might have a chance to encroach on Apples Market-share if anyone who was holding out for the latest iPhone thinks it’s no longer worth it. Nokia have a great thing going with the latest Lumias, and if they pull their $h!t together they might have a chance, BUT and this is a big  but, the iPhone 5 has an almost immediate release, with pre-orders going live the day after tomorrow (sept. 14th) and deliveries promised on the 21st. Can a phone with an unspecified release date compete with that?

My two-cents as a hobbyist blogger with no background in Media relations what so ever: NOKIA, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL US WHEN THE 920 IS COMING! I don’t care how you do it, rent a plane and write in the sky, or leak it through the Verge (or here, MNB is fine..Thank You) just let consumers know when we can buy your products!


BTW- Some people are pointing out that the new iPod Nanos look like a tiny Lumia:

New iPod Nanos Look Like Gorgeous Tiny iPhones

in the comments:


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