Video: Nokia Lumia 900 torture test

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This was filmed, possibly a few months ago, but it’s completely new to me, so it might be to a few others.

It’s a torture test from CNET. The first few tests made me doubt it was real and not a spoof about invincible Nokias.

  • Freezer for 2 hours. Survives
  • Oven for 200 degrees. Survives. (This really had me doubting it until I realised, US video, Fahrenheit perhaps?)
  • Hammer test (like that viral video) actually can hammer in a nail with it. Phone not cracked not even any scratches even after hammering in another nail. He says ‘unbelievable, you can’t do that with an iPhone” though he doesn’t like that it’s a WP. Polycarbonate took some hits but the glass hasn’t smashed unlike some other phones when you look at them wrong.
  • Drop test. Survives. Screen unscratched, not broken. Nice bit of GG action.
  • Pool test.  Not turning on. Rice drying probably needs more than 20 minutes. Ah water, Kryptonite of some Nokias (not all.


We need a bit of the classic ruggedness in future Nokia smartphones perhaps.

At least it’s strong enough that a 2 year old can’t scratch it.

Phil Schiller from Apple does not offer any help to affected iPhone users who’s iPhones scuff easily or even out of the box. Apparently it’s normal.

Over time perhaps but not immediately from the box. N8’s anodised Aluminium was quite good. It stood up to scratch tests but it was’t anywhere near as good as matte polycarbonate on the non white N9/800/900.


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