Quick Comparison: Nokia Lumia 920 trumps Samsung’s SGSIII in low light without flash and more sensitive screen

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I didn’t realise there were other videos by Eugen when comparing the 920 aginst the SGSIII. Cheers nabin and Eugen for the heads up.

This is just a quick comparison and not a thorough definitive test.

In the first video, we see what appears to be a very dark scene (could have been made worse by the camera recording it not being very good in low light).

I’m stunned by the SGSIII as it actually managed to pull out a picture.

Here’s a Nokia.

This is a test just demonstrating how much more light a 920 picks up on its own without flash. Obviously if it was this dark, you would turn flash on.

However, there are situations where flash is neither allowed, appropriate or sufficient for the job. Flash may light up objects within 3 metres, but beyond that, they will not be lit. What if you wanted to have a nice backdrop in the night? Sometimes the flash is too harsh. DSLR’s can sort of get around this with controlled flash levels, directional flash, remote flash and diffusers. You’re very limited with an onboard compact flash in terms of the direct in your face look. Situations where flash might not be allowed – you may not want to cause distraction or it might be prohibited.

You won’t have an option to use a faster lens, but you can turn up the ISO. This does come at a cost of more noise, but it does mean you reduce the blur from a longer shutter speed. However, if you can reduce the blur with OIS, you may be able to shoot at a lower ISO but obtain more light. I’m interested to see what pictures in highest ISO with OIS activated in the 920.

The next video is a screen test. You should be able to use any tool on the 920’s super sensitive screen.

Here you can see both cloth and pen in action. A regular pen would be great for drawing (versus those crappy bouncy styluses for capacitive displays).



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