WP 7.8 Running on Lumia 800 (In the Wild)

| September 14, 2012 | 40 Replies


Apparently one of the folks from  have gotten their hands on the WP 7.8 ROM for the Lumia 800 and has it up and running as seen in the video and pictures below. I think this is the first we see of WP 7.8 on a device that is NOT the Lumia 900 (I dont think it’s been spotted on any Samsungs or HTCs either?). The video below shows the resizable tiles that they’ve grown oh so found of showing off and nothing more really; proof that this is a real WP 7.8 demo and not one of those skinned apps lies in the fact that the people hub animations work and shuffle the contacts; unlike all other apps and skins.

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  • I can’t wait to get the resizable tiles on my L900, and 920. So many different things can be done, in a much more organised and personalised way than now. Also love how they added so many more colours.

    • twig

      Take a look at pocketnow at the HTC accord win8. Is that a new time and weather app which is the large size or something in the store. It looks like Microsoft added a clock&weather app for win8.

      • Viipottaja

        a link would be nice

    • guerrahp

      resizable to make them look like… icons?

  • Adnan

    But this could easily be WP8

    • Viipottaja

      In therory yes, but I guess I would just take the sources word for it being 7.8. Having said that, you can see that in the app list the arrow and search key icons at the top left corner are no longer there, implying either that they are also removed in 7.8 and that, thus, the search hardware key is now more context sensitive/universal, or that, like you said, this could indeed be WP8 instead. 🙂

      Wonder also what the USB Video Out in the app list is about? 🙂

  • Am loving wp but 808 is good for my own slow responses and limited data connection….lol

  • Robin

    It’s just a custom ROM.

    • migo

      Possible, given at the moment WP7.8 is just resisable tiles.

  • hhh

    i hate that nokia do not want to involve in making the ui and ux more better!

    • lordstar

      Yeah, hope at least they could enhance the ux, not totally change the look but improve how things are done.

    • rinslowe

      Have Nokia ever stated that they weren’t interested in customising the UI?

      Perhaps it’s just something simple like MS do not allow it?

    • migo

      I’m glad that they’re not allowed to mess it up. The best versions of Symbian were the ones Nokia had nothing to do with.

      • dss

        10.1 Feature Pack 1 is the best Symbian version yet.. and its Nokia made.

        • migo

          If someone less biased than you says that, I might believe it.

          • dss

            Which version do you think is better ?

            • andy

              is accenture made symbian belle its not nokia made.

              • dss

                Oh, ua.. they made it from the ground up without using any Nokia code.. I forgot about that.

      • andy

        nokia did not messed up meamo or meego right?but they mess it up by killing it.

  • karam

    that home screen in top picture is soooo uglyyyy, and clumsier than S60. the second picture is not ugly but it is cold and monotonic, it’s painful to stare at. no heart feelings, just my opinion

    • Viipottaja

      yeah, well, those are just two samples of how to arrange the tiles, and in the latter one the contacts tile would already start providing color and motion. plug in the picture hub tile and a few third party ones and there is plenty of color to go around. 🙂

  • dss

    all those squares, look like square icons when you bunch them in like that..

    • Viipottaja

      true, so if you like the grid icon style you can get that too with WP8. 🙂 except that you would of course still have to bear the agony of many of those little icons also giving you updates on how many missed/unread calls, messages, emails, # of app updates waiting to be installed etc. 🙂

  • Hypnopottamus

    Personally, I still think that the new homescreen looks cluttered. Will have to play around with it once I get the update, but I’ve got my current Lumia homescreen really well organized.

    • migo

      The new homescreen is however you want to arrange it.

      • Hypnopottamus

        I know. I just think the black space on the right on WP7 gave a good contrast to the colorful tiles. Now that the tiles utilize the entire homescreen, that contrast is gone making it appear cluttered…at least to me.

        • KimB

          My exact thoughts, hypno… Bought the Lumia 900 eventhough I didn’t need another phone just because it looked so beautiful.. It’s a piece of art… To me, windows 8 just doesn’t have the same aesthetic elegance, for the reasons u stated…

  • yemko

    dead tiles or living tiles…! I hate Metro UI badtly. … Pls don’t disappoint us #JOLLA

    • jiipee


    • dndosn

      Yeah screw Nokia! Its not like this is a Nokia blog or anything. Fack you Nokia supporting losers.

  • lumianer

    I go crazy with the Nokia stocks. They go up, …now dowwwwwwwn

    • jiipee

      There are increasing expectationt that Nokia will release one more profit warning:

      Q1 could be the first good one.

      • Capedonut

        Q3 will depend heavily on how the ashas has succeeded

      • J

        i thought that all hope lie with 2012 and q3?

        well: there will be no good quarter again for nokia with windows phone!

        • Sonny

          Yes I remember last year everyone one here saying 2012 is the year nokia will put there stamp on WP and 2012 Q2 will be the time they change things around! Nokia stamp will only be out atleast end of the year and again it was first Q2 then people here said Q3 then now some are saying Q4 or Q1 of next year! Geez!

          Again just shows me nothing changed! they blamed Symbian,Meego and meltemi for being slow and delayed, but at least that was nokia’s own fault. So what’s nokia’s excuse now for WP8 being late?

          Finally nokia has something well enough to compete but no we have to wait for microsoft!

          Btw it seems once again this is just again a test run for nokia with the 920 with incomplete specs again. What they are saying is next year at MWC will be the true flagship(Oversampling+OIS) and thus making it hard for some people again! Do I have to wait for that or what. Same old nokia

          • Bloob

            That was when rumors of Apollo coming in june were floating around. Q4 results are what will give us an indication of how things will go with WP8, and that is what ultimately matters. Good or bad, Q4 decides.

          • arts

            the most prominent of the commenters the frequent this site always maintained that q3-q4 was the most important of the quaters.

            You can keep attacking your straw man, but understand you ARE attacking a straw man.

  • random name

    I am a meego user but i love the new wp8 start screen.

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  • Colog

    So, nothing yet? Did Nokia forget about old Lumias?