Lumia 920 Yellow Unboxing (Parts)

| September 17, 2012 | 15 Replies

You may have seen Jay’s post earlier this week about the special package he received from Nokia Connects; as it turns out I got one myself, this time in the electric yellow (I’m thinking it’s a Zapdos Yellow-*Hint: Pokemon reference), but the best way to describe would definitely be as Dean put it “Violent Yellow”. Personally I had at all costs avoided ruining the surprise for myself so I hadn’t even seen Jay’s video or anyone else’s; unfortunately the surprise was spoiled on instagram of all places (the one place where I let my guard down).

I had filmed an unboxing video but as it turns out Jordanian Customs absolutely LOVE playing with other people’s shipments, which would explain the large greasy fingerprints all over the Camera module, lens and body; as well as the fact that the cards were mismatched and the Gorilla glass was in the wrong place (which had me believe the Magnifying Carl Ziess lens was a gorilla glass sample).

I honestly loved the Flashcards idea, I think it’s brilliant; a clever way to get all that nerdy information out (nothing wrong with indulging us geeks); I was expecting some mention of the PureMotion HD+ but I assume that would require having the screen in the package as well (I don’t mind! Hell send a second package and I’ll build it myself!).

Canadian Hockey reference made me chuckle; influenced by Elop’s roots?

The box when layed out looks like something that might exchange hands during a shady multi-million dollar deal, it surely is beautiful enough (and innovative) to warrant that pricetag.


There hasn’t been any mention of what type of Gorilla glass is on the Lumia 920, I assume it’s the newer “Gorilla Glass 2” which allows for thinner sheets of glass with the same strength; unfortunately no amount of Gorilla glass can make up for the laws of physics which dictate that a curved screen is MUCH more likely to shatter if it falls than a flat one (Flat screens have a larger contact area = shock is spread over a larger area rather than a single point of impact).

IF I had any doubt about the color I was getting before that’s all gone now, it’s definitely going to be this electric yellow. The color is extremely difficult to reproduce in images (even with the pureview), the closest color to describe it to would be a florescent (but not annoyingly flashy) yellow.

Edit: My only complaint with the phone being glossy is the same one I have with my stormtrooper, the glossy surface doesn’t affect my grip on the phone at all; but it does show all your grease and fingerprint marks, making it very unsightly.. PLEASE Nokia, dip them in a vat of Oleophobic good stuff before shipping.

The camera module itself is quite impressive, you can clearly see that this is one of the main factors dictating the thickness of the phone, it’s almost as thick as the Lumia 900 on its own! Size wise it does look alot like the N8’s module that we saw during the 808’s presentation.


That’s about it, HUGE shoutout to the guys from Nokia Connects for sharing the excitement with us, I can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing!


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  • Hoi

    So is the L920 thicker than the L900?

    • Dan

      no, the lumia 900 gets thinner on the top and on the bottom, but along the most part of the body the 920 is thinner

    • Due to the curve in the 920’s body it’s almost impossible to tell with your eyes only, at best it’s slightly thinner than the 900 at the edges then grows bit wider; although they seem to be almost the same thickness. (makes you wonder what’s taking up all the space in the 900 if ti doesn’t have OIS or a 2000MA battery)

  • Duffeldof

    L920 seems like it would swing left and right on table. Is this so? Because with N9 on hard surface I hate when I would like to use it one handed and it till move so easily around the table -.-

  • Ujwal Soni

    I prefer the black one, simply for the fact that its not glossy..

    • Andrew Lim

      I agree. Matte feels and looks a lot better than glossy. A pity only the black and gray ones have it.

  • nabkawe

    Either your 808 lens needs cleaning … or you desperately need a tripod.

  • Nice post Ali, just one thing I’ve noticed and don’t remember anyone asking the question. The 920 had twin grills on the bottom for speaker, does it have two speakers I wonder ?

    • Excellent point, would make sense since the Micro USB runs down the middle between the two, are you thinking stereo output?

  • Hoi

    I do think it’s a pity that the L920 has two screws at the bottom why is this?

    • Andrew Lim

      The same reason why they changed from matte to glossy plastic for most of the 920 range – to cut costs. It’s easier to assemble.

  • tholj


    does it feel much larger in hand compare to the 900? i am really interested in the 920 but afraid of the bulk.


    • Andrew Lim

      Official specs says the 920 is slightly slimmer. But it will feel heavier.

  • Dave²

    That box looks amazing.

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