Leaked?: Nokia Asha 312 + video sample

| September 22, 2012 | 23 Replies

Tipped in by @NokiaPureView on twitter, was a link to a video, supposedly recording from the Nokia Asha 312. Hang on? The Asha 312 doesn’t exist!

According to the video’s description, the 312 is the 311, but a dual sim variant. It is not a lot to go on, so definitely take this with lots of salt.

Here is the video. WARNING: Quality is shocking


Cheers @NokiaPureView for the tip!

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  1. NOKIAAAA says:

    wow i cant believe it

  2. hey when next series of nokia asha going to launch after 305,306,311 ?

  3. SLAYER says:

    wtf did I just watch?

    anyway the 311 shoots vga videos at 25fps and that’s a 30 fps video. it’s probably fake.

  4. plz someone say to elop that bring windows phone UI to asha series with html,java,web apps so that multitasking can be achieved with s40 compability layer ..

    • SLAYER says:

      a WP UI needs to be licensed from Microsoft, which means added cost to each S40 phone.


      also changing the UI wont magically give you multitasking.

      • NOKIAAAA says:

        maybe it will be free license
        because nokia and ms are strong partner
        and nokia give the mapping experience

        • SLAYER says:

          MSFT doesn’t give away freebies. and they wont allow their UI to be used on another OS.

          the current UI (N9 inspired) is much better, and it’s free.

          • NOKIAAAA says:

            yes its very great many people wants nokia go with android and meego ui feel

            • Cani Lamentoqua says:

              +1 MeeGo Harmattan/Meltemi feel is much more comfortable and gives better performance. Easier and more human-friendly. It is much more fresh and elegant according to those who care for such things. And those squares are like cash desk machine or ticket machine IMHO.

  5. rustyknight17 says:

    Amen , Meego style UI is muchhhh better , ! I wish they`d make a QWERTY Asha Touch phone , if that`s not a contradiction in terms lol

  6. NOKIAAAA says:

    look they just post a new Lumia 510/610 successor

  7. Sid says:

    Why cant nokia bring s60 or symbian 3 to low end?
    It will help nokia to deliver bettr low end products.

  8. aw6789 says:

    @Sid, S60 is massively outdated and resource hungry (128mb of RAM is just about enough to run it). Since Nokia has outsourced Symbian to Accenture and effectively ditched it as a platform, no chance of them revisiting it, plus it wont look good if their low end products have the same OS and better specs than their previous generation high-end products. It’s the same reason why phones like the Samsung galaxy Ace and Ace plus stick with single core processors that are underclocked, and lower-res screens.

    Hopefully they make something with that new OS Smarterphone that they bought over.

  9. totesilva says:

    I would like to have an Asha 320, with 3.2″ inch screen, 5 MP camera, dual-SIM card and MeeGo!:D

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