Nokia: Super sensitive display does NOT have issue with unwanted battery drainage – 920 and 820 avoids accidental activation of display

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Just to update you guys, we have a statement from Nokia regarding the supposed problem with the super sensitive display. As mentioned, it is a non issue that has blown up out of proportion again in some places.


While the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 both enjoy super sensitive touch, the firmware has been configured to avoid accidental activation of the display.  In testing this has not proven to be an issue or to cause unwanted battery drainage.

What has been configured to stop it happening?

The firmware requires a ‘landing event’ to move into active mode and without a repeat of that landing event will eventually return into sleep mode.

Thanks John!

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  1. Muerte says:

    Thanks Jay. It is very important that Nokia cut the wings of these non-issues right at the beginning.

  2. Francis says:

    Hopefully it will not require special cover to insulate the highly sensitive screen, otherwise it will become “Display-gate” !

    • Jay Montano says:


      As mentioned in the first post, it’s very difficult to even press the buttons in the first place, not to mention there are things implemented in the firmware to stop accidental presses happening anyway.

      • Francis says:

        Hope you are right, will see the mass public response after actual release.

        Apple when first complaint received about antennae issue also denied it and cheap shot at user by saying you hold it wrongly. ^_^.

    • Muerte says:

      What do you mean? Don’t get me wrong, you may have a point here, but I don’t get it.

      • Francis says:

        It is very popular now to buy protective lather cover for our beloved touch screen smartphone. With proper and special design, I believe the screen can be “insulated” from any accidental touch activation.

        Furthermore, this matter should not be a real problem to Nokia (if this issue is true), since multiple solution available either by hardware or just software trimming (as response by Nokia).

      • JGrove303 says:

        He’s saying you have to put honest effort into pressing the unlock button. It’s not so easily pressed on accodent. For example, if tou put teh 920 in your pocket, and you had a coin in there, thw 920 would havw to land bulleye on the unlock button, and with enough force, to activate the lock screen. Then, you would have to swipe the screen to unlock. But there is also the proximity sensor that tells the hardware the screen is covered.

        The chances of the super sensitive screen unlocking in your pocket are probably the same as a tornado ripping through a junkyard and put an airplane together from scrap.

        • Francis says:

          Technically we are not worry about the screen being unlock and ready for touch input, but what in my mind is the screen detective sensor for moment or touch may active or “on” all the time due to too sensitive for object or body movement, hence drain out the battery. If 920 unlock key is like N9 than too bad as it is very easily being press or unlock by object in pocket, but if it is like 808 or N8 than it is ok.

          By bad experience with 808 is the camera key, which can call in the camera function directly even in lock mode, which is the default setting from factory. Fortunately Nokia did allow me to disable it in setting !

  3. Bhairav says:

    Does this mean that acclerometer is always on
    Looks like wp8 Is packing some new features after all !!

  4. et3rnal says:

    Expected :)

    This is Nokia ppl, shipping products with silly issues NOT an Nokia thing “SamDogs”, YES

  5. Kalika Oferm says:

    Why this has not happened until now? What has changed? Screen, swcreenlock, sleep mode etc. are well known since first mobiles has been invented. Only batteries were laaarger a bit just.

  6. says:

    the haters are trying really hard to find any faults with the new lumia range.

  7. shallow ocean shoal says:

    “Derp, we didn’t think of this whole putting-the-phone-in-the-pocket thing!”

    Amateur hour

  8. Carbontubby says:

    Dammit you’re just holding it wrong! :)

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