Showdown: Apple maps vs. Nokia Maps

| September 28, 2012 | 44 Replies

Last week we saw an interesting inphographic detailing how Nokia Maps matches up to it’s competitors (Google and Apple Maps); unsurprisingly it held it’s own and beat them in most stats (funny how that’s happening more and more now with the “new” Nokia, specs and graphs were always their downfall- where as a Nokia fan I would have to constantly say that it’s not the paper that counts, you have to USE the device).

Now with Tim Cook himself suggesting the use of Nokia maps as an alternative (Apple provided a link to the Web app in their press release); people are starting to realize how great of an alternative Nokia maps is (in fact it should be your main client not a backup). Back on topic, Nirave from UKMobileReview made a huge in depth comparison between the two clients looking it at from all aspects including Navigation, satellite imaging, Standard view and several other aspects; I’ll give you the short and sweet version but be sure to run over and check out the full review when you have a couple spare minutes:

Apple maps location integration SUCKS, apparently it wasn’t even able to properly find Heathrow Airport… I was in London for 6 hours and even I think I could do a better job than that..

However whilst Apple Maps definitely does well in a crowded popular place such as Oxford Street, one of its key issues is the inability to find locations that many people are likely to search for. One such example of this is a search for Heathrow Airport

Satellite imaging on iOS maps is also one part that severely lacks; we’ve all seen the horribly rendered roads, and the surprise mountains on the highways.

That doesn’t look like any airport I’ve ever seen..

Over all score:

Nokia Maps – 43 out of 50

Apple Maps – 24 out of 50



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