Video: Introducing Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

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Doing a YouTube run, and came across this video from Nokia. It is simple and straight to the point. Shows off the colours of the charging dock (and other Wireless accessories at the end), and how simple it is to charge your Lumia with the latest innovative feature.

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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • apit

    This is what i need in my desk office!

    • Canbacon

      Agreed, would love to have this for work. Hopefully it will trigger a clock type system or a dashboard for weather or a news ticker.

      • dkNigs

        It has NFC built in with a custom trigger apparently. So you can set it to launch a specific app when docked.

  • Maybe

    “Interestingly enough, in the quarter that end in June, Nokia sold 6 million Symbian powered handsets which beat out the less than 4 million Windows Phone powered handsets Nokia sold in the same time period.”

    • DKM

      Dont forget symbian means also Asha devices which are selling like hot cakes in india, china and africa

      • migo

        Asha devices aren’t Symbian, but that’s something analysits could have screwed up.

        • A-S-D

          Not they haven’t because the data they get is from Nokia and Elop wouldn’t want it to be seen that Symbian is outselling WP if it actually wasn’t the case.

    • dss

      And that is with one new device in the last .. 8 months ? Who the fuk buys Symbian phones anyway ?

      • Silthice

        If I’m not mistaken I heard that the 808 production does not meet demands?

        Maybe 808 is the one driven the 6 million sales?

        • dss

          There is NO WAY the 808 sold more than.. 1 mil. at most.. I mean the price is way to high for it to make a difference really.

          I might be wrong.. and they never really brake down their symbian numbers by device, so we will never know what sold, and what did not.

          We still have no idea how many N8s they sold.. and it seems like they are still making them…I won’t be surprised if that drove some sales, since its so cheap now, great deal overall.

          • Viipottaja

            Most of the sales are in the lower/lowest price point Symbians, and most in Asia, perhaps some in Latin America as well. IIRC the 500 was on some sales charts in Finland still recently also.

            And then of course the 808. Hopefully a significant number, as it should have a fairly decent margin (although also quite expensive to manufacture, I guess).

            However, the total number is likely to have gone further down this quarter.. 🙁

        • Pdexter

          It was hard to find N900 and Nokia to keep up with the demand.
          That phone at most sold 500 000.

  • Silthice

    I wish it has clock display like N9/Belle devices when in standby…
    so that it can become my table clock like in this pic…

    • dss

      You need good power management to play with stuff like that.. we don’t know how win NT is doing in that department, but I am almost certain its far from Symbian in the stand by power consumption department. We are talking about 0.03w with Symbian, I would love to know what that number is with WP8.

      • Silthice

        Actually I’ve compared the standby time for WP/Belle/MeeGo…
        Turn out that WP have the worst standby time although BellE and MeeGo have the clock all the time on screen…
        Well, it is according to spec sheets….
        AMOLED has better battery consumption when it is dark right compare to IPS LCD?

        • dss

          AMOLED has zero consumption when its dark.. only the pixels that are producing light consume power, in this case, only the clock…or things get really funky with Nokia Sleeping screen.

          Now.. I remember having the stand by clock on my E71/E72, and those had LCDs, but i think they used different technique on those.

          Also, you are comparing Windows CE to Symbian/MeeGo, not Windows NT/WP8.. but ya, I know that Symbian uses less power in stand by, in fact.. I don’t think any other smartphone OS uses less, or even close to what Symbian uses.

          • dss

            Oh… if they get up to 4000 mah batteries, it won’t matter anyway.

            • Silthice

              Before I forget, I love the double taps to wake up my N9 plus swiping. Hope Jolla come with a superb product. ^_^

        • Peter L

          The white paper about PureMotion HD+ mentioned that Lumia 920 has LED backlight in it’s LCD, so there’s a change that standby clock might make appearance in Lumia 920 (820 has AMOLED, definitely possible in there).

    • et3rnal

      Same here 🙁
      + I wish it has FM transmission

      • dss

        There is.. 0.1% chance that would ever come to Win NT phones.

  • Peter L

    There’s an interesting feature in this stand that isn’t emphasized enough in my opinion, the NFC-enabled automatic app launching.

    This means that when you put the Lumia on this charging stand, it can automatically open the app of your choice. Some possibilities:

    1) It can open up the DLNA client so that your media content in your phone is always available in case you need it.

    2) If you put it on your desk and position it smartly, it becomes a video phone if you set it up to open up Skype when put on the stand

    3) It can open up a big clock display app

    4) It can open up a notifications app that will show notifications when you receive them

    This stand is very cool, I hope Nokia will do a specific Lumia-exclusive app for it that combines several useful features for this one.

    • I wasn’t aware it could do that, but that sounds great. NFC to initiate apps is very welcome 🙂 I think i’ll have tags around my room for that.

      • Canicalia Lamentoqua

        This allows viruses and malware installing among other possibilities. So for a reason most advice to turn this option off, or phone is open for various attacks. Especially this is essential for Windows system which in general has it’s legacy and faith about this. So in theory it is but with Windows there are more threats then benefits about this. And that is why it is not used widely in marketing. Just because of above. And as it is the standard can’t changed just because we need this. System behind must be like Linux to use benefits. This also is related to electronic payments and possibility of stilling money. I am sorry.

        • Harangue

          Eventhough I’m responding to an obvious troll, Annethe. The NFC capability still requires you to accept a prompt. So yes, there is a possibility of malicious content, but one would have to still accept that.

          • Viipottaja

            Who is this Annethe? She sounds so sexy..

        • Dave

          Dude it’s not running windows 95, how about you go read up on how secure WP is compared to Android (by design, look at sandboxing), and then choke on a big bowl of dicks.

    • Viipottaja

      Yep, its baffling they did not include that in the ad… “Launches your favorite app” or something like that.

      • M

        Probably just simplifying the ad to focus on wireless charging more than anything else. I like the short ads that clearly show off a cool feature. For a 30 second tv ad, they should have this ad back to back with one either paying at a register with nfc or one where its snowing outside and seeing how it was come out in the wintertime let the person use their phone with their gloves on.

  • Heron

    You know, I love the Nokia ads online…

    But I hope they put in the same effort on the traditional media.

  • zymesh

    i wish my 808 can do wireless charging as well… someone should make a back case for it.

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  • deep space bar

    why is this such a big deal when it was already available nokia is talking like they where the first

    • Pdexter

      iPhone wasn’t first on anything. Neither was Nokia first with any of the N95 features.

      It’s about who makes it popular and in this case accessories that make sense. Like Nokia is doing with the stands that have NFC, speakers with NFC+wireless charging and so on.

      • deep space bar

        DOESn’t JUSTIFY shit talkin with a company with shitty stocks,shitty sales and not using their OWN OS they can’t say shit right now

  • John

    Hopefully they’ll introduce a car holder with wireless charging; no more connecting power cords!

    • JGrove303

      THAT would be tits! Dock it landscape, charges, connects to bluetooth handsfree and fires up Car Mode.