Video: iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

| September 16, 2012 | 62 Replies

Here’s T3 comparing the new iPhone 5 against the new Nokia Lumia 920. It’s quite funny because iPhone’s supposed killer features is ‘Panorama’ and ‘lightning connector’.

I love how the screen makes no mention of being improved Clear Black Display, Super Sensitive touch, and PureMotion HD+.

In terms of processor, they note down that A6 is 2X faster graphics/processor. 2X faster than what? The previous iPhone?


For extras, NFC and Wireless charging is noted for the Lumia 920, whilst Siri and that lightning connector gets a mention for iPhone.

It’s still not sunk in for me that Nokia’s got some pretty decent specs in their phone. So much potential to win on that ground if only Nokia knew how to market things.



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  • Reguser

    The Apple brand is like religion to them who use it… They can’t imagine that anything is even near it in comparision. What Nokia need to do is getting a better marketing and sales dept. Even an excellent product need marketing to reach out to the masses… They who listen to non-technical friends and look what kind of gadget their favourite soap actor has got buys an iPhone 😉

  • Technically iPhone under the name of Smartphone is a Joke from day one. And their hardcore fans are the biggest joke on face of earth I have seen. It is just now getting more clearly to everyone else too that they are a joke.

  • jykke

    On Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, they have been showing how IPhone-Fans really make themself a joke.

    Watch this and enjoy:

    • Viper

      That’s so true and sad, and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Harangue

    @Jay: Regarding the processor of the iPhone, it is going around that it is either an A15 ARM design (which would be blazingly fast) or, and this sounds more likely, it is a hybrid design between an A9 and A15 just like the Snapdragon S4 Krait unit is.

    A15 seems unlikely since apparantly yields weren’t high enough or some other problem in manufacturing that held mass producing A15 units back.

  • Canicalia Lamentoqua

    Frankly I don’t get the idea of this video. All this is about hating, nothing reliable or technical, just a meat for primitive predators of dead flesh eaters. I don’t like such things as this leads to nowhere, it remains politics mumling about nothing “for public good”. I think Nokia users used to be on higher intellectual level. As I remember at last that was a community of open minds and bright people connecting people and creating innovations. Used to.

    • Mark

      What the f**k are you bleating on about now, Annethe?

    • Annethe,

      Thank you again for your spamming nonsense comment. If you try one more time to masquerade with another one of your million user names, all of your future comments will be removed.

      The video was created by T3 who tried to do a quick comparison of the Nokia Lumia 920 and new iPhone. What is it that you don’t get? What on earth are you talking about primitive predators of dead flesh eaters?

      Hey, guess what, if you don’t like it, and don’t get it, I recommend that you please, stop visiting this blog forever. Please, my personal request. Go away. Can you do that for me? Thanks.

      Seriously, you’ve been here for months and all you do is blither on about nonsense and make N9 fans look bad.

      • Ujwal Soni I’m really curious to know what a primitive predator of dead flesh eater looks like..

        Comments like these truly epitomize the spirit of the blogosphere – vehement opposition to everyone and everything, without regard to reason, purpose or even interest..

  • Adriano
    Somehow, somehow… CNet just had to make the iPhone 5 win. They say that the camera has set benchmarks and so the new one will be even better. Have these guys even seen the N8, let alone the 808PV?

    • Yeah that is strange. They say Nokia lumia 920 is unproven in camera yet iPhone isn’t? They say iPhone is already better than SGSIII based on previous results where as Nokia’s still got the best smartphone camera for years to come in the 808 (though we have to remember CNET did go a little blind on that one, awarding iPhone as having a better camera in their preliminary tests).

      Sadly, CNET doesn’t seem to have watched the live demoes whereby the 920 slaughters their precious little iPhone.

      Also, is it true that “Samsung, which was the first to market with file-sharing over NFC”. What year was the Nokia 701 released?

      • Adriano

        My thoughts exactly. I’ll be willing to put good money on the N86 from 2009 being better than the 4S. Haven’t seen any actual hands-on images from the iP5 to say. But the N8 was the benchmark, before the 808PV. What previous results they’re looking at is beyond me. It is sad that sites like CNet can be so misinformed and peddle that misinformation across like it’s truth. I’m excited for the 920. I have an 808 (black; really wanted the red one), but I primarily use the N9 (cyan). Love it! Actually convinced my editor to put a big spread on our tech section on why you should get an N9.

      • Adriano Interesting read actually supporting Nokia and bemoaning its presence, or lack thereof, in the US

  • Doffen

    Nokia needs to release information about which carriers get the phones. Preferably in regular small drips. Then they will stay in the headlines of the tech blogs. Second round should be information about date available and pricing. This way they will get even more exposure. Further, Nokia should assure the tech blogs gets units for review in the days before the phone is released.

  • Adriano

    Who are these people so blinded by Apple that they can’t even muster up the cojones to say that the Lumia 920’s screen is better?

    • Adriano

      Trusted reviews my arse