Nokia Politely Points Out Why the Lumia 920 is Better than the iPhone 5 with a Cute Graph

| September 20, 2012 | 151 Replies

Nokia UK just posted the graph above on FB along with the caption “Good things come to those who wait”, hinting for people to hold off the iPhone 5 and “wait” for the super amazing Lumia 920 (if only we knew when it was coming). Notice that this graph doesn’t take any cheap shots at the iPhone 5, nor is it calling it an inferior device, in fact it almost shows a sort of “respect” to their competitors; a tone that is almost definitely lost on Samsung and HTC. My only complaint about the chart is the inclusion of the “JBL PlayUp  & Monsters” under accessories; unless they’re being offered as a bundle with the phone they DO NOT belong there, since Apple rules the kingdom of 3rd party accessories.

All in all I like that Nokia’s social marketing is addressing the fact that other devices exist out there, and are proving why their devices are better, rather than pretending that they’re the only ones who make phones.


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  1. Rob says:

    iPhone Shipping: Yes
    920 Shipping: No

    • mcjw says:

      iPhone: 112g
      920: 185g

      so you can put a personalized cover over the iPhone 5 for better survivability and still weigh less, whereas the 920 hits the ground harder greatly increasing the chance of cracked screen. I’d like to see Nokia do 1000 drop tests on both the 920 and iPhone 5, just to see which breaks more easily, or how each of the 2000 units breaks.

      185grams and no expandable memory or removable battery… maybe Nokia employees should go work at the Genius Bar

  2. Bob says:

    Should have also included NFC and left a blank box for iPhone.

  3. D says:

    This add is funny and true and all that BUT…why measure Nokia with the iphone? Why does Samsung measure themselves with the iphone? My old Nokia from 2006 offered the same functionallity as the iphone. Apple makes good computers, the iphone is not bad but its 80% hype :/ Nokia, apart from Motorola and fomer (Sony)Ericsson are the only phonemanufactors. I mean Samsung makes fridges, I have a Samsung TV and its great but the SGS series are plastic. Nokia never made a high end phone that felt that cheap…im just sayin’

    Holla at ya boi @selop

    • Walt French says:

      Apple is for sure a standard for comparison. But putting Apple where left-to-right readers go first seems unenlightened; it makes Nokia sound like a me-too’er. I’d put Nokia first and show how Apple doesn’t measure up to the firm that did smartphones first.
      Nonetheless, when I get back to the states I’m upgrading my iPhone4 to the 5. Nokia can take my advice or not but the Microsoft / Nokia ecosystem is nowhere close to Apple’s, and the risk that Nokia implodes, or Microsoft stabs yet another consumer product in the cradle, is too much for somebody like me who likes newness without uncertainty.

    • tomandyourmom says:

      “My old Nokia from 2006 offered the same functionallity as the iphone.”

      No, it doesn’t. Sorry, but it’s not even close.

      • incognito says:

        What can the iPhone 5 do that the N95 cannot, pray tell? Of course, adjust for the time passed and the essential hardware differences (touchscreen vs non-touchscreen, CPU/GPU power etc.) I can still name a good number of things that the N95 can do that the iPhone cannot, not even jailbroken.

  4. melgross says:

    A few other comparisons:

    Camera video and photo examples

    Apple: real
    Nokia: fake


    Apple: light
    Nokia: heavy


    Apple: smaller and more comfortable to hold
    Nokia: bigger and clumsier

    Number of phone apps

    Apple over 600,000
    Nokia: ???

    History of support for older models

    Apple: excellent: 3.5 year old just discontinued phone still upgradable to new OS with over 80% of features supported
    Nokia: bad, phones bought now won’t work with latest OS coming out with new phones.

    Company health

    Apple: excellent, most profitable tech company in the world
    Nokia: poor, is thought by many financial people to have little chance of staving off bankruptcy over next year or two, leaving customers in the lurch

    Ok, that’s just a few.

    • viktor von d. says:

      video, photo

      apple- demo pictures fake, average camera
      nokia-demo pictures, some of them fake, the others real, excellent camera

      weight and size
      apple-small and good, but weights less because of the lack of features
      nokia-bigger because of the bigger screen. heavier because of the optical stabilization module and wireless charging hardware. also the phone is thinner than the 900

      number of apps
      nokia-over 100.000
      apple-around 400.000, the other 200-250.000 aps are only for the ipad, and since nokia doesn’t have a tablet those numbers shouldn’t be counted

      history of suport for older models
      apple- brings current os to older models, but with limited functionality and without the big new features.also makes the older models who are upgraded run slower and brings bugs forcing the users to upgrade to newer models
      nokia-suports older models with updates,exclusive maps,security fixes. the only blac sheep is the current lumia line who won’t get wp8 but will get a lot of features that aren’t hardware dependent. also check to see how the n8 and other older models are being suported to this fday. nokia suport is excellent, doesn’t acuse users of not using the devices properly and brings timely fixes to problems

      company health
      very subjective topic.
      apple-currently most valuable tech company in the world, but only based on stock price. was on the verge of bankruptcy a decade ago, had a shitty time untill the release of the ipod
      nokia- in a shitty position right now, but not even close to bankruptcy judging by the fact that it’s still the 2nd largest phone manufacturer in the world, and 3rd place in smartphones. it’s also the company who had a 300 billion market value a decadeu ago when apple was rolling on the floor in pain. but again these are only stock market numbers. the real value of the company in the real physical world beats the shit out of apple.

      ok, that’s just a few

      • melgross says:

        Except that you’re wrong about everything. Good try though. Nothing like wishful thinking.

        • Mark says:

          SO basically your argument, since I don’t give a shit about the relative financial performance of each company, boils down to “it’s smaller, lighter and has more apps”.

          Yeah… and?

      • Samsung says:

        If Apple’s camera is so average, why is it the most used camera in the world?

        Also, did Nokia have $100 billion in the bank back when Apple was rolling on the floor in pain? Didn’t think so. Apple’s stock could plummet and Tim Cook would still be wiping his ass with Benjamins.

      • CJ says:

        “Just stock market numbers”

        Hilarious. These ARE the real values of the companies. The combined value of a public company’s stocks is the vie of that company. Apple is, according to current stock values, worth nearly 62x Nokia. That’s in “real world values”. So much for “beating the shit out of Apple”.

        Got anything else that makes no sense?

      • Player_16 says:

        I’ll play.

        apple- demo still pictures fake; maybe.
        nokia- demo film and stills, admitted some of them fake.

        weight and size

        apple- small and good, but weights less due to intelligent design/manufacturing
nokia- bigger because of bigger screen/battery. heavier because of the optical stabilization module and pointless wireless charging hardware and battery.

        number of apps
apple- around 700.000… more than ANY manufacture… period!
nokia- yes it has a few 1k’s

        history of suport for older models
apple- brings current os to older models (3gs), may be limited functionally but still supported
nokia- will support older models (w8 not w7) limited nokia support is excellent.

        company health
very subjective topic.
apple- currently most valuable tech company in the world, but only based on stock price and cash at hand -$120 billion… with a “B”. was on the verge of bankruptcy a decade ago. but look where they’er at now.
nokia- in a shitty position right now, and attempting a hail-mary pass with MS. judging by the fact that it’s still the 2nd largest phone manufacturer in the world, and distance 3rd place in smartphones in line with RIM. it’s also the company who had a $300 billion market value (on paper) a decade ago when apple was rolling on the floor in pain. but look where they’er at now.

        • Nrde says:

          “apple- around 700.000… more than ANY manufacture… period!”

          of which 400000 have never been downloaded not even once (tells something about the developer of the software)

          Not to mention for phone use you really need maybe 10 really good programs, more than that and it’s mostly testing and finding a program to replace one of the mentioned 10 programs.

          I have never heard anyone complain about how heavy a phone is, it doesn’t seem to be a relevant metric if a phone is 150 or 180g.

          It’s funny to see how AAPL users are all defensive for a change. Also how they don’t mention any really good innovation Apple put into iPhone5.

    • andy says:

      a old nokia n8 still get full belle and getting belle refresh.

    • Harry says:

      Number of phone apps

      Apple over 600,000
      Nokia: ???

      And you really have time to select necessary ones from those 600,000? Lucky you.

  5. stephen ahonen says:

    I dislike both of them, but if i have to choose, i’ll take iphone5.

    I’m xperia user now, but i always wish someone bring back symbian / maemo / webos.

    So, is this the new nokia? very aggresive in marketing. IMO, showing competitor’s product at advertising isn’t polite.

  6. ryan says:

    Apple’s marketing strategy seems to work precisely on the attention that it gets like this. People buy iPhones based on the notion that they are the best, the fact that everybody has the need to keep comparing themselves to it, not because of its specs. Apple knows this, or else they would make up more numbers to make the iPhone look better.

  7. Jamie says:

    Trying to claim you need an adaptor to charge the iPhone is a little cheap. How does one charge the 2013 Lumia when out of range of the wcharging pad?

    • fireice2 says:

      you have your mighty Micro USB cable! the 920 is capable of wired and wireless charging.

      Get your facts straight before you comment.

    • Player_16 says:

      Micro USB cable? If you STILL have to plug it in, what’s the point of having wireless charging? Nokia could reduce the price/weight of the phone by some $50 by getting rid of that totally USELESS, gimmicky feature.

      • DesR85 says:

        And what’s wrong with having more than one method of charging a phone? While we’re at it, should we request for Bluetooth to be ditched since we have NFC in these WP8 phones? :p

      • Player_16 says:

        It’s not ‘what’s wrong’, it’s ‘why’? Use the room for that circuit and it’s parts for something else or reduce a bit of weight. NFC? I’ll stick with ‘works-thru-anything from a reasonably-good-distance’ Bluetooth than ‘still-not-ready-for-prime-time, soft-shell-material’ NFC.

        • Nrde says:

          NFC doesn’t replace bluetooth. And of course NFC and wireless charging are unnecessary features, mainly because iPhone doesn’t have them. The same can be said of any feature iPhone doesn’t have – right?

          Have you heard anyone complain about phone weight in the last decade or so? And for what else you need the room for? Better camera? Bigger battery? Last time I checked those were already really good.
          Only thing missing from 920 is proper OS.

  8. Craig says:

    I don’t understand the hype surrounding ‘wireless charging’. Don’t you have to use a WIRE to plug the ‘Wireless charger into A WALL to charge the ‘Wireless charging’ part?

    Now correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you’d all love to because that’s what people on the internet love nothing better than to do) But doesn’t that defeat the point of ‘wireless charging’?

    Surely ‘Wireless charging’ would mean ‘I press this software button on my Mac and my phone automatically charges’ ?


    • Player_16 says:

      Extract fold-out crank, turn about 20 times, re-insert. Now your phone can continue operating.

    • zymesh says:

      since most are battery hogs its a convenience to get a phone charging when just placing it on lets say your desk. instead of placing your phone on top of a paper to avoid its backside from getting scratched due to the desks surface you instead put it on a wireless charging pad.

      did people complain when “Docks” were invented? NO! this is the same concept of docks but its wireless, you dont have to insert the phone into a dock and let the charging pins connect.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, I hate those lazy smug idiots who just put their toothbrush back in the holder every night where it is charged through inductive magic.

      Me, I like to find the other end of the charging cable, dry it after dropping it in the sink, and then plugging it in, of course the connection is a bit wonky after so many times but I like to know it’s working damnit! In fact, I’m considering going back to good old manual brushing!


  9. bud says:

    iphone: the necessary rubber covers make the case, weight and thinness irrelevant.

  10. RP says:

    The wireless charging is handy when you’re out and about. Restaurants, cafes and other places where people hang out can offer their customers a place where to charge their phones. The Qi wireless charging can be integrated into furniture, so you can have a table that serves as a charging surface. You can have your coffee and let your phone get charged on the table. Or you can have furniture in your home, where the Qi charging is integrated.

    It’s a nice option to have, if you ask me. And as it’s an industry standard, it’s likely that other products will follow. You might have it in your laptop or tablet just as well.

  11. Dan Bowyer says:

    It’s troublesome to compare practical features when a large proportion of tech purchases are made from the heart too. Nokia just doesn’t capture the emotion. In fact, this kind of messaging does the opposite.

  12. Lumia 920 says:

    The iPhone 5 looks a lot more serious, but it marks more of a change from the iPhone series norms. The iPhone 4 and 4S use glass sheets on the front and rear, but the new iPhone 5 dumps the glass rear in favour of an etched aluminium backside

  13. What’s up, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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