My Dream Nokia #68: Nokia Lumia 1001 WP8 Concept.

| September 12, 2012 | 26 Replies

These have been credited as work by Jonas Daehnert, a designer who has produced some of the classiest MDN we have showcased. This design doesn’t stray too far from the beauty that is already the Nokia Lumia 800.

This is also called the Nokia Lumia 1001 too.




Source: Concept-Phones

Cheers Adam for the tip.


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  • viktor von d.

    perfect phone.slim and sleek

    • viktor von d.

      if this would have the same dimensions as the n9,a 4 inch screen and the processing power and ram of the lumia920 it would be the perfect device for me

  • A H E

    Nice design

  • I love it. We need an Edge-to-Edge or bazel-less screen in Nokia since it is no longer just dream. And that MeeGo/Maemo based N8-like kick-stand, which is possible in these designs too.

  • jiipee

    Would be perfect without the buttons.

  • alice

    the design looks like from an old sony ericsson phone under the k series hehe

  • karam

    fantastic design, but somehow i feel the micro usb port ruined it

    • Chris

      Unfortunately it seems, that Microsoft is pushing the placement of the Micro USB port to that exact location. I think a flap of some sort to cover it isn’t out of the question.

      I think this looks like a nice mash up of the 820 and the 920 + some thinness. Looking good!

  • jl

    I WISHHHHH THIS WERE REAL. If the 920 were the size of the N9 instead of the size of a tablet, I wouldnt think twice before purchasing it.

  • et3rnal


  • yemko

    L920 is too big… I wish it as 4′ display

    • EE


      Looks stunning, but only reason I’m not buying it is the huge screen size. 820 would be okayish, but I don’t like the design that much. I’d mostly prefer 4 inch display.

      • EE

        Regarding this concept, it’s absolutely classy and I wish Nokia would release a model exactly like this one.

  • flava

    Anodized alumunium unibody with slim version of N9 design, purefectly gorgeous!

    Damn you Nokia, is it that hard to make phone like this? A -just good- camera is enough if we have this beautiful form 🙂

  • rustyknight17

    Something like this is what needs to succeed with WP8 !

  • Rahms

    *jizzed in my pants*

  • noki

    amazing design congrats for it, think it actually match the metro UI nicely

  • monkster

    just checked the iphone 5 specs.hw revolutionary.the mst interesting ting i cn say is wow look atleast they changed the design.other than that the lumia 920 makes it look like a toy

  • Muerte

    It is obvious that there is a huge missing piece in Nokia’s mid-high range phones portfolio.

    It is a sophisticated, slim, light, and beautiful device with good-enough-specs and battery life.

    Not everybody needs a superb camera or other features that make the phone bigger and heavier.

    NOKIA, take note, as you like to say, and provide a product for this target group, and fast. You may use Jonas Daehnert as a consult, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind…

  • nabkawe

    i think if the designer created a stand for the phone and put that USB port under it (So you charge your phone while it’s standing up … it would looked alot cooler

  • twig

    Its not my favorite, which is fine. That’s why Nokia has multiple designs unlike Apple. Maybe cut the trim with fine lines and add gold trim.

  • Niki Niner

    I think still this is Nokia N9 design. Good one. N9 style is something that make the difference, IMHO of course.

  • 诺基亚Lumia1001外观建议


  • Irma

    I think this is the best. Cam should by min. 12 mp.or 16mp. and screen min.4,8-or 5 inc inc. Best model.

  • seboli

    This design ist fully ok.

  • rose

    i heard it has a 41mp camera.
    i wish it turns ture o.0