Leaked?: Nokia Asha 312 + video sample

| September 22, 2012 | 23 Replies


Tipped in by @NokiaPureView on twitter, was a link to a video, supposedly recording from the Nokia Asha 312. Hang on? The Asha 312 doesn’t exist!

According to the video’s description, the 312 is the 311, but a dual sim variant. It is not a lot to go on, so definitely take this with lots of salt.

Here is the video. WARNING: Quality is shocking

Cheers @NokiaPureView for the tip!


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    wow i cant believe it

  • hey when next series of nokia asha going to launch after 305,306,311 ?


      Maybe this Q4


    wtf did I just watch?

    anyway the 311 shoots vga videos at 25fps and that’s a 30 fps video. it’s probably fake.


      maybe this is the asha 311 successor for beating galaxy y or pocket 😀

      • SLAYER

        doubt it. besides, the galaxy y/pocket record QVGA@15fps. 311 is much better, HW wise.

        • NOKIAAAA

          anyway nokia 311 is not made by cheap plastic right???

    • qromodynmc

      yeah video is smooth,have high framerate!

  • plz someone say to elop that bring windows phone UI to asha series with html,java,web apps so that multitasking can be achieved with s40 compability layer ..

    • SLAYER

      a WP UI needs to be licensed from Microsoft, which means added cost to each S40 phone.


      also changing the UI wont magically give you multitasking.

      • NOKIAAAA

        maybe it will be free license
        because nokia and ms are strong partner
        and nokia give the mapping experience

        • SLAYER

          MSFT doesn’t give away freebies. and they wont allow their UI to be used on another OS.

          the current UI (N9 inspired) is much better, and it’s free.

          • NOKIAAAA

            yes its very great many people wants nokia go with android and meego ui feel

            • Cani Lamentoqua

              +1 MeeGo Harmattan/Meltemi feel is much more comfortable and gives better performance. Easier and more human-friendly. It is much more fresh and elegant according to those who care for such things. And those squares are like cash desk machine or ticket machine IMHO.

  • rustyknight17

    Amen , Meego style UI is muchhhh better , ! I wish they`d make a QWERTY Asha Touch phone , if that`s not a contradiction in terms lol

    • hhi

      they do. several.


    look they just post a new Lumia 510/610 successor

  • Sid

    Why cant nokia bring s60 or symbian 3 to low end?
    It will help nokia to deliver bettr low end products.

  • aw6789

    @Sid, S60 is massively outdated and resource hungry (128mb of RAM is just about enough to run it). Since Nokia has outsourced Symbian to Accenture and effectively ditched it as a platform, no chance of them revisiting it, plus it wont look good if their low end products have the same OS and better specs than their previous generation high-end products. It’s the same reason why phones like the Samsung galaxy Ace and Ace plus stick with single core processors that are underclocked, and lower-res screens.

    Hopefully they make something with that new OS Smarterphone that they bought over.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Smarterphone is NOT used as a new OS. It is simply to use for resources to put into Asha

  • I would like to have an Asha 320, with 3.2″ inch screen, 5 MP camera, dual-SIM card and MeeGo!:D

    • edson lacerda

      and wifi?

  • sajith