Lumia 800 Front & Center in Sherlock Holmes “Elementary” Premiere

| September 28, 2012 | 32 Replies

Elementary is a new take on Sherlock Holmes, where the famous sidekick Watson is a female (played by Charlies Angel Lucy Liu). I decided to give the show a go seeing as Sherlock Holmes is usually awesome (Still haven’t come to a conclusion as I’m still watching the show while typing this post).

Less than 8 Minutes into the Shows Premiere the Lumia 800 pops up on screen with some decent screen time, showing for about a full 7-10 seconds; swiping through the gallery. However the screen time is shared with an iPhone (4 or 4S,  the 5 is yet to make its on screen debut), although it does admittedly look ridiculous with the attachable lens glued on (visible in the picture above). If indeed the the inclusion of the 800 was not a paid placement but rather an attempt at diversity then this is definitely good news for Nokia and the Lumia brand as a whole, where it’s getting “picked out of a line-up”.

Anyone else watched Elementary? Any thoughts?

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