Video: Nokia Lumia 900 torture test

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This was filmed, possibly a few months ago, but it’s completely new to me, so it might be to a few others.

It’s a torture test from CNET. The first few tests made me doubt it was real and not a spoof about invincible Nokias.

  • Freezer for 2 hours. Survives
  • Oven for 200 degrees. Survives. (This really had me doubting it until I realised, US video, Fahrenheit perhaps?)
  • Hammer test (like that viral video) actually can hammer in a nail with it. Phone not cracked not even any scratches even after hammering in another nail. He says ‘unbelievable, you can’t do that with an iPhone” though he doesn’t like that it’s a WP. Polycarbonate took some hits but the glass hasn’t smashed unlike some other phones when you look at them wrong.
  • Drop test. Survives. Screen unscratched, not broken. Nice bit of GG action.
  • Pool test.  Not turning on. Rice drying probably needs more than 20 minutes. Ah water, Kryptonite of some Nokias (not all.



We need a bit of the classic ruggedness in future Nokia smartphones perhaps.

At least it’s strong enough that a 2 year old can’t scratch it.

Phil Schiller from Apple does not offer any help to affected iPhone users who’s iPhones scuff easily or even out of the box. Apparently it’s normal.

Over time perhaps but not immediately from the box. N8’s anodised Aluminium was quite good. It stood up to scratch tests but it was’t anywhere near as good as matte polycarbonate on the non white N9/800/900.


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  • shallow ocean shoal

    I dropped my N9, no case, onto hard concrete from 4 feet up the other day. It landed on the corner. It bounced. I gasped.

    The corner got a little dented in, but you can’t tell otherwise. That poor concrete floor. Why do people even use cases?

    • stormtroller

      to avoid the little-dented when dropped from 4 feet tall?

      • shallow ocean shoal

        I would take the little battle wound any day over always having to look at a case that blocks what’s on the inside!

        • Matt


          My 6680, N95m N97, N8 and 808 all have scars and they look the business.

          808 has been dropped three times:

          1. Slid off bus seat and then skidded along (dirty) floor for about six feet
          2. Onto tarmac when my daughter passed it to me through the car window
          3. Into mud while geocaching

          The white of the 808 is still pristine, Purdy just has a tiny scratch on her bottom corner from the tarmac drop. Screen is perfect.

        • Ruben

          lucky it didnt fell with the screen or corner of the screen. A friend of mine shatered the whole screen that way.

          Mine as fallen also, but a drop just like yours. We WERE lucky.

          That glass does shater, not a pretty sight :S

    • Toomas

      Some weeks ago I was standing on a staricase, shaking dust off of my work pants without realizing that my 700 was still in the pocket. It flew out of the pocket onto stone pavement perhaps 1.5 meters below. I would say that was equivalent not to dropping, but to throwing the phone towards the pavement with some force.

      Luckily, it landed screen up. Now there are some scratches and dents on the back (made of thin metal) and even a small dent on the battery (the metal bent enough to reach it), but everything still works as before.

      When I told the story to my wife, she asked, with a smile: “did the pavement break”? 🙂

  • Munir

    I use to do the same question. Why the hell people need cases? What’s the point on buy a gorgeous phone and cover it? It’s like buy a Ferrari and use it with some kind of tarpaulin just because you don’t want to scratch it.

    • yabai.youth

      Ummm… how about resell value? I’m not sure about you, but when the time comes to upgrade my phone, I like to sell my current one to help offset the cost of my new device. As I’m sure you’re aware, a second hand smartphone with a flawless screen and scratch-free body will tend to fetch more money then one ridden with battlescars. Then again I also don’t buy electronic devices to show it off…

      • Ruben

        yeah, you keep that device new for other to use, while you paid to miss all the fun… you sound like those weekend drivers that put covers on the seats.

        They pay the car, but save it for other to use as new lololol

        what good fellas. Without you there would be no good second hand businesses.

  • JGrove303

    We’ll a Ferrari is a little bit different. I wouldn’t want my 25k+ paint F’d up by some jealous asshole while it’s parked, but I would hit every track day I could.

    I used to use covers and screen protectors, too. Untill I got fed up with plugging in anything with them on.

    My Orange N8 has taken somw serioys punishment, has the scars to prove it, and hasn’t missed a beat since day one. The only thing that’s starting to wear down from use is the battery (duh, over a year old) and the AMOLED. Screen isn’t burning white anymore where most things display, but is white where the screen is usually black. Nature of the beast.

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  • jack

    i droped my e7 once. I steped out of the car, and i put the phone into my shirt pocket, bt it didnt exactly go into the pocket, n i it down on a rock face dwn, bt nothing hapned to the screen, bt it had a few scratches on the back side when it bounched of the stone and landed on its back with the keyboard open.

  • Patata

    The first picture shows what the Lumia 900 will be good for after the lauch of the WP8 devices 😛

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  • Mario Gzz

    I know this is an old post but I feel obliged to tell you guys what happened to me. My 2 weeks old Lumia 900 fell, Actually, I cannot say it fell because one of it`s side was still touching the floor when it slipped my hand and well, fell, one side still touching, from a 45 degree angle, so what? less than an inch, and the screen cracked in a million pieces! what`s up with the gorilla glass? my N8 got ran over by a car and it still works! not feeling so great about my Lumia 900 anymore..