Chippy on the Nokia PureViews, 808 and 920. Could 920 produce better pictures most of the time?

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Yesterday we looked at a video comparing very quickly the Nokia PureViews, 808 and 920 recorded by Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine (CarryPad, Ultrabooknews, UMPCPortal). You may have seen a multitude of his videos, many of them recorded on the Nokia camera kings, such as the N82 and N8. No stranger to Symbian, he’s currently in possession of the Nokia 808 PureView (which he’s really impressed with in terms of camera quality).

He found that post from yesterday and left a comment to explain a little bit more on his findings. As commented by a few readers, Chippy’s gonna try and get Nokia to play back the part of the video where they shake the phone purposely (though it does smooth out the video, people want to see the result).

Chippy makes an interesting remark that he feels that the 920 could actually produce better pictures most of the time for most people (aka, average joes).

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case in real life usage. Now folks, it doesn’t necessarily indicate ultimate quality or potential, it’s just that the 920 seems geared towards the masses, thus would possibly have a more versatile auto that does not really require much tweaking. I’m guessing that for those in the know, they can always have the option of pushing the 808 to it’s limits which could/would then outperform a 920.

Either way it sounds good that the 920 would ever come anywhere near the 808 let alone produce better images in situations other than low light without flash.

Chippy seems to favour the 920’s solution for PureView rather than oversampling. Do you agree? Perhaps in 2013 we’ll see both in effect and you wouldn’t need to choose one side or the other.

Hi Jay.
Thanks for posting this.
It’s causing a lot of discussion which is usually a good sign.

General comment to all reading:
I’ve got the 808 here (and had the N8 and N82 before that as my main
phones) and am so impressed with the quality of the 808. With a little
knowledge and tweaking you can get great photos out of it.
Last night, great example…

The Lumia 920 is a better consumer choice though and in general, from
what i’ve seen and researched, it’s going to produce better pictures,
more of the time, for more people.

Personally i’d rather have OIS than 41MP and I think most consumers would too.

I might go back to Photokina tomorrow and force Nokia to play back the
shaking part of the video though. They did the same with me as they
did with Engadget – only playing back the steady recording. I’ve seen
the playback of the unsteady recording and it’s damn impressive
although there are artifacts. The edges of the images don’t get as
much stabilisation as in the middle and if you watch the preview
windows on recording, you can see that happening on the sides of the

Despite that, we’re talking about a huge leap here. OIS is VERY
important for smartphone cameras as, very simply, it allows more
photons to reach the sensor and that, in my opinion, is better than
oversampling and post-processing.

Sorry if i’m preaching to the choir!


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