Jolla News Roundup: Code Sailfish, Jolla Alliance, new phone to be announced next month…

| October 2, 2012 | 33 Replies

Jolla news round up:

New Jolla phone to be annouced next month

EUR 200 Million alliance, based in Hong Kong. Jolla OS can be licensed by other manufacturers from 2013.


Press Release:

More on the alliance: Jolla forms an alliance based on a MeeGo OS called ‘code Sailfish’

Jolla wants to be the alternative to iOS and Android

Cheers  Viipottaja, Muerte, James and Joni for the tip!


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  • Duffeldof

    Wasn’t it 200m euros not dollars?

  • krustylicious

    Err its €200 million i believe

  • Janne

    Go Jolla!

  • Paul Grenfell

    concentrating on chinese market, so sounds like it may not be a challenge to iphone or win phone?

    • viktor von d.

      they are concentrating there cause that’s where the money investment came i assume. anyways it will take some time for them to be competitive.they are only releasing one device at first, so competition with android is out of the question. depending on the price,features and ecosystem we will see in about a year where jolla will stand exactly. carrier support will also be a problem. i don’t expect it to be available in europe or america in the next year. it will be really hard for them to gain traction and get noticed but i hope they make it. the same with rim and the new blackberry devices. we need competition and alternatives to drive innovation,new features,lower prices

    • zlutor

      China Mobile had contract with Nokia about using MeeGo as its primary platform. That contract was dropped by some clever guy…

      Now it seems Jolla is ready to replace the one who has exited…

      BTW. Has anybody eealized all smartphone OSs – except MeeGo – is owned/developed by USA companies?

      An other good reason why Chinese Mobile operators/goverment will warmly welcome Jolla…

      • Doffen

        The fact that all alternatives are US based might be a big boost to Jolla in China. It’s about controlling ones own destiny. Nokia is totally dependent on MS these days which is not a desirable position if it can be avoided. Samsung is also trying to become more independent of Google by developing Tizen. Even if the alternative OSes do not become hughe successes they provide a way out in case the relation with the Os provier get sour.

    • Shaun

      They’re not saying they’re concentrating on China to the detriment of the rest of the world at all.

      Hong Kong / China is just where they have investment from first. They’re hoping to set up a similar alliance in the west.

  • Joe

    I cant wait until the announcement in November, Im holding off on the 920 and WP until I see what Jolla is up to.

  • Stinger

    I hope Jolla has some great designers. The N9 is just beautiful. My next phone just might be a Jolla. Can’t wait for November to arrive!

  • JGrove303

    Google is in trouble. LOL! A truly open platform not about making advert revenue, that will likely use Nokia’s location services, that has native delvik compatibility layer? Sounds like a real win! I imagine the first devices will be NON-GSM

  • noki

    Me very very confused now, jolla future phone, or Rim’s London or the Rim’s BlackBerry Aristo umbeliveble specks phone OMG what to choose what to choose?

    • viktor von d.

      the aristo sounds very impressive

  • torpedu

    If its anything like my n9 I’ll buy it the moment it comes out.

  • stephen ahonen

    @jay, thank you for posting jolla news

  • andy

    things are looking good for jolla:)

  • viipottaja

    Precious little detail in the press release on the alliance. Hope there really are some credible partners in it already.

    • Thomas F

      Amazon is my best guess….

  • rdaro

    gracias por tenernos al tanto de jolla, los que tenemos n9 lo valoramos
    thanks from Argentina


    that is great news for nokia, more license royalties, good work jolla.

  • Maybe

    MeeGo OS called ‘code Sailfish’
    Sailing fish?
    where all the fish from Nokia sail to Hong Kong and China to form alliance after being outcast by selfish CEO?

    • Shaun

      Sailfish is reference to a lightweight boat. Plans were available so keen builders could build them themselves or you could buy them in kit form. The naming fits well with Jolla meaning Dinghy in Finnish.

  • Weirdfisher

    I’m proud to be a Hong Konger. Never thought anyone in Hong Kong would invest in such high risk thing, especially where people only know about Galaxies and iPhones. I wonder who put so much money on this project??
    And Hong Kong is not China, at least for our language, economics and culture. Of course I believe both can benefit from it, and let people know that not only iOS and Android are smart phone OS.
    Anyway I will buy this phone once it’s released

    • noki

      I believe the one paying for this is China mobile, and maybe huawei???, they were from the beguiling interested in meego (china mobile that is), the n9 biggest market by far was china. Hong Kong is a good place for this. Close to China but very western, a bridge place for different cultures.

  • GordonH

    Go Jolla Go… hope with get good Jolla with updated hardware.

  • Khan

    Did Chinese Government decide to sponsor Jolla?

    • noki

      China mobile aparently

  • Carbontubby

    Jolla really needs to deliver after a few rounds of this teasing. Unless they can deliver a really compelling UI and device range to outdo RIM’s BBX, then they’ll be stuck back where Nokia was with Meego – going it alone with no app/data/service sharing between desktop and mobile and few big name apps, becoming just another small volume phone manufacturer at the mercy of giants.

    • noki

      I think RIM and joola will probably cooperating more than anything else, they are currently targeted at completely different markets and share alot of basic technologies. Not the same exact ecosystem but close cousins.

  • flava

    Somehow i get the feeling this ‘sailfish’ aimed to be ‘the next billion’ phones.

    Cheap and powerful smartphone for everyone! 😀

    • noki

      Well now wen jolla wants to expand back in Europe I know of good renting space heheheheh

  • Titanium

    Great news. 2013 will be a very interesting year: Jolla and BB10

  • It is appreciable Jolla on the way making third ecosystem….It is original nokians that is nokia with meego….